Anyone willing to do a reading?

  • I would sincerely appreciate anyones time and effort on a reading for myself. I have had a great many major changes over the past 2 years, pretty much putting out one fire after another. I have also been unusually unlucky in love, despite this I have met a few people who I have had very deep, on one occasion telepathic, connections with. Unfortunately they have always seemed to intense to sustain. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any intuition or insight about what my future holds. I have a hunch something is looming in the air, I just cant get a concrete grasp on what it is. My DOB is 18/12/76.

  • the first word i felt in my mind was EXPANSION...and ASCENSION

    I feel the ups and downs you have been through,the turmoil and loss that you have felt...did you lose someone close to you in the family?I'm picking up a family connection,but that could just mean that I'm feeling you have a strong bond with family and that you may be feeling a little at loss with them?

    Being a sagittarian,your need is to grow,expanding your horizons,and that's exactly what I feel you will do.Much wisdom and knowledge will come to you i feel in the form of travel,possibly overseas.There is a big change coming up for you,but I feel it's positive,something that will enlighten you and bring you to a much lighter path.

    On this path,I feel you will find someone who is on your wavelength,and share the journey with you.I keep sensing another fire sign...Leo/Aries.. and the months March and August stand out?

    There's still that fire that burns inside you,and although you have been putting out fires,that flame and light within you remains,and it's burning brightly waiting for you to embrace the change that is about to happen,and benefit you.

  • I hope to have helped you in some way or another,and I send you much light xo and of course,luck on your journey = ]

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