Cap man & sag woman

  • I'm a sag woman & dating a cap man. We are both very forward and open. He has been wonderful and he says everything he feels. That I make him happy, he loves that I'm intense, passionate, funny, etc. But, this past week, he just withdrew out of nowhere. Could he be scared? Is this typical for a cap man? I'm so confused now.

  • oh, i forgot. i don't know if this helps cause i'm learning as i go, but my venus is in scorpio and his venus is in capricorn.

  • im a sag male, and us sags are always very open to talking, and thats good that he open towards you, he could be scared that he likes you so much, and it seems like he found the perfect girl, i know thats how i felt a while back and i got scared and i withdrew also.

    do you know anything about his past? was he depressed? cheated on? anything to make him do this you think? but he has a diffcult past, i say dont worry about it, if he said all those things to you and he sounded like he meant them, he wont be gone for very long. and what do you mean as in he "withdrew" he stopped talking to you cold turkey? lol and for how long? or does he still talk to you but just not the same way as he did?

    as you can tell i like details lol im good at drawing so details mean alot to me haha, take care and hoping to here from you.

  • he has been cheated on with every serious relationship he was in. he said we had to cool it, because there were too many moving parts atm, is the way he put it. He lives 5 hours away from me, so I don't know if he's trying to sort things out or not. Before this, we talked about everything with each other, our futures together. He has said so many things to me that were wonderful & then he does this, so I'm seriously confused. I'm very impatient, so this is very very hard waiting around on him. He has said, he's never been able to talk to anyone in his life like he can with me. He said I'm intriguing, witty, intense, passionate and he likes everything about me. EVERYTHING! What man says they like everything?!?! I'm trying to think what else he has said. I make him happy, he would give me his heart now if he could. Any ideas? He's very blunt & honest, which is what I want & appreciate, but now this, wtf!

  • he called the other night, but i missed the call & then he was out of town. but, yes, he doesn't text or call like he did.

  • I"M well read of the character traits of the signs, CAPRICORNs tend to NOT really talk MUCH, their main thoughts are usually of how to acquire more money in life,

    if they already have alot, of Money, they often do not marry if a male, capricorn often takes in a elder Parent or older relatives of the family or if married, it could be the wifes parent...often caps are found living in life with a elder in the home,.this often may not occur until they are like past age 35, capricorns often live long lives,if they do not smoke nor drink ,if they did and quit before like age fifty they then should live a long life. each capricorn i know, lived and is still living a long life. One male capricorn who was a trucker and built his own home rural,has ONLY 2 children,he lived to age 89 ,ate steak and gravy every week,

    was a grumpy type.,outlived all his brothers and sisters, as did another capricorn i know who is now age like 92.thin,light eyed russian usa born,he outlived his 12 siblings,and his mother lived within his house until she was age like ninety six, she was a home type libra,he put her social sec. and another monthly check into his bank acct for over 25 yrs.and he has much money,yet drives old auto an dlives into a tiny old house, very tiny, he dresses up daily though into a button down white dress shirt and likes to visit the down town MALL where he likes to strike up conversations with older men,and when he would visit the atlantic casino via bus with his virgo sister who also lived with HIM, until she was 79,

    they both would pack a lunch for the trip. to save funds. and not gamble just walk around the boardwalk in sun and look over the casinos.

    she the virgo sister passed away without ever marrying nor dating anyone ,she had lived with nuns the teen yrs until age 30. as her mother the libra has so many children over 12, she could not control them, when her husband passed away.

    so later, she lived as i said, with her then grown up capricorn son, still alive, and virgo daughter.

    also as capricorns seldom have children, if they do, its not more than 2.if any.

    I find capricorns are okay, but not really that much fun. they tend to prefer money interests..the capricorn still living age 92,lives alone and dated his deceased brothers wife, during his late eightys. she had wed 2 of his brothers.He is okay living alone. He brings nothing to your home ifhe visits you, yet hes rich.

    there was one book which stated,; one has to be a psychic to KNOW what ones capricorn is thinking as they seldom talk much. only of job or money

    as FOR sagittarius..a firey sign, they are the ones who are at the DOOR of any dinner or church, or party; who welcome guests or famly IN saying ; SO HAPPY YOU Could come. Sagittarius often can knows foreigners in life too, some travel a great deal if possible. some don't marry more than once, money means alot to them also., and they often have a family member who gives them a home.or something of value in life. FIRE signs do well with air signs like aquarius,gemini or air fans their ideas up, and moods, up. while water signs like cancerians scorpio and pisces will throw water to put OUT sagittarians fire and mood,and makes him depressed. Cancerians are clingers, they won't like giving anyone up even as afriend, unless someone makes them., they are helpful though often jittery and walking around alot, if they go out the door they come back IN in a minute or two then leave again. They should not go too far away to live from the home town in life.. its not too good a idea. Though those of any sun sign born the yr of the HORSE by chinese zodiac like 1954 people DO move far from home town. LIBra is a lovely faced person,and genteel personlaity, some can make a hobby of marriage depends,they only usually wed someone who can afford things. in life. Theres nothing wrongwith someone wanting a nice home .I think though, that libra would NOT be too ok handling the finances.but needs their own funds too, though they selldom can make enough, so give it to them, if you marry them.

    Pisces has a roving eye, for secret loves.,and likes music, some play guitar.

    they seldom like to work by age fourty two, they always find a strong mate.

    aquarius seems to be the one OTHERS want something from, yet won't give them anything.. they often may even need life. former aquarians who were that way, were abraham lincoln, Martin l.King,and Ronald reagan.Roosevelt.too.

    taurus LIKES and GETS money in the bank,home,land, and may want someone elses spouse..lust and money come to mind.

    read up on all this, theres a good book still available likely on ebay,or thru a book store for more cost, its quite revealing and accurate, amazing book, in paper back called; WRite your own horoscope: by author joseph goodaveage. amazine long paragraphs into each chapter JUST look up in each chapter anyones birthdate.

    soon you will be the astrologer thats well in tune. everyone is psychic on earth, others just have work and life to go thruand no time for it all. in any advice i would give to anyone,; i would say; avoid pisces, at all times.

    They may experience knee upsets in life..depends too on the hour born. those of any sun sign with capricorn hour born rising, do indeed find some knee or leg injury in life or upsets of such.capricorns often also live into either luxurious homes,or rural mountain settings, depends on what type of family born into, where one lives, type of friends,etc. life paths.etc.

  • MY Dear, its yr 2010. I knew a woman who paid a sagittarian males trip to her by plane, and paid his meals, trip to far off together ,he was spoiled from his mom in the south, and he talked a good talk, smiles compliments, that is the sagittarian way.

    there were even signs to the woman of him becoming HERS which didn't come true,THE week the sagitarius was due to fly to her, SHE and her girlfriend saw the sign of sagit.into the sky made by clouds, with the arrow.even, how amazing but true. also she purchased a set of six drawer dresser from a couple in oak, and the seller couples names MATCHED HER name and the sagittarius soon arriving, strange again but TRUE. then she met a older couple and the man did the same TYPE WORK the upcoming saggit. does. YET, on his arrival,and her paying it all on their trip for 5 days, THE sagit male only bought Her a coffee and a hat. thats it. HE then flew back south, giving her a tiny nothing kiss,he then told her via phone she had to lose weight to weigh only about 130 lbs, he was thin and sickly himself, she was healthy, and beauty too. he was just saying thatto put her off ,as HE had himself a gal living into his rented home with him, and had told that gal he had taken a business trip .HE would phone up the woman who paid his trip to her,and play guitar too, on the phone in moods, likely he had eithr a pain pill mood or a beer before doing that.,he lived high on the hog, and mothered by his rich mother too. hes still there, he also believe it, propossed 2 yrs in a row in december to the woman he insulted who paid his flight.,he gets into moods and then changes his tune and mind a day later. LIKELY he likes to play this mind game with himself ,and can't really be devoted to anyone, only if he turned really ILL would he take himself a wife to make her feed him and support his moods.or life.another sagittarius is also single bachelor after one marriage late fourties, he sells things and hangs out at little pubs ,lives with HIS mother and won't grow up.

    OFTEN sagittarius likes to have firery love and wants fun, yet if they are with someone of a water sign, cancerian ,scorpio or pisces, that won't happen.the water puts the sagg.fires out. sadly. so sagitt usually finds more fun working and bragging and at trips. some like the idea of getting that big ocean trophy fish.THEY talk a good talk, but don't wan to do that marriage walk.

  • if your the saggitarius,.. you need a air sign person or friends to make you feel happier and show interest in your talking, and lunch out,etc, LIKE aquarius ,libra and gemini are good for friends for you or for trying a love ,or marriage,

    capricorns tend to be all about wanting money, jobs, position, are cold fish,

    and seldom talk. forget it. WE all KNOW where WE stand with ANYONE The first 3 wks of any new relationship. stop trying to make excuse.s and find if you like new air sign friends or fire sign friends, NOT water nor earth.

  • well, that was pretty straight forward, I appreciate that. The thing I like about his most, is he makes me laugh. So, maybe he's not the typical Capricorn. I don't know. He does talk about work a lot...boring. But, he talks about other stuff too. We think alike & even say the same things at the same time. I was married to a Cancer and phew, what a roller coaster ride. He was so darn sensitive. I would give everything & it was never enough. He was wishy washy too. I knew from the beginning our signs didn't mesh well, but I went with it anyway.

  • ewww so he's been cheated on with every girl he has been with, so i understand why he is "retreating" if you will. he likes you alot, and says he likes everything about you haha, ive said that before and i do still feel that way about the Libra girl i like but i think your guy has a fear that you will cheat on him also cause thats all he knows and expects it to happen now. and because he found the "perfect" girl that means that if you cheated on him it would absolutely kill him if you did and he doesnt wanna risk it. it sounds like. do you feel connected to him in some weird way? cause you said that you say the same things and think alike. thats what i have with this Libra girl but its whatever at this moment. im a fellow Sag so i know what you are going threw with being impatient, but ok you guys talked about a future together but what do you think about him being with you? can you see yourself with him and maybe one day married? HE talked about how you make him feel and what he loves about you, but what do you love about him? how does he make you feel? he sounds like a sensitive guy to me cause i am lol

    is there anything else going on is his life that he could be preoccupied with? kids? divorce? i guessing lol but i dont think you should worry, i think hes just scared honestly, well take care

  • Thank you so much, chevelleman71, you are easing my stress & making me feel better. He does have a lot going on at the moment. Kids, legal issues, work, etc. He said I just fell into his lap. He makes me feel wonderful, happy, excited, like I'm a teenager, like I have happiness with the perfect person within my grasp. I have never felt like this about anyone ever. He is everything wrapped into one, a friend, someone easy to talk to, to laugh with or make fun of(sorry but that's how i joke, but i do it to myself too), and i'm super attracted to him & he says the same. We both say we will never get married again & we aren't having anymore kids. The craziest thing about it all, is how much we think alike. We will same the same thing at the same time. That never happens to me with anyone. Its almost like he's perfect, well perfect for me. I know he's been hurt in the past & I could never see myself hurting him. If I'm with you, then I'm with you, until you stab me in the back. His brother tells me that if any two people were meant to be together it would be us. He said we both want the same things. That I would love him & never cheat on him & he would love me & put me on a pedistal. I guess the hard part is I just miss him so much & not being able to talk to him. If I have issues I don't withdraw, I face them headon & let my voice be heard, lol, the bluntness again. I just wish I knew where his head was at...

  • wow that sounds like a really great thing you guys have there. that sounds alot like me and the Libra girl that im pretty much in love with lol, but unlike me, she is not open about her feelings towards me and i know that she has them but still hides it and is afraid. and ive been there for 5 months now (talk about trying my patients lol) but i think i was too "in her face" i guess with texting her everyday, and now that i dont do that, i think she is starting to realize what she is missing.cause i can tell that i make her very happy when i talk to her or when im around and we joke back in forth, being sarcastic, I pick on her about things and she picks on me too lol. im only 22 and shes 23, but we both act younger when around eachother(ive always been a kid at heart and kids love me). we have so much in common its crazy, we think alike, we want the same things in life, have the same interests, im a gamer nerd and so is she. the list goes on! lol everyone i talk to about her they say "it sounds like you guys were meant for eachother" my brother says she is the female version of me! lmao. she has alot going on with college and work and needs to keep up her grades. and i need to get a job in this economy, help out my parents with bills to releave stress, everyone depends on me to help them with everything so i understand you guys situation lol and by the way this Libra girl just fell into my lap also, my brother was on a dating website and read her profile(she didnt think anyone would come along yet a guy like me that has so many things in common with), and he talked to her first telling her about me without me knowing and then we starting talking and hanging out. but ok enough about me. now on to you. but thats crazy how much our stories sound the same lol

    yeah ok he has alot of things going on it seems lol. have you said any of those things to him that you just said about him? and why not tell him that you miss him? i think that will mean alot to him when he has been dealing with his problems. check in on him and ask how he has been doing. make him feel important to you, with him always being cheated on i bet he feels like he doesnt matter that much to people cause they have always cheated on him. guys are just as insecure as women and we need reinforcement sometimes too. have you gave him the attention he has showed you? if not ,that could be another reason he pulled away a bit. i have been the same way with the libra girl, cause she didnt open up about things, and keeps everything sercret it gets really old and you start to wonder, why bother?. well im heading to bed its 3:00am here in AZ, and thanks so much, for saying that im helping. i havent heard that very often at all growing up and it means alot. take care

  • i was going to say, our situations sounds very similar, lol. that's really funny what you say, because his brother says i'm the female version of him, too funny!! we're much older than you guys though, i'm 31 & he's 35. i have said everything i feel to him. i make sure to ask about his day & how he's doing. that's just it, we are both very vocal about how we feel. the last time i talked to him i told him i missed him & he didn't say anything in return. so, i'm trying to give him some space and let it ride, so to speak and see what happens. but, as impatient as i am, its driving me nuts. everytime the phone rings, i hope its him. everytime a text comes through i hope its him. i feel like i'm becoming obsessed and i hate it! i am wondering now if i was too forward, he said he liked that though. I never said I loved him. You really have helped, maybe just venting to an outsider, I don't know. Your a sag, so you know what the waiting game is like, its pure torment. I want things now, well, yesterday.

  • hmmm odd, i thought if you told him all those things that it would be different, and LOL i was pretty much obsessed with my Libra girl at first also lol but i think she liked the attention i was giving her at first and then when it kept on going i think she got annoyed with it, and now that i dont do that anymore(the last couple weeks) i think maybe its starting to wear on her a little bit, im not really doing this on purpose but after 5 months of me being pushy about things and all i wanted was to have her open up and talk more about her feelings cause i know she has them, and i have told her that i loved her and i have to say that i meant it and wasnt lying, but because cause of low self esteem she doesnt believe any compliment i give her, or anything. but she is soooooo afraid of getting hurt that all she does is push me away, she has said that she could be "serious" with me and "i never thought in my wildest dreams id meet a guy that i might be serious with right now" (its been a little over a year i think since her break up with her first and only!! ex,) and thats always the hardest one for everyone, so right now im still hanging in there hoping she will realize something but im losing faith and i think she will finally come around when its too late. i guess after this long my patients has run out cause she doesnt know what the h-e-l-l she wants, we supposed to be just "friends" for right now, and then this whole time we have never talked like just "friends", but im sure she talks to her friends about me and her feelings towards me, and her friend even said at a chirstmas party she had " so Jennifer what about that guy you have been talking too over the internet, that you have been falling for" she was shocked and looked mad that her friend said that with me being right there but oh well i guess, it could be someone else besides me, but i dont really think so cause shes just like me and i dont go look for anyone i wait for them to come to me lol, so after my torment for these last few months, maybe she will be tormented enough to start talking to me instead of always the other way around if she cares like she says she does. ahh well im going on with my life, girls like guys like me that are open and honest with how they feel, which can get me into trouble without even realizing it lol, even when i think of someone as only a friend and thats all its gonna be..

    much older than me? lol ahhh my oldest brother is 35 and my sister is 32, you not old lol hes still keeping his distance even when you told him that? hmmmm i think he would have responded if he had time or if he wasnt dealing with some major issues in his life, OR maybe you are coming off as clingy??? who knows? im just guessing but i think i came off that way before also. if he has said all those things about you, im sure he looks forward to when you text him or whatever, how often do you text or contact him? maybe dont contact him and wait for him to contact you first? if hes so used to hearing from you, he will start to wonder about you if he doesnt hear from you. well take care

  • I'm sorry to hear about your issues. I believe we are in the same boat and its pure torment. I have not talked to him in a few days, its killing me, but I'm holding out. I think you hit the nail on the head with your first post. I do think he's scared and overwhelmed and doesn't know what to do. But, without those words coming out of his mouth, I don't know for sure. If he calls, I'm going to have to bring all of this up to at least know where his head is. If I don't bring it up the not knowing is killing me. I'd rather know & deal with whatever the situation is than just keep waiting. I won't wait forever either. So, I guess time will tell. As for your girl and my guy, if they won't jump in head first like we will, then will we ever be satisfied? You sound like me, you give someone all of yourself and we can easily be taken advantage of. These are my thoughts at the moment and I should take my own advise. If she doesn't find you great & want to go the distance with you, then look elsewhere. I should do the same.

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