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  • I posted this on a different thread but so far no replies. I'm not sure if I'm being impatient or if maybe I'm meant to work it out myself. Oddly I've tried reposting it a few times in the last few minutes to no avail. I'm sorry if I'm being pushy or impatient.

    Do you know anything about dreams? I often have dreams in which the 'central message' is important. Sometimes it's about something which is about to happen, sometimes it's a message about what I need to attend to. Normally I know when I've had one of these 'message' dreams. There's a different feel to normal dreaming. For some time I've been having dreams of this type in which one of two themes keep re occurring. The first theme is about my home - or 'where I'm living'. I don't necessarily dream about my actual home. Anyway, I keep dreaming I find another whole part of the house that I'd kind of forgotten was there. I've got some ideas about that one but I'm not certain and wondered if you can pick anything up?

    The second theme that keeps running through my dreams (not the same dreams btw) is about a friend of mine. We are very, very close but we are not and never have been in a sexual/romantic relationship. In these dreams, sometimes he makes a declaration about wanting to change our relationship, at other times, he will respond in some sexual way (not hurtful or harmful) as if to say "now do you see". I realise the answer to that might seem obvious but I truly don't believe he has any feelings towards me in that way. Also, I am sure I'm not harbouring any feelings of that nature for him.

    What with all that and the cancer chap scrambling my brains I'm totally confused and I'd really appreciate any insight if you or anyone can offer any.

    thanks, Witchone

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you for your response Patricia. I will try that.

    Damn! Why am I so typically 'British' and formal. What I actually mean is; Thank you. I really, really appreciate your reply and will def follow your suggestion!

    Bright blessings


  • Witchone,

    You are so very welcome!!!!!

    Blessings, Light & Love 🙂

  • Dear Witchone,

    I'm no expert in dream interpretation, but it has been my experience that if someone I know is in my dream acting very much out of character, it's actually someone else in disguise. It could be this friend of yours has a secret attraction for you, but it could also be someone else or even a part of your psyche. You'll have to use your intuition to feel the vibe of the person to discover their identity rather than physical appearance.

    As for the dream about your house- I get the feeling your subconcious is pointing towards some hidden knowledge. Something hidden deep in the depths of your memory that will feel very obvious once it clicks. There's more to you than you realize, more possibilites than meet the eye.

    Sorry if that was a little vague, but that's just what I got when I read your descriptions.

    Dreams are so fascinating, aren't they? 🙂

  • Patricia,

    is there a way I can contact you privately? I had a dream that might be of interest to you but to post it on here would give more personal info about myself than I feel ready and worse, could give personal info about you if I'm correct. Sorry to sound cryptic - just being careful.


  • Hi LSM,

    Thank you for that and it did make some sense. In particular, your comments about the 'house' dreams opened my eyes to something and I'm very grateful. Oh and yes, dreams are fascinating. 🙂

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