• Today i sat down with my 19yr old twin's ,just asking how there life is.To my shock they both (girl and boy) are in the same situation as there mom. see i have been messing with a married man for 8yrs due to the fact that he was my first real love,and i understand his life and why he is still with his kid's mother. Recently i've been backing off because i decided it's time to move on and get a real elationship,and also i don't feel the same way anymore, i feel like he is a friend i never want to lose but don't want to be intamate with. He has been there for me in every way possible,sickness and health, divorce and a string of failed reationship's not to mention the hardship's of raising my kid;s on my own. My twin's have been with there significant others since jr. high and now that they are in collge they have new friend's and feel that they only care for there ready to move on but don't know how to tell there love's that they just want to be friend's a nd they never want to lose them completely! They say it's the way i raised them and it is also a curse!! Any advice on how i can help me, help them??

  • First and formost I think it's a great thing your letting this guy go and for your kids just tell them to be open and honest. Sometimes honesty hurts but it's better then for them to string people along that they have no interest in being with in that way. I'm sure no matter what everything will turn out the way it's supposed to in the end. GOD bless.

  • Thank you rochella!! I don't know how good of a role model i am to my kid;s. I mean i kept men at bay so i could focus on my children and now i'm 40 i don't know how to date or get out there. It's just easier to deal with the married man!! My first trip out into the world again ended up worst then before. A old friend came back to town and thought he wanted to settle down here again, told me i was the one who got away the whole nine, then when i opened up, he retreated and is actually got ingaged over the holiday's to his longtime girlfriend. That was a crushing blow, but i didn't call the ex so i am proud of my self,but how long can i do this? only time will tell. I dont think i have good patience, the only thing i have done was keep my kid;s out of trouble and manage to get them off into the world.I'm not good in love, but i haven't give up either!! Pray for me and whilw your at it pray for my children to...

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