Psychic advice appreciated!

  • Last June/July 09 I was very busy taking care of a sick Mom, a sister, & working 60-70 hrs. a wk. and dealing with a very negitive co-worker I eventually had to dismiss. During that time a friend & I decided to have readings done. We both went together, readings were abit general. The psychic told us she was going to do different things for both of us and after we left there not to speak to "Anyone" not even each other until she was done. For me she was going to do an indepth reading I paid $55 and was to come back the next day and she would give me my reading after she meditated, I went back then it was another $100+ she needed to cleanse my Chakras (Which I'm sure needed to be done with so much going on & being so tired), to come back the next night and she would do the cleansing. When I went back she told me I needed to pay her $900 or I would die in 9 months. She needed that money to make a certain candle put a name in a book ect. There was no way I was going to pay that (I certainly can't afford it), she didn't ever do the other 2 things.. & needles to say, my friend I did talk. My friend saw her on the "Day" she told me about me dying, I saw her that night after work. When I got out of the psychics place I got on the phone and asked my friend how much she told her she would have to pay this time? Friend answered $600, I asked for what for her to be able to keep love in here life or something like that... by that time we were both out a couple of hundred dollars apiece, we decided to cut our losses, bless her and not go back. When I went to the psychic I wanted answers to questions about my oob experiences and dreams of things that happed before they actually happened, my spirit guide(s) and career change I felt might happen. Were we right to cut and run? and can anyone here explain anything to me about my oob experiences dreams or anything I mentioned. Thank you & Many Blessings!

  • Yes, she was scamming you. A real psychic would have been able to do the reading while you were there, not ask you to come back the next day. And NO honest, ethical, reputable psychic would try to blackmail you into paying her money with the threat of you dying. I'm sorry you experienced this but see is as a lesson learned.

    I'm sure someone on the forum will be able to help you with answers on your experiences.

  • Dear Wenchie,

    Thank you SO Much for writing back!

    I feel better! & will also tell the friend that went with me 🙂

    Yes, I did learn a stearn lesson that night after I got over the shock!

    Myself gave me a lecture lol!

    I still wonder about the other things I understand I do and feel, but don't understand how they come and go, um... so many questions...

    Thank you again so very much for taking the time to write and help me feel better! I do appreciate it very much!!!!!!

    Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

    Love and many blessings

  • This is the sad reality of life. Despite all our good intentions it does not keep us safe from preditory energy. The lesson is a cautionary one--just as our guides suround us during times of need our energy or lack of it can leave us easy pickins to con artists who pray on desperation, sickness and despair. It's human nature at it's worst and a jungle mentality. The weak are what every preditor waits for. Having no expierience you went in blind and it was easy to go as far as you did. You were trusting and expected her to respect your trust in her. You left your male side who protects the soft side outside the door. Develope that male energy that allows the soft female side to stay safe. You need to find that balance in your life to preserve you through the stressful times. Try looking up a spiritualist church--attend their services and connect with their psychics. Usually, the best ones are always booked up and you must have an appointment. Sometimes after Sunday services some churches have free message service and you can sample some of their psychics for free. Most charge about the same and never ask for more. And no real messanger for spirit would threaten or put fear into your heart. Despite any sadtimes spirit always leaves you with an uplifted heart. You should leave feeling something was healed.

  • PS

    Had your male side come in when she demanded an extra hundred to cleane your chakras, he would have raised his fist and said "how about you hand over the 55 I already spent and I won't have to clean your clock!"

  • i am so sorry you had to go through this. my mom does readings and spiritual work for a living and yes she charges for both the readings and spiritual work(aura cleansing,spells,ect)but only by the client's own free will,she would never try to profit from someone's pain and suffering or fear. i just hope this lady hasnt given you the wrong idea about furtune tellers and spiritualist,some of them are true to thier work.

  • kegeroninja is right--some psychics offer other services but this would be offered up front and no reputable psychic would manipulate you to buy anything. They don't have to!

  • I am sorry to Thank Everyone here so late, have been very busy at work. Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply I appreciate it Very Much! Blessings to all & Thank You again

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