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  • Azure2. llindieloo here . Just been looking through some older posts and I see you were born in Ireland ( Drogheda ) ? I am also Irish born in Co Monaghan. I have lived here in the UK for over 40 years . It would be so nice to chat with you if you have the time . Thank you .

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  • Hi llindieloo, found it! I used to play basketball there (in a Convent School), long time 🙂 I have been in UK a long time too not quite as long as you............but not far off. Have you got snow where you are, we have in London. Love and light 🙂

  • Hi Azure . Thank you so much for replying . Very nice of you . Yes we've had snow here in Lancashire for the past two weeks , it was just starting to clear away and what happens it started snowing again yesterday . We had at least 8 inches in one day . Been trying to snow again today off and on . Its very cold and - 5 these past few nights . Having to walk to work which is a mile away , good for the exercise . Where abouts in london do you live ?. I have two sister's there one in Chiswick and the other one in Ealing . Its so nice to meet someone from my homeland . I am hoping to go there at the end of Jan as i have a sister in Co Cavan . Thanks again for your reply . Love and light to you too.

  • Hi llindieloo, You are welcome. Well this cold weather is pretty persistent, don't you think? Looks like we are in for some heavy snow for the weekend here again. It is so cold!!! I know Cavan a little bit. I hope you enjoy your time there when you go back. I don't go back there very often to be honest, though I do still have most of my family living there. What made you leave and come to the UK? Love and light 🙂

  • Work i suppose . I was 15 when i left home and did hairdressing for 3 years , then went back home for a year then ended up scotland where I met my husband , We came here to lancashire on hols and loved it , sadly my husband passed away 15 yrs ago as did my son the following year . I have a daughter who just had a little girl last year , she is so cute and I love her dearly . No man in my life at the moment Just split with my X 10 weeks ago I was gutted , but never mind , more fish in the sea as they say , How about you why did you come over here ? where in london are you ?, and yes it is very cold not letting up at all . hope we get a good summer after all this LOL.

  • I knew when I asked you that you would say work. I was 17 and left to get as far away from there as possible. I am sorry that you lost your husband and son. I do understand as I lost a partner (father to my son) 19 yrs ago. So no man for 10 weeks, let him go. It's surprising what happens when you just let things go. Love and light 🙂

  • I hope your right about lettting things go. Its been so hard as I loved him dearly , and i feel lost with having no one to talk to , but i'm starting to get used to it . consentrating more on my work to keep my mind of it . Hope after this week the snow dissapears and we can get back to normal . Its so very cold , I hate it LOL

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