Virgos did you get a gift from Saturn?

  • I wrote on a thread about Saturn leaving the sign of Virgo this year. It is said when Saturn leaves a sign (after testing us for two years) it will leave a parting gift for us.

    I read that if it was not given immediately then it could be left for us later and up to December 2009.

    Also read that we would have no doubts whatsoever that this gift was from Saturn for all we went through.

    It is now January 2, 2010 and I am wondering if any Virgo's got their parting gift from Saturn?

    As far as I can tell.... Saturn did not give me one. If he did, I have not recognized it.

    So what gives?

    Was all of that about Saturn and leaving a gift all a bunch of hooiiee??

  • I guess not.... Here it is March 10th and I still have had nothing shown to me that I would consider a gift.

    Things are still rough for me too.

    I had hopes and dreams that this year things would be better for me but I am still in a lot of pain from my broken heart that happened last summer.

    God I only want to get rid of this pain and deep sadness. I want to get rid of this horrible anger that bubbles up every now and then over this heartbreak.

    WHY can't I forget this man that is not even worth a spec of dust under my feet?!

  • This post is deleted!

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