Pisces woman Scorpio man?

  • After reading the threads on Scorpio men and their less-than-stellar attributes, it leads me to think about my own relationship with a Scorpio guy which I think is going well, despite setbacks.

    I am a Pisces sun, Capricorn moon. He is a Scorpion sun, Leo moon. I am 20, he is 22.

    I met him last year while on a trip to Montreal (we attend the same college and participate in Model UN). We started talking a lot, and had a heart-to-heart the last night we were there (which I thought was weird since both of us don't open up to strangers). I didn't see him when we got back to school for a few months (I didn't have feelings for him yet). Then in March, I saw him, started talking, and we ended up having dinner. We continued running into each other and hanging out (one conversation lasted until 3am), and within two weeks of hanging out, we both admitted to each other that we liked each other, but he was afraid to ask me out for fear of rejection. We decided to not start dating because it was the end of the year and since we both live in different states, it wouldn't be best to have a long-term relationship so early on. Then, when my mom came down to visit about two weeks later, he asked to meet her! Although I was flattered, I was (and still am) confused about why he would do this when we are not officially dating.

    We didn't talk so much over the summer, and I assumed something was wrong. When we returned to school in August, we started hanging out and he told me that over the summer, he was dealing with a lot of family problems that he didn't want to talk about, but I got him to talk about. I knew then that he wasn't in the mental capacity to be dating anyone, especially me. A week later, we were talking and he said that he cared about me and that I was his best friend, but he didn't want to date/hook up until his family issues were over, which I agreed to.

    As the semester went on, we continued hanging out and things started getting interesting. We took the same class together (we are in the same major), and since I procrastinate a lot (very Piscean of me!), he would get me to write papers with him at the same time he was writing, pushing me to do my best and also editing my stuff for me. He was always there for me when I had a bad day or when things went bad. He also came and visited me at work a lot, and also "followed me" to my job at the school paper, where I work as a copy-editor (I should mention that he is now Sports Editor -- after one semester!) He also convinced me to study abroad in Ireland this semester (I leave in 2 weeks) because it would be a good experience for me (he lived in Europe for 9 years).

    Going along with that, I knew that I would miss him a lot while I was in Ireland, and him vice versa, but he never said that. Anytime I mentioned Ireland to his housemates, he would get upset. When I asked him to wish me luck as i sent in my study abroad application, he said, "I don't need to wish you luck; you're gonna get it." When I was accepted, his reaction was, "Good." I confronted him about us, and all he kept saying was, "I'll be fine." Then I mentioned if he was going to be there when I got back, and he said he would, and that he would be fine while I'm gone since he'll be so busy. I kept pushing him about this, (because true to his sign he doesn't give straight answers) and he said, "I don't need to convince you that I'm going to be here when you get back; you're going to have to believe me." Naturally, the day I left, he was buried in work and so our goodbye was short.

    Now I know Scorpios are prone to be flaky and all around a hot mess in terms of commitment, but he seems to be different in this case. I have a lot of trust issues with guys, and I want to believe him, but I'm scared to. He has spent almost a year telling me that I need to get over the guys from the past (even going as far as to take a sticker off the face of a guy I used to like on a picture on my bulletin board!) and that he is not like every other guy, but can I trust him? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • It sounds like he doesn't trust you. The question is can you handle someone that dark, possessive, secretive and even downright rude?

  • hi captain. sorry to interrupt. you did a reading for me a few weeks ago and said that my ex would certainly come back. just tonight i heard some news that before christmas he was with a girl he has been dating for past 6 months and that they seemed in love, holding hands, and cuddling. what is going on with him? is he really in love or is he coming back to me?

  • Actually Moonwomanme, I told you your relationship works better as friendship than love, and that you should move on and find someone else. I would never use the word 'certainly' in a report.

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