Attitude of Gratitude

  • IFirst and foremost, I am grateful that I am sober and in recovery. I've been blessed with 2 beautiful children. I am grateful that I have a wonderful team of doctors who show me they care. I had breast cancer in 2005. 3 days ago we found a spot which is more than likely metastic cancer. I have a lot of gratitude for my family and friends that have helped me through all the ordeals and who will continue to help as we find more infomation.

  • I am grateful for the recovery of my legs so that I can learn to walk again - I have suffered through 10 years of medical misdiagnosis and recently had to spend a year away from home and husband for new medical opinions - finally the male doctors listened to me and took xrays of my hips - resulting in two total hip replacements in the last six months - now I am slowly weaning myself off from heavy chronic pain medication - my experience was horrific and I was told - you are too young for this to happen so we did not really look we thought it was psychological - I am a novice to Tarot and have my own deck - visconti-szforza which I have not used yet - how should I start - so that I can gain insight through my ongoing recovery both mind, spirit and body -

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