Long time lurker...reading?

  • Hi, I'm a long time lurker. Both of my kids have moved out and I've been on my own for a year now. In many ways, It's been a wonderful year but I'm also now partially unemployed - I have a good consulting gig but it's seasonal so I'm currently without much to do. I find myself distracted by a particular man who has been confusing the crap out of me, trying to date other people who don't feel right and living in a place that doesn't feel right, considering relocating mid-Summer and getting ready to take a somewhat impulsively planned trip overseas to a place that I lived as a child. I met a wonderful psychic over the summer who took a aura picture of me and told me that I'm surrounded by guardians. Perhaps I am, I am not in touch with them though I've been trying to do some dream work. Truthfully, nothing is very clear right now and I would love some guidance if anyone has some. Am I in the wrong place at the wrong time??? I'm Leo with Cancer rising, Capricorn Moon.

  • You are not in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Some guidance: You are too much identified with the emotions of that man.

    A little foolishness, enough to enjoy life, and a little wisdom to avoid the errors, that will do.

  • Thank you, hanswolfgang!

  • One quick question, how would you suggest that I go about getting more in touch with my guides?

  • How would I suggest that you go about getting more in touch with your guides? Your best guide is your own intuition. Get more inwards and you will get more in touch with it.

    By and by, when you start growing, new dimensions open in your being. You start becoming interested in things which are not only of the body. A little of the mind, a little of psychology enters in your being. You are no more just a physique.

    You don’t understand the complexity of the human mind, the mechanism of it. Relaxation is a state. You cannot force it. You simply drop the negativities, the hindrances, and it comes, it bubbles up by itself.

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