Interpretation on tarot reading

  • I did a free tarot Celtic spread on & asked if I will meet my lifemate this year. Their interpretation is pretty general and doesn't delve into the romantic aspect of the reading. The spread is as follows:

    First Card: Queen of Pentacles

    Second Card: Page of Pentacles

    Third Card: Two of Swords

    Forth Card: The Star

    Fifth Card: Judgment

    Sixth Card: Queen of Wands

    Seventh Card: Nine of Cups

    Eighth Card: King of Cups

    Ninth Card: Four of Swords

    Tenth Card: Seven of Cups

    Eleventh Card: Page of Cups

    Could an experienced tarot interpreter anyone shed some insight on what these cards may mean for my romantic future this year?

    Your interpretation is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE !! 🙂

  • You perceive yourself right now as too identified with security and matter.

    The social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this year are your interests, your studies and your learning for a career.

    You can turn obstacles into stepping stones by understanding your indecisiveness as advice for waiting until the right time has come.

    Influences from your personal history, your roots and background are your hopes, your goals.

    Events that are just departing, recently influential but now diminishing in power, are strong impulses from the outside motivating you to come back to life again out of your grave.

    The broader perspective and influence of your conscience, Guardian Angel, inner wisdom, seems to be your mother, who dominated your by her will power.

    The way the wind is blowing with regard to your situation is your tendency to sit down with your resources and to remain with your old friends instead of going for a romantic future.

    The self-undermining tendencies, areas where you could be in denial, where you could get stuck -- unless you examine yourself and make some corrections -- are your identifications with the emotions of your father.

    People who can be supportive or helpful to you at this year are very introverted people. They will not come to you, you would have to come to them.

    A course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible is to become more aware of all your romantic desires for the future.

    Unknowns still taking shape is just that what you probably are hoping for: yes, there seems to be or come someone, who is ready to give you his heart and his love.

    Don´t care about education or anything, but you must care about your freedom.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang,

    Please pardon my delay in replying to your interpretation on my reading/spread. I am beginning to learn more about Tarot as well as my Oracle Angel cards. My only concern with this spread is that it somehow is asking me to settle. I have settled romantically in the past and was very unhappy, perhaps this is why I enjoy (and hate at times) my solitude. I will take your advice into consideration and trim my expectations a bit.

    Many thanks and blessings!

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