• Hey Serious7,

    You've disappeared from Facebook. Are you ok? I didn't take down your email address, but please do send me a message through my facebook and let me know how you are. I'm going to miss you, you make me smile and laugh and I love your energy!



  • Wenchie,

    If I am not mistaken, she did some posting in one of the threads a few hrs ago.

    Check it out.

    Though I better let you know, so you won't worry.


  • Dear Wenchie,

    She posted on my Questions for Heaven thread, but I wasn't clear on her question, so wrote her back. No response but she just posted it yesterday I think.

    Angel blessings,


  • Thank you Emergence and Angelreader,

    Serious7 is a lovely guy, we've been chatting off the forum and he's disappeared from facebook so I wanted to make sure he was ok.

    Hopefully he'll see this.

  • Wenchie,serious has started a thread called,To anyone who can relate, on this Psychic forum.Maybe you would like to take a look.I feel drawn to a lot of people on this site without ever having talked to them!I understand your concern and share it

    Love and light

  • Thanks Suramya.

  • Wenchie,

    You are welcome, glad to help 🙂

    Yes, now that Suramya mention it, reminded me of that thread...I did post a reply to it yesterday.

    When I read his thread, I had a very strong feelings that he is hurting and in sadness.

    Instantly, I felt so sad for him, I cannot explain why.

    Normally, I wouldn't talk about my past relationships ( that I do not wish to be in anymore) in public but I felt the need to share it with him, which I did.

    That relationship of mine was of many many years ago, not forgotten but I have moved on.

    I hope he is okay.

  • I found him back on facebook again. He is on my list of friends and had disappeared yesterday suddenly so I was a bit concerned, but today he's back on so I'm relieved he's ok!

    Serious is lovely, very sweet and sensitive with a manic mind and a great sense of humour.

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