Libra Woman/Man Married/Divorcing

  • My husband (10/1/71) and I (10/21/70) were married October 9th, 2004. Since we've been married, my husband has turned into a control freak. In the past 3 years, I've decided to stand up to him and, of course, this has caused more strife in the marriage. We dated for 11 years before I accepted his proposal.

    He is resentful, self centered, thinks of no one but himself and money, I'm fairly certain he has been messing around- yet he can manipulate me to the point where I actually question myself.

    My question is- did I get a "bad libra"? How soon does anyone see the divorce taking place? Also- I honestly think he may become physically abusive once I serve him papers or try to leave him. Anything I could use to get ahead of this situation via tarot or any other way, would be appreciated.

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