Did I read my cards right? Please help!

  • Hey I decided to go ahead and do a 12 card spread. I use the Rider waites and all cards are upright. I wanted to do a in general kind of thread. Not necessary a 12 month spread per say. After that, I did a three card spread with the same cards with them being upright as well. A little background info-I do feel I am in a stuck phase and pretty much I wonder if I will get out? I do feel depressed and feel like I'm not going anywhere and I am not happy where I am living. I'm also wanting SSI as well.

    1. Hanged Man-Feeling bored, and there will be a change.

    2. 3 Swords-Affections may have stormy weather.

    3. Ace of Cups-Joy, beauty, good health.

    4. Ace of Pent.-A new beginning.

    5. 2 Wands-Good things are coming..

    6. 4 Swords-Needing to rest and going back to an active life.

    7. Knight of Pent.-Using my talents.

    8. King of Swords-Someone is going to help me and guide me?

    9. 3 Cups-Happy Conclusion

    10. 5 Pent.-Lonely

    11. 4 Wands-Celebration

    12. King of Pent.-Rea-liable person

    I hope my cards are right and I don't really trust if I am a good reader lol but anyway, I think basically saying that good changes and things are yet to come and someone will help me. I may feel bored at times and experience some downfalls but overall 2010 will be pretty good unless they're talking about just in general. I really hope so, I want to move away from where I live and get SSI. Those are my top problem areas. Please let me know.

    I decided to do past, present and future too.

    1. Past-King of Cups

    2. Present-The Moon

    3. Future-World

    Someone did help me (Maybe it's talking about my dad?) Right now the moon is saying that I feel not happy and feeling tricked by people of SSI(Maybe?), but I know the moon is a negative card. Future is the world-I will be successful and have a positive result (SSI or moving?)

    Recently I did use my faery cards, past present and future. Pretty much it sounds like I just have to let go of my worries(I'm a HUGE worry wart) and just let it go, let the universe resolve things and I will succeed in what I want.

  • Help please?

  • Greetings NorbieNDaq

    Your interpretations of the cards pretty much resemble the standard "text book" interpretations. However, without knowing the meanings of each cards position in the spread, it's difficult to establish a more accurate assessment. of your situation. Does "The Hanged Man" represent your past, a specific period of time, or an aspect of your personality? The more specific you are when assigning definitions to each card within the spread, you'll know how each individual card relates to your personal experience.



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