No replied, but plz, could someone plz interprete my cards for me?

  • Here is my cards. My question was if me and my ex will get back together. I have no idea what the cards say by just looking at the explanations of the cards. So if anyone could help, I will really appreciate it!

    Higher Power: four of swords

    recent past: the moon

    situation: ace of wands

    self: ace of cups

    challenges: the magician

    near future: seven of coins

    foundation: knight of cups

    long term potential: the empress

    advice: eight of wands

    allies: justice

    blocks: ten of coins

  • Hmm, I'm seeing that your and your ex may have different ideas about what constitutes 'happily ever after'. Have you seriously discussed what he wants from family life or even if he wants one at all? Or maybe it's you who doesn't want children and the whole shebang? There is potential for the future but many anxieties, differences of opinion and attitude, and tensions have to be resolved first, which means you have to take action to achieve what you want rather than waiting for it to happen all by itself.

  • Thanks for helping!!! We did have a discussion when I just started dating. But he's a gemini, sometimes you just don't know if he means what he says. He was the one told he wants to settle down and have a family. And that's what I want too. And as for taking actions to resolve problems, I really don't know what I can do because he's the one break things off, so unless he wants to sit down and have a discussion about our issues. Otherwise, I am just worried that my actions will push him further away.

  • I am seeing great compatibility between you two. But no, Geminis are not prone to think in the long term. Was there perhaps too much routine or lack of romance in your relationship? Gemini loves adventure and excitement. The only way you will push him away is if if you get too emotional. Stay logical and rational if you can and especially keep your sense of humour. Be cheerful, flirty and witty and don't let him think you are too charmed by him or overwhelmed. Don't nag or reproach him. Keep it light but do get in touch if you are really certain he is the man for you. I just don't see him making the first move. Maybe you can throw a party and invite him - with other people around, he might not feel trapped or obligated. Make him then think it was his idea to get back together and that you love him for now, without thinking about the future. But don't be too obvious - Gemini will see through blatant trickery.

  • If you give me both your birthdates, I can do a compatibility analysis to get a clearer picture of what's going on.

  • Thanks for the offer, Captain! Can I send you as a private message?

  • This post is deleted!

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