Need a love reading

  • Can anyone give me a reading on my love situation?

  • I can if you give me your birthdate and/or the birthdate of the person involved?

  • Hi, can you do a reading for me please?

    I've been in love with an Aries man since Nov 2007. Things were perfect for the first six months till he decided that were were better off as friends. Still in touch. He is aware of my feelings. I sometimes feel that he loves me but is in denial. I don't know what went wrong or what is the problem. Things are really bad between us now. Seems to have alot of misunderstandings.

    Is there any hope for this relationship to work out? Are we compatible? I just want to make things right between is. I am born on 12/05/1975 and he is born on 04/04/1974.

    Would really appreciate all help.


  • Tigger75, your friend is right - this relationship is better for companionship than marriage. It can be highly energetic, filled with excitement, change and diversity. It has a wild streak, and strong attractions are typical of this combination. The tendency is towards lack of inhibition, including a frankness of expression that can come across as critical or hurtful. Often however the truth can be a blessing, since neither of you are very self-aware. Both of you are free spirits, so difficulties may arise if your relationship requires you to give up any independence or accept any responsibility. Your fun-loving and zany side Tigger will appeal to your more extroverted friend and you can have great times together as friends or lovers. But as a lover your friend is more realistic than you. You tend to get carried away by your fantasies and this may cause conflict between you. Mutually challenging activities, not the least of which might be satisfying each other, will keep you two from feeling bored and make you faithful, to an extent - both of you tend to have a roving eye. Both of you have a shadow side which can cause trouble if brought out into the open. If you direct your undeniable wild side towards drugs and similar obsessions, it will be too much for your friend to handle. He may be forced to flee the relationship if sex and love adddictions surface in you - the level of pain here might surpass the pleasure. Marriage is generally unfavourable since neither of you has the ability or desire to endure suffering and work out problems, particularly of a personal nature. Better then to keep the friendship light, without too much responsibility and to keep a back door open for escape if necessary.

    Tigger, you can be rather too easy-going and fun-loving, and you often take the path of least resistence when you should make a stand. Learn more self-discipline and don't allow your passions of the moment to shape your visions of the future. For you, security issues can take precedence over moral values. Find an outlet for your natural rebelliousness and the balance between love and passion.

    Your friend likes to be centre stage with people and he has a larger-than-life personality. His work or career can so consume him that he has little time, energy or inclination for friends, family or love affairs. His best relationships are professional ones.

  • My birthdate is 4-14-1966 and his is 1-19-1962.

  • Thank you very much for doing a reading for me. I really appreciate it 🙂

    It's rather hard trying to let go but I think its time to move on.

    I suppose my Aries man seem to tick all the boxes for me and its been ages since I've met such a wonderful man. We've not been in contact since we last met on 28/12/09. Our day ended pretty badly, with quarrels and tears. I know he is stronger in terms of emotions than I am. As much as I want to call and speak to him, I know the relationship is finished for good.

    Its hard enough when people call me a jinx in love because all my relationships last for a very short while. As I get older, the thought of marriage seems like a dream and not a reality 😞

    All I want is to meet a nice man with whom I can share my life with.

  • could you please do a reading for me, so that i will know whether to hold on or let it go? my bday is 6/20/1971 and his is 10/21/1968. thank you.

  • Sweetie, this relationship works better for the short term than it does in the long term. It can be a secret (for example if it is a love affair), and quite enigmatic and unknown to the outside world. As lovers, you two are likely to reach new romantic heights, with vivid and colorful emotional expression being the order of the day. What the relationship lacks in stability it will make up for in excitement, and your energies Sweetie can be a stabilizing force at home.

    Marriage may not be recommended for you two, since it tends to dull your passions, and indeed you have little reason to commit to it, unless moral or ethical reasons demand it. In fact forbidden love affairs in this combination can be rich and rewarding, at least until you both are forced back down to earth.

    A friendship can be trying, since both of you are capable of being hasty and careless, which can wear down the relationship. Furthermore, your friend can get carried away with bursts of enthusiasm for this or that person, and you, more faithful by nature, may grow tired of the friendship being neglected or taken for granted. You will find your friend hard to control. Because you are not always realistic, you may not realize that you are trying to hold down a wildness in him that is in fact a projection of your own suppressed and hidden desires. If you become more interested in social matters and acquire new friends, your friend may experience this as a painful abandonment. ADVICE: Take your time. Tone down your enthusiasm but don't lose the passion. Come out in the open a bit. Build a solid financial basis.

    Sweetie, you have a highly developed social sense and make a dynamic leader. You have a strong impulse to change the world and tear down old structures. However you might suffer from burnout when you bite off more than you can chew. Back up and gain some perspective, and cultivate real planning and management skills. Remember to manage the details when pursuing your goals or ideals. You can be so much more effective when you develop your marketing and presentation skills. Maturity enhances your sense of patience and with your natural commitment and dedication to your ideals, and your focus on achievement, you will go far. Release the need for more.

    Your friend may have an attachment to low self-worth that he will hopefully outgrow and gain more confidence as he gets older. Does he ever remind you of the actor/comedian Jim Carrey because they were born very close to the same date and year? As long as he can develop faith in his own abilities and vision and watch the tendency to be narcissistic or egotistical, your gifted and inspiring friend can expect considerable success. But he will have to steady his energies somewhat to be effective. He has a tendency to reverse his decisions and may undermine his own talents with too great an attachment to abstraction at the expense of his own humanity. If he can manage to counter his instabilty with concentration and effort, and surround himself with people who will respond to his unique and original vision, he will become beloved in a position of light and easy-going leadership. Also he must avoid a tendency to find those around him to be parasitic or limiting. His partner will have to accept the role of foot soldier to his general in the relationship, although such unequal partnerships are not beneficial to either person in the long run.

  • missonya1, the chemistry of this matchup favours revealing long-hidden secrets and freeing up private information. Once a bond of trust has been built, you pair will share much of a personal nature with each other. Should either of you fall into a more volatile emotional state, however, he or she may lose control and blurt out the secrets. Another common occurrence may be the surfacing of material that the relationship loosens in one partner's subconscious, for example through the recollection of dreams. Finally, your critical, interrogative friend can simply drill away at you until unconscious or repressed material comes to light. In whichever area this relationship manifests, you both must beware of getting so absorbed in this game of hide-and-seek that you lose sight of personal growth and career development. Such wasted energies are likely to be the single most destructive element here, although the bringing of hidden material to light can have undeniably positive therapeutic effects.

    Mental and emotional games may feature strongly in this relationship, particularly in its more intimate manifestations—for example, between lovers and friends. Not only do you both alternately hide and reveal secrets with each other, but together you have a habit of striking the same kind of covert stance in relation to other people. Family members and friends may view your relationship as secretive, puzzling, hard to figure. Much of this behavior is conscious, all part of a smoke screen designed to cover up whatever is really going on. More mature relationships between you two will demonstrate less of a need for such activities.

    ADVICE: Be aware of destructive game-playing. Strive for greater transparency. Don't neglect personal growth and initiative. Beware of wasted energy.

    You, Missonya, need to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-assessment. Release your need to suffer and to depend on others for emotional security. Learn the fine art of self-interest, especially when it comes to letting go of people. You are not destined to a life of depression and suffering - far from it in fact. If you take a long hard look at your more demanding or selfish tendencies and learn to embrace people and circumstances without romanticizing or idealising the situation, you will discover a capacity for happiness that will surprise you.

    Your friend has to stop being critical of himself and everyone else. His overemphasis on work must be balanced by a childlike need for play. He has much charisma but he needs to set his sense of mischief free and stop playing the serious mature adult all the time. Sometimes the level of maturity he brings to a relationship can stifle or suppress his romantic impulses. He has the knack of knowing when he is right and for convincing others of almost anything. His challenge is to release his controlling and perfectionist tendencies. His inner emotional conflicts may be expressed in a number of difficult relationships, for he is much better at analysing others' behaviour than his own self-destructive patterns. If he can relax a bit and avoid a tendency to set different standards of behaviour for others than he does for himself, he can find life is an adventure. All will go well for him, provided he does not abuse his power over others and learns to motivate rather than manipulate.

  • to the captain, can you do me a reading?

    my dob dec9 1962 and his okt4 1962. we have something going right now, I want to know if we ever going to be living together etc. like a real relationship. And when?

    Or am I going to meet someone new, and when?

    Also, about my career, do you see me with another job? and what kind and when?

    Thank you

  • reading? me 11-12-1982

    him 6-12-1981

  • Gee, pinky9dec, slow down, this is only for love readings - you want to know everything at once.

    You two are likely to establish a deep emotional bond. The relationship is often highly intimate, and conducive to personal expression. It is often well rounded, with each of you offering something of great benefit to the other. Your friend can be influential in bringing you into a more meaningful relationship with society, and you can encourage him to expresshis own individuality and to feel less compelled to please others. Your complementary strengths and intense rapport make this an unusually healthy and vibrant matchup. Proceeding from this basis, you two are able to place the relationship in a meaningful social context without compromising your fundamental beliefs.

    No matter how perfunctory the introduction or how superficial the initial involvement, a love affair can be very meaningful. This relationship continues to broaden and deepen, and to encourage self-actualization for both of you; you two evolve together, creating a bond that is difficult to break. It can be quite natural for marriage to be a further step for you, but it should not be taken for granted that personal development will continue at such a steady pace after the knot is tied.

    A friendship between you can be extremely close, marked by deep empathy and affection. But claiming attitudes may also surface here, with accompanying jealousies and dependencies. The challenge in such relationships is to maintain an open atmosphere that allows for individual expression, since you, if denied this, will lose your most essential character trait and eventually become deeply frustrated.

    Professional relationships between you work best if confined to freelance and entrepreneurial endeavors where maximum independence is assured. Although obligations must be met, each partner should have well-defined areas of responsibility that will not be encroached upon by the other. ADVICE: Maintain your individuality, and beware of claiming attitudes. Compromise

    just enough. Remember to encourage each other's personal and spiritual growth.

  • heavens25, are those dates 11 and 12 of December or 12 November and 12 June?

  • novemeber 12 and june 12

  • Dear Captain,

    Could I have a reading? I am at crossroads, very confused. I want to know where my heart belongs.

    My DOB is

    1. 4/13/80, his 10/26/76.

    2. 4/13/80, his 02/15/75 or 76(not sure)

    Thank you!

  • Heavens25, the primary challenge to this relationship will be to structure itself around stabilizing yet engrossing daily activities. Your friend is an air sign and you a water sign, but the relationship is ruled by earth, in this case standing for work and application. If the bond is weak, you will drift and dream uncertainly; the more grounded the relationship is, the stronger the ties. You two may play all kinds of mental and physical games with each other. Like con artists, you often try to persuade or manipulate each other in subtle ways, without revealing your true intent. In this respect you are an excellent match for each other. Perhaps firm ground rules should be laid, however, to keep this tendency from getting out of hand. Instability often emerges here, making the need for structure all the more apparent.

    You can find a love affair with your friend exciting and attractive, but should you decide that this partner is not good for you or is working destructively to undermine the relationship (whether consciously or not), you will not hesitate to move on. This can baffle your friend, who will wonder what he has done to deserve such treatment. Marriage carries a high risk of breakup, but the seriousness and responsibility it involves can also help rather than hinder, tying the knot more securely. Your friend tends to be rebellious and lacks your superb organizational and directorial skills. A friendship between you two is likely to be short-lived, for your friend needs much more space and flexibility than you are prepared to allow.

    ADVICE: Don't expect too much from each other. Fulfill your daily responsibilities. Ground your activities. Take the time to care.

  • CoolChic13 and the Scorpio: this relationship is likely to be vibrant and imaginative, though punctuated by occasional blowups. Its alchemy can be simultaneously mysterious and passionate. Both of you are often extremely sexual, and your love affair with each other, often carried on in secret, can reach high peaks of desire and consummation. This comes, however, with no small level of emotional turmoil.

    In love and marriage, you are likely to find yourself dominated by your Scorpio friend. This relationship can stir up the deepest emotional layers, making it hard for you two to work, and creating trouble in other areas of your lives—completely throwing you off balance. Your friend is much more comfortable with this relationship's firestorms. He is no stranger to emotional turmoil, which is often a constant background for him in his creative or professional work. Controlling his own feelings while calling the shots in the powerful emotional world he shares with another is a specialty of his, and he will tend to control the inner workings of this relationship and many others as well. In marriage your friend will tend to keep you on a tight rein. He won't usually approve of your magnanimity, or of your tendency to bring home the latest interesting person you have met. Good at making a little money go a long way, he will probably see your spending as wasteful and counterproductive; where you see the big picture, your friend hones in on the details. Although some of his attempts to make you more attentive and realistic will be helpful, he should be careful: too much blaming and criticism will have a negative effect. As friends, you two can form a close bond, sharing exciting, challenging and somewhat dangerous experiences. ADVICE: Self-control can be liberating. Feelings don't have to be upsetting. Refine and broaden your emotional palette. Keep calm.

    CoolChic13 and Aquarius: this relationship is often dreamy and gentle in tone, fostering sympathy, kindness and supportiveness. It can go a long way through the sharing of physical and emotional experiences that are very important to personal development, and it can also be a great deal of fun. Its understanding and accepting attitudes are more likely to lead to friendships than to sensuous love affairs or marriages; magnetic sexual or emotional attractions are more unusual here than empathy, warmth and sharing. Your Aquarian friend can be very emotionally needy growing up and probably required a lot of attention. Rather than to his parents, he may well have turned to Aries friends or siblings, who have a tremendous capacity to give, and may have been quite devoted to him and attentive to his needs. He may easily re-create this relationship in adult life, but limits may have to be drawn: guilelessly but shamelessly, your friend can be quite dependent and even parasitic, draining your energies. In marriage and business partnership, or when you two are co-workers on the same project, your friend's depressions and dark moods may weigh heavily on you. He, in turn, is prone to find you irritating, not necessarily for any good reason: for all your understanding, you have a way of triggering your friend's anger and temperament, even though he prides himself on being cool on the job. ADVICE: Express emotions, but don't let that mean losing your temper. Give and take, but don't take advantage. Develop emotional intelligence.

  • The Captain,

    Thank you, you are correct about both...Your reading helped clear things up...

  • thank you so much, everything you said is very true.

  • HI Caption can I have a love reading from you my dob is 11-01-80 and his is 04-16-78.

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