Moon Compatiblity and sun Compatibility?

  • not sure i deserve this last one. i typed a made up sign combination to apply this to a real situation myself since i didn't want this dissected here. not sure what you were seeing from that combination but it's not even really important. thanks.

  • ** to apply your response that is

  • I just joined this forum and am fairly new to figuring out birth charts and compatibility. I know a bit about sun signs compatibility, but not much about the other stuff.

    Would you be able to tell me if my boyfriend and I are compatible? I mean, I know we are, because we are, but I wonder what our rising signs and Moon signs say?

    I am a Sun Aries, Moon Scorpio, Rising Libra

    He is a Sun Capricorn, Moon Leo, Rising Libra

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!!

  • I think your boyfriend and you are not compatible.

    But as long as you as an Aries are wanting that relationship, you will make it compatible.

    Any thoughts: Love, bread and passions. At a deep point you are experiencing death. You will feel yourself alone.

    We have been taught to condemn ourselves; we have been taught that we are worthless. We have been told in a thousand and one ways that we are dirt and that has become part of our conditioning. The first step is: Respect yourself, because if you don’t respect yourself you cannot respect anybody else in the world. Not even God can be respected, because even God comes number two. Love yourself. If you can’t love yourself you cannot love anybody else.

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