• you had told me something on an earlier reading and asked me to let you know...can you get back to me? i would like to talk about it

    thank you


  • Sure Water lilli - I dont get on here all the time but occasionally. I just check in and out. Go ahead with your reply.


  • waterlilli

    i was asking about my love life..and any news of a relationship coming up soon in 2010..

    you replied about someone coming in and out of my life...and yes that is true...i have not seen him in months but yes he will text me out of the blue....we went out for a year and it was like he would come in strong and then just poof and he did this over and over and it was just how he was...so its interesting that you picked up on that...and yes i am in love with him...and compare all men to his qualities and think of him on my dates...

    as much i try to get over him he is still in my head...so yes you are right about that...and yet i so much want to see him again...

    and i wanted to let you know you were right about this...uncanny....

    i really would like to be closer to a guy i met this summer...


    feb 23 1962

  • my first post...


    I would like to know what someone can tell me about my love life in 2010?

    feb /23/ 1962

    thank you,


    your response...

    Waterlilli- There is a past relationship person - I keep seeing - a recurring relationship-its an on off kind of thing...I think you want something new for 2010 but your stuck with an old shoe! Wow... let me know ok. To Obtain what you want you must get rid of the old shoe, the guy that keeps coming back in order to make room for a new serious relationship... this recurring past guy just keeps you in a rut, he is comfortable but not exciting... I think you are looking for a new exciting relationship, love and romance, one that makes you feel alive inside.



    thank you for the reading...

    the past person...i can think of only one really.....(A.S).....we broke up in may...i am still yes still in love with him...he did come and go over the course of a year......but i have not seen him in months...i met two men over the summer and dated them...one just faded away..(A.B.).which is really too bad i felt so amazing with him........the other one started out as a movie guy and i have fallen for him over time..we have fun.....but we have not gone out since december 5...(R.S.)...

    so i am not sure i will be seeing any of them again....and i do want to...very much....

    the one your talking about though could be A.S...like i said i have not seen him....but i just cant seem to stop loving him...and your right if i let him go i can open myself up...i am trying...thats why i dated so much this summer...i met alot of guys....found those two i liked.....and seeing what happens...i do care for (A.B) still...also have not seen him in months... ....and am very attached to (R.S) and am hopeful that things will move forward with him..

  • hi, Lilli

    I just wanted to clarify somethings about myself- I do not read cards or can do anything with birthdates as they are not what I do. I have a true gift from God I wish to use it. God tells me things about people sometimes future,past or other. I thought i would open myself up in a forum and not be exclusive only to church members or people of religion as God knows us all. I can only tell you what I know from that point. I may even open myself up to critisims, but my gift is real and accurate the less i know the better as it brings out the true gift., from him. I do not claim to be psychic or any other divinations. I claim to get my answers from the source. If it is something i feel i say its me but if its him i let people know. i also think that - there should be room for me somewhere - for good. So i want to help others. I too am reaching out to see if anyone really needs me, I hope they do. I am glad that you realize as I did that if you cant let go of that guy, you wont be able to move on . I didnt say it would be easy- I can pray that something intervenes between you too or that someone over powering that love will come into your life. Get back with me on which you would like for me to pray about. People are really amazed with my gift and i dont have to know anything about them.- I only know things at certain times if I dont know i tell you I dont know at this time as God has not revealed anything to me. I do my own dream interpretation kind of like Joseph in the bible. I seem to do it very well, also... I dont have any other gifts that I know of in this area.

    thanks for listening,


  • honeykat,

    thank you for your sincerity and honesty. the thing i have been praying on is to find the right guy for me. i would like to be in a relationship, a couple situation, with the right guy. god knows what i am looking for and what i need and i am ready for him to come into my life. if i have met him already i pray that we continue to grow closer as a couple... if i have not met him yet let him come now.

    peace and blessings


    i would pray that r.s. is the guy but i realize that i think your not supposed to do that....so i will surrender to divine order...

  • I am glad to hear back from you Lilli- I am glad that you have peace about this matter.


  • hi honeykat

    i noticed you mentioned you usually only assist church members

    i was wondering do you consider yourself a prophet or prophetess?

    i am pleased to hear you know your gift is given by God as many seem to not acknowledge that for some reason-- i hope you continue to share your gift and are able to assist as many people as you are able to

    may God continue to be with you and bless you

  • WOW honeykat4, I am amazed by how you are so humble with your gifts. You have given waterlilli good insight!

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