Cancer Woman - How to assure her constantly....

  • Luazinha>> hate talking on the phone too. So much I gave up my land line and I only use my cell for necessary calls, never to talk too long. Must be my cancer rising sign.

    Sandran712>>I still have my landline and I have a cell phone too.My cell phone is for emergencies mostly.But. I do get frivilious calls on it too.

  • hello ashiquerahman81

    nice to know that u are leo man and i am cancer woman for real. by the way, u done a great effort by studied about u cancer woman via reading astrology sign on her. actually dude, if u cancer woman know u are try harder to keep her with u, u already got her intentionally. i also in a relationship with a leo man, proudly said, leo man is the best match mate in heaven for cancer woman. about u problem, u can text her anytime but u prefer know what time is good time for her cause cancer men/women mostly are workaholic type. i think she only reachable only on messaging because it might be u called her on the wrong time - late night or maybe she had family/subject discussion without u know what exactly the time. cancer woman is unpredictable type but u still can predict her mind if u know her very well. cancer woman is very closed to her family especially her parents either mom or dad and we don't have a lot of friends closely - we apply quality better then quantity. good to know, if u stick u self on cancer woman, never give up easily, keep doing the nice thing especially try to get close to her parent, u will get u cancer woman on u always. but please make sure u do everything in SINCERITY because cancer native are very sensitive to know either u did it for all u heart or just simply like want to look good in front of her. the more u be u self, the more she will be sticky on u. i guess leo man don't have a trouble to get a cancer woman closer because leo man is very generous in nature, family oriented, protective and very attractive. oh ya, for honestly, cancer native never say a good word but we do the good things for the person we love - if she say a good word often, it's mean she just pretending to comfort u but if she done a nice thing to u, obviously say, she likes u. u should know that cancer native is very nice towards everyone and u might get easily jealous on our nature because we are made for nurturing as mother so just calm okay. additionally, we love open minded person, have a great future plan, workaholic to build a great relationship and don't ever be harsh, criticisms - cancer native is not jealous type, we never jealous to our partner but we are possessive. if u try to make her jealous, walking out with another woman just to make her jealous, u will get her away by ignoring u because we are craving a stability. hoping u get her as normal.

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