Cancer Woman - How to assure her constantly....

  • Hi,

    I am in a relation with Cancer Woman in recent days. I am a little confuse how she react. She is only reachable by SMS, Mail but obviously not by Phone. I mean she don't feel much interest to talk over phone. May be she needs more time, may be she don't want to get hurt etc. Sometimes she give some signals that she want time of her own... which might be due to the Moon effect of her astrology.... Now I need to know how can I assure her.....

    • In normal days... should I send lots of SMS, Mail saying that I love her or she means so much to me....that sort of message or should I continue normal day to day conversation with her so that she makes comfortable with me.

    • Also in the days of her solitude/ in shell... should I send her messages, mail a lot Or just keep waiting for her to come alone and don't send any messages to bother her....

    Please please anybody with relation with cancer woman or any cancer woman .... can help me out from this situation.

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  • Wow, your cancer woman sounds like cancer men. i guess there are similarities. I've been involved with a cancer man. They like to be alone sometimes. Sometimes if you are are too loving they back off.

    I can only tell you about cancer men, since I've learned a lot but by the way you describe her she sounds very similar. In the time of shell or solitude, don't send her anything, wait until she comes out.

    Cancers take a long time to gain your trust.

  • Thanks Lauzinha,

    I got the point of communication in her solitude time. thats really helpful for me. That is I guess called "Open mindness of his/her partner" which they like to have from their partner.

    I guess she already get my Trust (being worked together before we have lots of common colleagues ... but nobody knew about our secret communication...), Loyalty (as I am only up to her) and my Commitment towards her and her family... and also said that its only she, in my life which is also true. Actually I proposed her, but she denied. then she gone away for more than months. Then I wrote to her my whole thing ... and she came to my life again. But then I make a mistake... I was being so exaggerated over her with my love (more like jumping over her with my whole love...). She tried couple of occasion to make me understand that she wants tenderness.... (even at that moment she wrote to me that she don't want relation with me... which is I guess was just to stop me)..... For last 1 week or so.... we are having quite normal message communication... (even though she is in her shell).... I guess I should continue till the she is comfortable....

    If possible, tell me 1 more thing..... as a Leo, we make things bigger or kind of showy... But they like it to be secretive, slow going, personal, gentle and they don't want it make it exaggerated... right.... I meaning... keeping the emotion in check.....

    Thanks anyway....

  • Are you a leo too? Yes, we leos can get very passionate and showy and dramatic! I've had to tone it down with the cancer. They seem to like it secretive, slow yes. I keep my messages very friendly and not romantic. if you come on too strong they seem to back away more. I had to learn to slow down so he won't get scared away.

  • Heyyy... guud to find a Leo... ha ha :-D..... gr8.

    Thanks ... got a very good point that the messages should be friendly.... okkayyy for me... But will that be enough for her to assure or remove her fear of security or being rejected. Lots of stuff about this topics... u know that drives me crazy....

    Another thing can you help me out.... should I send her sms/messages every day (or try to be everyday).... just keep it 2/3 times a week... Also should I ask her lot of question ... so that I can be into her daily life activities... (I feel guilty to ask her question.... I don know how she would feel.. or am I going to hurt or am I going to kill her individuality as cancer like to have freedom etc...)

    Anyways will appreciate if you can help me out.... I am still learning....:-D. (n feel like.. it will never end....)

  • Good morning, Leo's,

    Cancer woman here. Cancer's aren't really all that secretive. If it stays secret too long, she could start wondering if you are ashamed of the relationship and don't want anyone to know.

    Also, you are correct about letting us stay in our shell until we come out on our own. It could take a while. If my feelings get hurt, I sometimes stay alone for 2 - 3 days.

    Sounds like your cancer woman isn't sure if she even wants this relationship. We are ususally pretty sure of what we want and don't want.

    Don't try to contact her everyday. 2 - 3 times a week would be plenty until you are strong in the relationship. We have our moods, but we are very strong lovers once the relationship is solid.

    Hope this helps,


  • i feel that you should be honest and be yourself just be who you are,if you try dancing to the tune shes putting out sooner or later your going to get sick of that and thats not what you want, just be how you would be as you, respect her space of course but just be your self be true to you

  • Sandran712>She is only reachable by SMS

    What is this??

  • ashiquerahman81>>>should I send her sms/messages every day

    Sandran712>>No..It is suffocating..2-3 times a week.But, some Cancer women are known to go without communication longer.

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  • Hi I am a Cancerian Woman and we are not that difficult to date/understand honestly lol. We know what we want, and are not 'wishy washy' in our thoughts/feelings. If your cancerian lady wants to be left alone, then you are going to have to leave her alone or you will only push her further away from you. If she hasn't commited in some form to you in several weeks of a relationship, then you need to understand that to her it could only be friendship she is seeking from you. Cancerians are the home body sign, therefore she needs tenderness, loyalty, and the need to feel both nurtured and be able to nurture, if she is pulling away from you, she is feeling smothered not nurtured. You may need to back off for a while, if she needs time to think then give her it. Text her a couple of times a week, ask her about her day etc and only respond when she replies to you, otherwise you come across as too needy and no woman likes that, no matter what their astrological sign is (men don't either for that matter). If she doesn't get back in contact with you, then perhaps then you need to think about moving on with your life and wishing her well.


    Flame x

  • keldjoran>>I generally hate when people talk to me everyday, ESPECIALLY when they're just shooting the sh*t and have nothing important to tell me

    Sandran712>>Awww! c'mon keldjoran...You know you'd shoot the bulll shittt all day if it were gossip..LOL

  • keldjoran>>I generally hate when people talk to me everyday

    Sandran712>>I do to.It was different when I actually had a boyfriend back in the day tho.It got stifled after awhile.A family member would bother us all friggin day long..I do not know why we put up with it.It's family.But, a friend we can't wait until they leave...LOL

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  • ashiquerahman81>>She don't feel much interest in talking over the phone..

    Sandran712>>She has got to be young.Because us older Cancer women hate texting.Writing email is ok once in awhile.But, texting would get on my last nerve.If she says she wants to be alone.She needs to be left alone.Cancer 's are also moody.We get emotional very fast and come out of it just as fast.I call it bipolar...LOL..

  • keldjoran>>I know!! Sometimes I feel terrible about feeling this way lol!!

    Sandran712>>I do too.But, sometimes we feel rushed.At least we are nice about it.Not like other signs that blow you off like you have the plague or something.

  • I hate talking on the phone too. So much I gave up my land line and I only use my cell for necessary calls, never to talk too long. Must be my cancer rising sign.

  • Thanks Sandran712, SatinyFlame, Openheart713, Luazinha and others..... for your valuable information of the frequency n type of communication.

    Openheart713.... for last 3 weeks, I have been also thinking of that too... whether she wants a relation with me or not.... I don know... but I really do love her and do care about her... I don know... I know many other stuffs about cancer woman through internet.... but tell me... in this scenario... is it still possible to make her with me again......

    SatinyFlame..... Pls don say that I have to move off .... pls pls.... rather help me with you suggestion how can I get her back.... coz I really loved her... (sounds needyyyy ha....)

    Sandra712.... well... we talked over phone... just the day before I proposed her... 2 days back she refused...(though she gave me all signals to make me propose her)... after that on 1 week interval I talked with her just to let know why she refused or just to rethink. Then 3 weeks back I wrote a mail to her that I was waiting and I really do love her... 1 months back she started communicating (well obviously she gave me signal and I initiate communication...) ... well this time I was exaggerated by my love expression and she became less available again.... well all the time she don't make move... she just give me a signal and I am the one who initiate communication...... well I don think she don love me.... cause I have seen the symptom of cancer in love ... before n now as well.... well I can call her .... but I just wonder she would pick.... I just left that communication method for any emergency... and keeping my self within the limit of SMS/messages/chat...... as cancers are not so aggressive in love matters...other then they are completely committed.

    Another thing... I also wanna know from all of you.... do cancer got panic or worried by what their partner is doing .... what I am trying to say ... let say I am going to somewhere for 1 week .... should I tell her or inform her early about that... so that she wont worry or she wont get surprise by the tour later...............Or else should I kept her thinking/guessing where I have gone.. what I am doing ...just a add a little sizzle in the romance.... as the cancer woman like this romance much..... Please lemme know.....

    Thanks again for your information.... helps me a lot....

  • ashiquerahman81>>let say I am going to somewhere for 1 week .... should I tell her or inform her early about that

    Sandran712>>Yes some Cancers do panic a little if you disappear and not tell anyone.But, you haven't established whether she has feelings for you.So..maybe tell her before you leave and see what her reaction is and then you may have your answer how she feels.

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