At the mercy of moods

  • Is it just me or is it a Cancer thing to really, no matter how hard you try, be completely overwhelmed by moods as uncontrollable as a tsunami?

    Perhaps it's being female, or are female Cancers more prone to this than Cancer men?

    I've noticed (over the past 20-25 years) that it does actually seem to follow a pattern with the moon.

    Rather disarming, that.

    When I'm 'myself,' I'm cheerful, can cope with anything, outgoing and lighthearted. Not manic at all, just a pleasant person with a sense of humour. Trouble is myself is sometimes only around a few days a month!

    Rest of the time life seems to go from 3-D and colour to 1-D, black and white. Literally feel that if I can't just hide in my shell I'm not responsible for what happens ... know that's not literally true but it is almost as if I'm really a different person.

    Wondering if this is some sort of hormonal thing or a Cancer thing. It does seem as if other Cancers I know are rather moody as well.

    Anyone else?

  • This post is deleted!

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