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  • Hi... can anyone tell me how to identify my "rising sign?" My DOB is: 08/30/1971; and I was born around 5:30 PM, EST.

    Your discussions are incredibly thought provoking! I just joined today. Happy New Year!

  • Hi, JenZen71 - Happy New Year! You can find this out by searching free natal chart. You need to add place of birth when you find a site you like. (a guess ?? > virgo/sag/cap = asc) Most sites don't accept EST, they want u to chose a town/state, k? Enjoy!

  • Wow - I did just that, and found that I am a Virgo with a rising Capricorn, and Virgo sun sign, and something for every planet (to incl. 2 more Virgos). That's a lot of Virgo. The description was about 98% accurate, which I found amazing. It makes me wonder in awe how this was all uncovered with the stars and planets. It's fascinating.

    Thank you so much Laie4!

  • Hi ZenJen71!

    Just popped in to welcome you to the forums (I'm rather new as well) and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! There are a lot of good people here who will respond to you such as Laie4 (lovely person) and others. I am Libra (Western) and Monkey (Chinese). My chart was about 68% on the money, but my numerology chart was dead-on. My life path is 3, expression 11, and soul urge 7. I haven't had my Chinese chart done yet but I think it's going to be close to me as well as I relate to monkey strongly.

    You strike me as an old soul, are you? Are you an Indigo child as well? I imagine I have asked so many questions that I should stop for now. May the universe reign blessings upon you this 2010. Blessed be...


  • Hi Scribe1, I am a Virgo-Pig. I should do a numerology chart one of these days. I do find these astro resources useful to think more about how we respond and react in this world and lifetime. It's like finally seeing yourself through the forest of trees, instead of blindly bumping around in the dark never really understanding why you do the things you do, hence never really knowing thy self and/or progressing in this lifetime.

    I have felt as if I am an old soul; never relating to popular culture, and always seeking out period films from the 20s-40s to feel at home. As a result, the majority of my strongest connections are among the elderly population (I'm 38!).

    Not sure what an "Indigo" Child is; I am an only child, tho. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  • JenZen71 ~ Glad you found what you wanted. Fun, isn't? Enjoy!

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  • JenZen71:

    Pay no attention to the sdvertisement above. It isn't sanctioned by Tarot.com and another on the forum already told iRachael where to go! She has been clogging up the threads all night with her unwanted / unwarrented ads. Please don't think we utilize her wares. Many blessings upon you.

    Blessed be...


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