• I just wanted to show everyone this picture. The sky cleared for me tonight right after midnight.

    This is one of the pictures I took. I swear it is straight off the SD card - no retouching. Check out the ring around the moon as well. It was HUGE.

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  • Happy New Year TurtleDust!

    Please let me tell you about the moon here last night. I currently live in Wichita, KS and we had a beautiful, full moon last night. Nothing like you describe. Ours was a giant deep yellow ball that finally turned white after she had risen. She was so big and so bright that she lit up the sky all night! Ours had no rings, sad to report. Many blessings.

    Blessed be...


  • Hey Turtledust & Scribe1 , Happy New Year ! Looking forward to your picture, Td.

    Scribe1, as the moon rose here (Ma.) over a hill behind the barren corn field it was as you described. It playfully peeked out of the snow clouds until close to midnight when it brightly lit the field and yard. It was beautiful! I heard we shall not see another blue moon on this date for close to 30yrs. Making it more special : )

  • Hey Laie4!

    You have such a gift for words! what a beautiful description of your moon last night! I am operating off two hours of sleep and I cannot think clearly today. No alcohol involved, just lack of sleep and my meds. I pray we are all around with our faculties intact to enjoy the next one! Tutledust, Laie4 I'm done for for now. Need sleep. I be back later...Blessed be,


  • This post is deleted!

  • here is my moon picture

  • Turtledust:

    WOW! What an absolutely georgeous picture of the lovely moon! You must live out in the country to get such a clear and beautifully contrasting picture! I love it!!!! What kind of film did you use? What speed? Details, please! Words fail me for the beauty of that picture. How did you manage to get it uploaded? So cool! Many blessings upon you!!!

    Blessed be...


  • I forgot, even the ring is clear!!!

    Blessed be...


  • Hi - I am lucky to live outside of town but only a couple of miles away - about 25 miles East of Berkeley Ca in a rather odd environmentally protected area. This was taken with my Pentax DSLR that I barely know how to use. I can't even tell you what settings it was on because it was dark and I kept turning knobs and pushing buttons. I haven't figured out how to use it yet. I took some with my pocket digital as well and they show the ring also. What was really neat was the video I took of the moon appearing and disappearing behind the clouds - that was spooky. As soon as I weed through all of the pictures I will try to upload one of my "stonehenge."

  • Td, Its pretty wild how the huge ring came through so nicely. I've tried to get nice pics of the moon with a digital many times and it never seems to capture what I see. I hope you keep trying to learn your Pentax ... Thanks for sharing sharing the photo!

  • I seen that moon!!!!!!! It was awesome, absolutely breath taking. I tried to get a picture too, but it didn't turn out.

  • I also took some pictures of the Blue Moon and i was wondering if someone knows why they turned out like this? I thought maybe I moved the cam. but my stablelizer button was on,very differant so i wanted to share the ones i could crop small enough to fit. To see the whole pic.befor it was croped is so much better.,I took some tonight and i got a star to show in one shot so i croped it and will post it too. Blessings,Light & Love...

  • O.K. good it posted,well you can see that it does not look completely round,and this is what happened next?

  • And then it went back to normal?

  • And this is the best that i could get a star tonight...

  • And the Moon tonight...

  • Looks like in the first 2 pictures the camera moved. Even with a stabilizer taking night shots usually requires a tripod. But the halo around the last shot is very nice, with very little movement.Looks more like the sun (except the sky is dark). The halo (along with the ring) is formed when light reflects off off ice crystals in the atmosphere.

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