Grandsons urgent!!

  • Can anyone give me a reading on the future of my grandsons Cadin 6 and jeffery 3? will They be with me alot? cps was called on the mother and I have had them most of the time for over 3 yrs. Now the mother and the father(my son) have bad attitudes and seem to hate each other to the point they hurt the boy's. My heart is breaking just this year alone they have been here at my home for 290 days. will they still be able to see me often? parents are split up but it is really bad for them and my husband and I please help me!!! kandi

  • Dear Kandigirl59.

    Happy New Year! May this year regin many blessings upon you, your husband and your grandsons! The reader(s) will need their birthdates and time of births if you know that and place of birth. At minimal, they will definately need DOB per child. Someone will help you, but it may take a little time. Please try to be patient as things are kind of hectic right now.

    I sense your deep seated pain and anguish. Try not to worry but remain available for the boys as often as you can. The boys will never forget your kindnesses and will love you for the rest of their lives for it. Remain positive for your unconditional love for them. They need you to be strong for them because they can't be right now. Many blessings upon you.

    Blessed be...


  • Ok thank you very much I hurt so bad because I feel like their mother and my husband Jeff feels like daddy especially to the youngest boy. My precious grandsons names are Cadin Noel Gall 6 yrs. his b-day is 12/24/2003 he was born in south Bend In at memorial hospital and Jeffery Alan Gall 3 yrs 10/05/2006 he was born at Goshen general hospital Goshen In. Also cps visited us but only to check on Jeffery because he was here. They called and asked me where cadin went to school and what time he got out? They checked my fridge and cupboards the mother is Rhiannon Mayou and she was born on 10/15/1982 and she kept Cadin home from school that day so they talked to him there but Cadin was already manupulated in to what to say like he doesn't remember etc... My son their father 's name is Paul Gall and he is 32 yrs and.was born on 04/15/1977. She the mother is not doing things like a mother should and now because she all of a sudden is so concerned about visits with the father that she now wants us to sign a binding contract that states that when we visit the grandchildren it can't be when it is my sons visits. But yet her mom can come and stay the whole time she has the kids and take care of them while she does what she has always done be mommy when she feels like it.

  • you are the childrens grandmother and you are allowed to see those children whenever you like, you stick in there for them and do whatever you can to maintain there stability whilst they are their the love of a grandmother is very special to grandchildren and you would have built a good bond with them, never fear for god is near, take it easy and intend for a really good new year with lots of good times ahead, enjoy your times with them.

  • A lot of the readers don't need the dates and time so if you don't know it I wouldn't be real concerned someone will be able to help when they find this.

  • Hello Kandigirl,

    I know you're afraid to lose your grandchildren and your place in their lives. I know I'm also getting very, VERY clear messages from my guides as to the fact that there is a lot more to this story than you are giving here. That's okay. You don't need to post every detail, but I do need you know that I can't read for you and give you the depth or clarity you need if you don't want to open up or acknowledge the truth of all the facts.

    I'm sorry for your pain and will keep all of you in my thoughts.

    Blessings and Light

  • I didn't know that was so...aboutt not needing the dates and times, LibrasLair. In the many posting I'v read many do ask. I apologize Kandigirl59 and LibrasLair for "sticking my foot in it" so to speak. Was trying to be as helpful as I could. Thank you for correcting me LibrasLair. Won't make that mistake again.

    @Kandigirl79 Hisbablove is wonderful, very strong and precise. You are getting help but would do as suggested. Many blessings.

    Blessed ne...


  • Scribe1 it's ok there is a difference in the ones asking for the dates and the ones who don't need them. I could be mistaken but the people who ask for dates may be using astrology in what they tell someone. Which other people giving a reading it would be useless to them. If their guides are telling them they don't use a date. Others using tarot need a question asked just so. And they wouldn't need a date either. If you could hear hisbablov doing a reading on the phone she is fighting with her guides and telling them to slow down because the are all talking at once and they get out of hand. They make her dizzy when they start in on her. So she has to fight with them because they get pretty insistent on how they want her to deliver things too. Sometimes very sharp and hard and she trys to soften the messages too.

  • Dear LibrasLair.

    I see your point. It is probably be best if I left it up to the reader to tell the person just what info they needed. Again I really do appreciate your correcting me! I am still a newbie but I can sense so much pain and anguish in here that I want to let the person know they aren't alone until they get the help they need! I know what it's like feel alone. So I try to help a person not to feel alone initially as sometimes the wait (even if isn't really long) can SEEM so long.

    Blessed Be...


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