Angry at Virgo

  • Virgo men are right... They are cold. Cold as ICE!!! I am a cancer female, and I thought .. or I think I was developing feelings for this one Virgo male. We talked for hours everyday for 3 months, and then one day, he started getting very very distant, and it had to deal with work, and I know he's a workaholic, but I accepted that. But I am a workaholic too, So I gave him space to work out his dealings with his work... He's in a high stress job, and I understand that, but when I am in my high stress job, I won't act the way he acts to me, and just abandon me and leave me out in the cold. Anyways, if he doesn't move in and start romancing me, there is a Taurus and Capricorn waiting in the wings for me to open my heart to them. I only liked this virgo only because I thought he grew better looking looking over the years... and we talk on an even keel... but he just made me want to be me... but the other men, the taurus man sees the goodness in me, and always welcomes it and loves me and respects me... and the capricorn.. well, he just follows me around a lot, and borders on obsession... and these good men like me for me. I just feel that if I get bored and lonely waiting around for Virgo to be mr. romantic and commit already and sweep me away, i might just settle out of boredom. And I don't want to settle. I love myself too much and I am always looking for perfection. But virgo is making me angry when he doesn't even pay attention to me What to do??? what to do??? Why are virgo men so distant?! Maybe I am too emotional for him. But I want to feel. I am a very visual person, and when I love and commit to someone, I take them all in 100%. But if they didn't want me that way, then I hold back...

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  • Relax,

    He is not into you, sorry, I think you need to move on, but as soon as you do, he wil reappear giving you new hopes which again will be dashed and this is what V men are like.

    If he was into you, he would have had time for you, try not be too emotional and the last thing you need is to chase him, he will not appreciate it, if you do not love your self, he will see it through and he will use it to his advantage, surely, you do not want this, or do you?

  • and btw.

    Trust me, I saw V mn in love, oh, God, they are hot!

    When they are not interested, they will play games with you, it sucks, but the worst, they will not tell you they are playing games, they will make you believe they are "making their minds" RUBBISH that, LOVE THY SELF!

  • ok, ok before you go saying that he is cold, i want some back story for you, you said that you would talk for hours with you everyday? for 3 whole months? first thing i wanna ask is what kinda of things did he do for you? he likes you? likes you alot? how lond has it been since you last talked? or you guys still talk but its not the same? did you ever tell him how you felt about him? you either have feelings for him or you dont, choose one! and ask yourself why are you talking about it here if you didnt care/ have feelings for him and be kinda upset about it? after 3 months of talking that much, and you just "think" you have feelings for him? it sounds like you have your walls up very high and are not letting anyone in, but yet you say you want to be swept away? i get the feeling that it is you that is not letting it happen. im a sag male(sun) Virgo(moon) Gemini(rising), im only 22 years old, but Virgo is my moon sign, and when i read what you have said, i can see myself acting like him. i have feelings for a libra girl for 6 months now but still she wont let anyone "in" so after so much of me trying, i have finally stopped contacting her been almost 2 weeks, and i hope shes happy, cause i know she felt something for me.

    i was always the one to start conversations, be open about my feeling towards her, and she knows i want something more, and she isnt willing to do anything on her part, it takes two people, not just one, me and this girl havent even kissed yet, but because of being "friends" i havent done anything cause i dont wanna screw it up, and she doesnt know what the h-e-ll she wants, some women need to make up their minds more quickly before us guys lose interest in trying to be with someone that seems uncatchable. at least give us something to keep us engaged, instead of always having the "KEEP OUT" sign in the front yard to keep everyone away.

  • sorry your title make me laugh. reminds me that I didn't have good experience with Virgo males either, but I just left and kept looking for the man for me. I am married to a Cap for 9 years now, no regret.

    I didn't wait until he changes because I was afraid that I would be wasting the time I could use to find the right man for me. Plus, you can't change anyone if they don't want to change themselves. If it's only about stressful job, everyone has that. There is no job that is not stressful LOL if not from the boss, your co worker or customers would cause that stress, there is no way around it.

    So all in all, I'm glad I didn't waste my time waiting for someone to change. You are water sign so you might have more patience than I do. Basically you can wait as long as you want, until you can figure him out. Not sure if he is not into you or just busy, I think you'll find out yourself. Being angry at someone will not change him. So go out and have fun with your other admirers. One day you will know for sure which one is the right man for you.

  • forgot to add :

    sorry your title make me laugh. reminds me of the Virgo males I came to know and I felt almost exactly as you feel. I thought it was just me, now I know it annoyed other peope too. I didn't have good experience with Virgo males either, but I just left and kept looking for the man for me. I am married to a Cap for 9 years now, no regret.

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