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  • Dear Quenkath

    Ah...couldn't get the last page up and so thught I'd been terminated...I "bumped it and it appered as if by majic!! x

    Dear marsc135

    I'm clearing my backlog at the moment I'm afraid so will have to put you on hold for a whille. Sorry

  • hhhhhhhmmmmmm now that it's been mentioned, I do believe that I have several empty houses also. Wondering if that means I'm a little lopsided because sometimes I feel like that.

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  • Dear Aquavic

    Thanks for your patience.... not long now.

    Dear Marsc135


    Dear Mzredflower

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  • HP, I'm on the backlog list, I'm sure..........or at least I have been for some time now. I've just been patiently reading and waiting here for some of your wisdom. I'm so looking forward to my reading.


  • Dear Mzredflower

    Apologies...yes, you are on my's a pity I can't even read what's on it, isn't it!. Peace and love

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  • Dear Quenkath

    That happened to me too...scary isn't it? Just finishing

    Lastdance 62

    which I'll post tomorrow, so ill be working on yours at the weekend/Saturday..

    Peace and love

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  • Hi Highpriestess3,

    Having trouble with my weight, I don't gain and can't lose much for long. Any insight for me?

    Feb 1, 70, born in Brooks, alberta

  • Dear debijo

    I'll have to put you on hold i'm afraid unti I clear my backlog. However you are blessed with both a Sun-Venus and a Moon-Neptune like good food and drink(and like to graze and dream at the same time ), so I'm guessing you over- indulge a wee bit. You need a personal trainer I think...somene bossy who scares you out of eating too much in your comfort zone.... i'm just guessing here of curse... good luck to you and peace and love.

  • Dear Lastdance62

    I hope this is worth the wait. Peace and love.


    You are a Moon-ruled, home-and-tradition-loving, rose-coloured-spectacles-romantically-inclined, CANCERIAN with your SUN in the 3rd house, which has attributes associated with the Sun sign GEMINI, in that you are intellectually-clever, easily-bored and a born communicator and teacher. To add to the GEMINI connection, the planet, MERCURY( how you conceptualise and communicate your thoughts) is also in GEMINI in the 2nd house, adding to your rather erratic butterfly characteristics and your ability to spend money like water, in the pursuit of “Quality” items. .

    Interestingly, your lunar-MOON ( how you respond emotionally to people and situations) is also in CANCER in the 3rd house and conjunct (next to ) your SUN, which makes you extraordinarily sensitive to both your surroundings, (as well as a “crabby” werewolf on a bad day) and other people's emotions and moods; you may find however, that your receptivity is more of a curse than a blessing, as other's negative thoughts tend to wash over you and breach your natural psychic defences, as a mutinous sea breaches sea-wall defences during a storm.

    Perhaps the most salient point about your SUN-MOON conjunction however, is that it suggests you suffered from a lack of parenting, or nurturing as a child; your parents may have been around (can I assume that your natural father was absent ?), you may have enjoyed a cooked dinner every night, but love and attention was in short supply ,as your parents concentrated on their own needs, rather than on yours.

    You are not, however, solely a water-sign, as your ASCENDANT (the way in which you project your inner-self onto the outside world) is in sensuously-tactile, earthily-practical, land-loving, music- making, luxury –loving, bull-in-a-china-shop-bad-timing, , TAURUS, whose worst faults are a rigid adherence to daily-routine, plus atrocious timing in speaking out at the right time, which has probably left you with egg on your face more than once. In fact, you may also be legendarily stubborn and implacably immovable, as MARS (how you use your energy and the type of energy you attract to yourself) , is also in bullish, TAURUS in the 1st house, indicating that you never give up on a project once you make up your mind to start it, preferring rather to, “Go down with the ship!”

    If that TAUREAN energy were not fixed enough, you also have love-struck VENUS (which defines who you are attracted to and conversely, who is attracted to you) in the regal, glamorous, centre-of-attention- loving, fixed- sign of LEO, in the 4th Cancerian” house of home and family. The 4th ‘home and family’ house, is the natural habitat of SUN CANCERIANS and is also, incidentally, where you will find your NORTH NODE, which suggests that in this lifetime, any children you have, will have an easier time being successful in their careers, than you do - even though you may have a worthwhile job that you are very happy in .


    Your PROGRESSED MOON, ruler of your chart and your inner-self is currently transiting your secluded and dreamy 12th house and will do so until 2012, so do not worry if the usual gregarious and sociable you takes to staying in quietly at night , with a good book and a hot cocoa. You are going to be pupating , like a chrysalis, while you get ready to spread butterfly-wing for some kind of big move in 2012, when both your PROGRESSED MOON - as well as the benevolent Rock ‘n Roll planet, JUPITER - move across your TAUREAN ASCENDANT into your 1st house and expand, or transform your life beyond recognition. Wow…life will never be boring again!

  • dear HP you're nearly at me! hurrah! Im still here and cant wait! peace and love. Skybunny

  • Dear Skybunny

    Bless word we've all grown old on this thrad haven't e, so thanks for your patience....the top of the list now looks like this:












    Still haven't heard from:





    but will put them back in if they're still reading this. Have a great weekend....

    Peace and love

  • What great readings....absolutely wonderful..... looking forward to mine 🙂

  • oh dear, I've disappeared again.

  • Dear Ragtopcali

    How nice of you to say so (I hope Lastdance is still about) and I hope I don't disappoint you.. It's good to hear from you again. .....not long now.

    Peace and love

  • Hello highpriestess3!

    I was hoping you could tell me about what is in store for me and my newfound soulmate!

    My bd 3/18/1960 His BD 7/7/73

    5:39 AM Brazil I do not know what time!!

    Paducah, ky

    Will we meet soon? What does the future hold?

    Thank you sooooo much!!

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