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  • Dear H P I still awaiting my reading, can't remember if I gave my birthplace. It's Tacoma, Wa. Hope your trip has been enjoyable, I too hope someday to be able to visit the ruins of Rome.

  • Hi HP

    I'm still here!!

    can't wait for my reading


  • Dear Lastdance, Rosierosebud & Ragtopcaligal

    Lovely to hear from you all.....we're nearly there.

    Dear Smilelee, Geminigirl, Irishgirl, Rola, Monisha

    Are you still out there?

    Peace and love

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  • Hi Quenkath

    i'll definitely get you and LastDance done this week... coming....I'm just finishing up some odd jobs.

    peace. and love

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  • Dea Qenkath

    Thank you for your kind with you shortly with your special advice. but could I just ask you about your son? Do you want me to /have any information about your son beforehand, or would you rather I came up with whaever I do without knowing? What I have sofar, is that you're his best friend;that he has a difficult reltionship with his father based on the father's desire to maintin control over his life and that your son has to rely on others to function (restricted mobility?) but has a sensitive soul ( which is artistic/musical/empahetic to others ),though hidden under an outer-shell of contrariness., which will eventually llead him to help/heal others, through his own determination.....

    Peace and love.

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  • Dear Quenkath

    Oh, good; it's just that houses 1-5 are empty (Taurus Ascendant) so he has very little sense of self, "so if he gets into trouble it is becaue he is seekng an acceptance and approvala he doesn't get from his father. -who is probably very successful in his own right and a lovely person,- but what he wants his son to be can't happen until he loves him unconditionally for who he is (as you do) not for what he wants him to be (although obiously he loves him, but in a too ''male' way.t) any chance I can have the father's daa too, then I can see how you all fit together. he 'father' we're discussing biological -I have assumed he is - if he is a step-father the above is not really relevant, as the 'love' will be missing and like a lion, the father will 'eat' another man's cub.if he can and all you can do is keep them apart until your son is older - when they will become great mates.

    Sorry to be a bit up front ....but this is what I see a battle for your affection

    Incidentaly I'll post Lastchance first., but will have you done by the end of the week.

    Peace and love x

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  • Dear Quenkath

    Venus conjunct Neptune in 4th house -yes the battle to be 'loved best'... methinks also that you are a very glamorous mum...therein lies some of the problem...(in a nic way). Anyway I'll be back to you soon. Peace and love.x.

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  • Hello from Smilelee, I've been anticipating my turn. I'm dancing in the streets - I'm almost there !!!!!!


  • Dear Quenkath LEO Ascendant always have such well-coiffed manes - no greasy rag-tails for you, like the rest of us! Bless x

    Dear Smilelee

    Lovely to hear from you again. As you say...nearly there!




    Are you still here/there/anywhere?

    Peace and love

  • hey, im still here : )

  • Dear Irishgirl

    Great to hear from you. Not too long now. Thanks for your patience.

    Peace and love

  • brilliant! been changing my mind about everything recently so cant wait to read mine. thanks hp

  • bump

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  • Hi all, I would to know what lies ahead for me. Usually I have been getting bad news, but last week I have had good news. Thank you


    12:45 pm not exact but around there

    Carbondale, Pa

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