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  • Dear Shatz

    Aaaaahhhhhh! You are too kind....I actually enjoy seeing what I can see...peverse aren't I? I feel that I know you all -you regulars that is - and you are very welcome to whatever I can glean from your charts.. Thank you for lighting a candle for me and mine...I am very grateful. Love and hugs

    Dear Curious

    I'm afraid I cannot do a reading at the moment, as I'm working on clearing my backlog at the moment.

    Peace and love

    Dear Poetic

    Should be posting tomorrow x

  • Dear Poetic


    You are a powerful, perceptive, personable, sizzlingly-s. e. x. y., good-at-keeping- secrets and icily-emotional-when-threatened, SCORPIO, ( ruled by PLUTO , Lord of the Underworld), with your SUN in the 4th house of CANCERIAN influences, such home-loving, sentimentally-romantic, patently- patriotic, attracted-to-the-ocean, sensitive-to-other’s-vibes and now and again, uncommonly-crabby, but who is, nevertheless, devoted to the” family-unit”..

    You also have a SCORPIO MOON (how you react emotionally to both people and situations), making you a DOUBLE-SCORPIO, who is loyally-steadfast, emotionally-fixed, relentless-in-her-efforts-to-succeed-or-persuade and very, very perceptive to other peoples’ psychological motivation . That you have both your SUN, as well as the MOON in one sign, SCORPIO, does suggest however, that you received little emotional support from your mother as a child, even though you may have been well-fed and well-dressed – that is your parents were relatively emotionally detached from you – a situation you have studiously avoided in your own life.

    A really exciting and unusual astrological phenomenon that you possess however, is that your SCORPIO SUN, shares its celestial sofa with the charismatic and obscure,, nebulous and psychic, impossibly -idealistic, hopelessly- romantic and emotionally- demanding King of the Oceans, NEPTUNE , ruler of PISCES , which makes you spiritual , psychic , artistically gifted and incredibly attractive, but which can also make you self-delusional , and impossibly unhappy and disenchanted with life , when the mundane reality of it fails to match the dream you have shaped in your imagination of how life with your love should be.

    Nevertheless, you usually get what you want and even keep your feet on the ground , because your ASCENDANT (how you carry and project yourself to the outside world ) is in regally-commanding , excitement -generating , drama-making, glamorously-gilded, LEO , so although you can act the Diva and shout orders like a military-man, you also have an incredibly generous and loving heart and are especially fun-to-be-with around children and your friends.

    As far as your love-life goes, you have VENUS (who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you) in the travel-loving, spiritually-motivated, philosophy-and-religion-loving “hunting” zodiac-sign of SAGITTARIUS; and if romantically interested in a good-looking specimen, will loose a Cupid’s- arrow (or two, or three) to “nab” and bring him down – and why not; it would be pointless, wouldn’t it, to let a love-rival get to him first.. Yet the fiery ardour of your fun-to-be-with LEO ASCENDANT and SAGITTARIAN VENUS are cooled somewhat, by your practically-pragmatic , earthily-Saturnine planets in ambitious, but cautious, CAPRICORN: MARS, (which defines the type of energy you have and how you use it) and MERCURY (which outlines the way you conceptualise and compartmentalise your thought processes.).

    The earthy, practical side of your Astro- profile is, in any case, fore-grounded (when necessary) above your fire and water elements, in that you have a “landscape and garden-loving” TAUREAN MIDHEAVEN and although you are unlikely to be an actual farmer, you are likely to have a career in the field of (no pun intended) accountancy, teaching, floristry, or musicianship.

    Finally, your NORTH NODE (the reason for your incarnation in this lifetime ) is in GEMINI, in the CAPRICORN-ruled 10th house of career, pointing you towards disseminating your knowledge through teaching, or communications in one of its many forms.. The 4th-10th axis of your SOUTH and NORTH NODES, also suggests that most of your energy will be expended trying to find a working family-career balance; you may be spending too much time at home to be successful in your chosen career and should perhaps loosen the apron-strings a little…a successful career is waiting, but you must be prepared to spread your wings and travel further afield to bring it to fruition.


    While your PROGRESSED MOON puts the accent on career matters, transiting PLUTO, (the ruler of you SCORPIO SUN), throws the spotlight on your love life and your family. You will find that you have no control over the changes and transformations that will be taking place in these areas; PLUTO will also force tensions in these areas to the surface and you will find yourself looking past superficial appearances , in an effort to expose the truth of the matter - possibly at long-forgotten or secret events from the past..

    On a brighter note, PLUTO transits also mean transformations, so this is the year to give your love-life the spring-clean it has been waiting for. Ooooohh, lucky you!.

    Peace and love x

  • I'm getting closer..Ciao HP#

  • Dear Aquavic

    Thanks for your for a week to Italy (bar volcanic ash)..thanks for your patience...

    ciao x

  • Hi highpriestess3,

    Name : Roopashree Sharma

    DOB - 23 September 1990

    Place of Birth - Rohtasgarh, Bihar, India

    Time of Birth - 06:10 AM

    Life has taken a big U-Turn. I was about leave my hometown for my further studies. However, due to some reasons I have to stay back and study from my hometown itself.

    I am quite disturbed with whatever is happening in my life in context to my career and personal life.

    I am about to begin my studies in the field of Mass Communication and Journalism.

    Also, Could you please guide me about my love life and future husband...?

    Kindly guide me.



  • HP I LOVE IT! I want to thank you so much for all your considerable paitence and enduring genorosity for us all. You are a blessing plain and simple. I really needed this today of all days after a horrible weekend. I've copied it and will refer back to it again, you answered some questions about myself I've been wondering about. You also re-affirmed signs I've been getting from the Universe. God Bless you! Enjoy your time off you've earned it. Forgive my bad spelling girl! Love Ya! You have many blessings coming your way! "Each one should teach one." 🙂

  • Hi Highpriestess3

    Name: Andrea Poulter

    DOB: 18 Jan 1980

    POB: Johannesburg, South Africa

    TOB: 12:05 AM

    I would love to have you check into my daughters birth chart. She confuses me totally somtimes.

  • HP <have a="" wonderfull="" trip,="" talk="" to="" you="" when="" get="" back,<br="">SHEILA FROM VANCOUVER


  • Ditto!

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  • Dear Curious & Which

    Sorry, buut my list is closed as I finish up my backlog.

    Peace and lov

    Dear Shtaz

    Thanks...hav won out some shoes as my ister force-marchd me round Rome several times Fabulous place! Ciao x

    Dear Poetic

    Glad you liked it and glad it helped. x ciao

    Dear Mimi

    Thanks too for your good wishes.x

  • date of birth november 14 1986

    time " " 7:15 am

    place " "ensenada mexico

    could you tell me how i could be more sucessful in pursuing my music career,or what aspects of my birth chart are my allies??thank you!

  • Dear Sterilite

    Sorry..I am not taking any new readings yet, until I clear my my backlog.

    As to your question...practise...practise...practise, until you are better than everyone else; hard work, determination and commitment are your best allies. I know lots of Scorpios who are musicians, because they are 'fixed;,' so they work hard at what they do....if you do the same, you're bound to succeed!

    Peace and love

  • Dear folks

    Just catchin up with a few jobs...Back next week for:





    but will only do those who I know are still in touch (Quenkath is definite).

    Sorry you have waited so long.

    Peace and love.

  • HighPriestess3 - You're doing a phenomenal job, well done you for keeping on top of it all. Much admiration to you!! I just popped by, haven't been here in a long while. Your thread is huge!!! So kind of you to do this for people, you're much appreciated. Take care of yourself and I'm wondering if you live in the UK - tis Bank Holiday weekend, I sure hope you have a fab one, you deserve to. It will actually be a lovely sunny one in the UK for once!! Happy times to you 😄

  • Dear HP,

    Have a great weekend! Just posted to say im around and will wait my turn if Im still on your list:)

    thanks and best wishes

  • Dear Intrigued

    Lovely to hear from you again and yes, I'm in the UK, near Cambridge. Thanks for your good wishes and please do stay in touch. x

    Dear Surayama

    Thanks too for your good wishes...yes I'll post you after the others're still on my list. Thanks for your patience

    Peace and love

  • Highpriestess3 - thank you! I met my husband near Cambridge. We were at Ely together. I love it round there. Take care and I will be in touch again. x

  • Dear Intrigued

    It's a very small world isn't it ? Talk soon. Bless x

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