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  • Dear RebeccaAnn

    Sorry, m list is closed whilst I deal with my backlog.

    Dear Suramya

    Thanks for your patience.

    peace and love

  • Dear Dawnbenway

    Sorry, I meant to add that with that PLUTO's movement (to and fro) across your ASCENDANT in late 2007-08, secrets are exposed and lost objects, or motives that have been hidden, are dragged out into the open and exposed to the blazing light of the sun..

    Peace and love

  • Hi highpriestess3

    As you have answered few others ..please could you give me a reading too...I am quite upset in my love life...

    date of birth 23rd September 1990

    time 06:10 AM

    place Rohtasgarh, Bihar, India

    I am deeply connected with a boy ( 11 September 1988, 06:10AM, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India).

    Our relationship started in April 2009. We got along so well as if we were soul mates and made for each other... But due to some financial and domestic problems we could not gear up our relationship the way it should have been.

    Now he says that he loves me but cannot make the move as he is not financially stable and mentally too.

    But I feel a very deep and soul-type connection with him. He and his family come in my dreams to answer my questions and want me to become the daught0in0law of their family..

    Also, I have a "K"formed on my left hand palm with the lines...

    What all does this mean..?

    Is there any thing important I should know about this relation ?


    Roopashree Sharma

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  • Hi

    Message for ALL new Requestees:

    HP Has closed this list a few months back, and she still has a backlog that will last months to get through. PLUS she has written a NEW list she will be doing as soon as the backlog on this here has been done. SO unless u are willing to wait till maybe autum end year or next year, i suiggest you repost your thread and hope someone else will help you.

    sorry guys


  • Dear Poetic

    Well, it's ' Shatz first then yourself and Lastdance62...will get you done before I go to Rome next week..yoohooo!

    Peace and love

    Cheers CWB

    Sorrt new requestees.

  • Lucky you! I wish I was going! I'd eat myself sick.

  • Dear HP3........THANK YOU!!! YOU ROCK!!

    I'm amazed and found out things I didn't know, and now make sense!! LOL

    One question, if you have time to answer HP;

    How significant is it to be precise in the birth time?? The birthtime given to you was 7am, but it could be an hour earlier or later.....does this impact very much? How much of a "time frame" do we have?

    And thank god my life isn't all going to be all heavy and serious,,,,,,but when did you see the Good Time Jupiter crossing my second house???

    (I don't remember any secrets or lost objects showing themselves in 07/08.....but it was definitely a big time of change and trasformation for me!)

    Ok that was like a million questions...sorrry.

    Thanks HP3, this was well worth the wait!! You're amazing!! Enjoy your Rome VayKay!!!! Lucky you!


  • I'm having an EXTREMELY hard time with my youngest daughter. It mostly has to do with her boyfriend. It's an extremely unhealthy dysfunctional relationship to say the least. Any insight will be apprecitated. Will she get away from this jerk? I'm at my witts end, wondering if I'll have any sanity intact by the time this is over.

    My birth date is: 6/7/71 @ 9:01 AM USA Eastern time

    My daughter is 3/31/93 @ 6:17 PM USA Eastern time

  • Dear Dawnbenwawy

    aaarrrghhh!!!!!!!!!!! Well the time is very important as an hour earlier will shoot you back into 18 degrees Sagittarius and an hour later will make you definitely will also shift your "life-changing" events backwrds..or forwards so they haven't hapened a load of other you feel Saggie or goatie? Whatever you are, I think you too rock! x

    Dear Gem71

    Really sorry, cannot take any more readings at the would be best to star a new thread and then everyone else will help.

    Peac and love

    Dear Poetic

    I'l think of you when I'm eating my I've spelt that wrong. x

  • Dear Shatz


    You are a regally-majestic, commandingly-confident, heat-and-light-radiating, imperiously attention-attracting LEO, with your SUN in the ARIES-influenced, 1st house of personality and self-identity, making you a diva (in the nicest possible way), well aware of your attractive personality, but who is also a wonderful friend, and fabulously entertaining..

    You have, in fact, a dazzlingly-dishy, double-dose of “ film-star” qualities, in that your ASCENDANT (the persona you project to the outside world), is also in red-hot LEO, so although you have a friendly smile for everyone at most times, you will let out a mighty roar when someone steps over the boundary and offends your dignity, At best you are a popular socialite, who loves dressing up and being seen in the best company; at worst, ………well, you haven’t got a “worst”, have you!

    Not only are you an exciting “double” LEO, (your SUN and ASCENDANT) , but your LEO SUN shares a celestial sofa with the electrifying, routine-hating, scientifically-inventive, NEW-AGE planet, URANUS, ruler of AQUARIUS; plus, this AQUARIAN -URANIAN influence (which makes you quite contrary by the way) is amplified by your having MARS (the type of energy you possess and how you use it) in GEMINI in the 11th (AQUARIAN) house of causes, making you keen on such organisations as Greenpeace and Save-the-Whale. Your GEMINIAN energy also urges you to communicate and disseminate your enthusiasms, while MERCURY (how you conceptualise and compartmentalise your thoughts), rather hidden in 12th house, CANCER, is close to your LEO ASCENDANT and also drives you to “spread the word” about what you believe in.

    If you thought being a double-LEO was fire enough, you would be wrong, because you also have a fiery MOON (how you react to both people and situations) in pioneering, confident, war-like (when necessary), ARIES in the SAGITTARIAN-flavoured 9th house – endowing you with a love of travel, sport, philosophy and religion - but not necessarily in that order. Amidst all this fiery energy you do possess some cooling, earthbound planets, namely VENUS (who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you) , in practical, organised, critical, good-at-writing, packed-lunch-and- sandwich- making, VIRGO. Fear not, if this VIRGO-influence sounds as boring as a visit to a fossil- Museum or a great-aunt with a moustache, for VENUS shares her celestial sofa with PLUTO , Lord of the underworld , and ruler of sultry , s. e. x. y. and secretive SCORPIO, blessing you with oodles of charisma and pulling-power, but condemning you to relationships that tend to dissolve into contests to decide who will be top-dog (I would lay odds that you would win such a contest, as you have the ability to convince anyone black is white on white is black). VENUS conjunct PLUTO also suggests a powerful and unbreakable father-daughter bond.

    Finally, your NORTH NODE, which indicates the reason for your incarnation in this lifetime ) is in the 2nd house of possessions and values,

    suggesting that you will be forced, at some point in your life, to evaluate what is really important to your happiness - and to discard the superfluous and the obsolete .


    August 2010 will find JUPITER, SAGITTARIAN planet of expansion (mentally or physically), travel, sport and higher education , highlighting your ARIES MOON, so this would be a good time to think about a revamp to your career, or a change in direction .

    By April 2011 in any case, you will find URANUS, electrifying planet of sudden change, lighting up your ARIES MOON once again, with a different kind of energy, so if you didn’t become restless and make changes in 2010, then 2011 will give you an even greater impetus to do something different with your life . Enjoy

    SO and synastry posted tomorrow.......peace and love ..

  • hi there,



    2pm i think.

    would love to know what you think, as interested in astrology etc.

    my life is on hold at the min, was sick, have young family, had to give up my business. trying to emmigrate from ireland to oz, but not moving forward. struggling with hubbie, unwilling to face up to financial problems and leaving me to face the music. have always had goals and knew where i was going. totally lost and overwhelmed.

    i look forward to your response.

    greetings from ireland (sorry typing with one hand, baby in the other;).



  • 🙂 May God Bless you continously! (I spell bad too).





  • Dear Shatz

    Ahhh, bless..I mean that "Diva" bit as a compliment...a vibrant, fiery soul who is fun and full of life (I know , you have bad day too). Will post your other half ( a brief one and synastry, tomorrow at the latest and then I must do......

    Dear Poetic have beeen so patient... I will get to you before I go on holiday on Monday ...I promise

    Peace and love. .

  • Dear Significant Other of Shatz


    You are, a travel and sport -loving, philosophising late SAGITTARIAN ,with no less than 4 planets in that sign including your SUN: MERCURY (how your mind conceptualises and compartmentalises your thoughts ); MARS (the type of energy you are endowed with and how you use that energy) and finally, JUPITER, the expansive, benevolent, philosophical ruler of your Sun-sign, SAGITTARIUS itself and being that these 4 planets inhabit your obscure and occult 12th house of self-sacrifice, you could find that the enclosed and silent life of a Trappist Monk, (or a regular preacher of some kind,) is incredibly appealing.

    Not that you can’t be the life and soul of the party when you want to be; you can - but your jovial, ‘Las Vegas’ SAGITTARIAN SUN, shares an uncomfortable, badly-sprung celestial sofa, with the stern taskmaster of the Zodiac, SATURN, making you rather dour, practical and school-masterish - and if you are a teacher, I do apologise and if you are not, then you should be.! In fact your SATURNINE nature is even more accentuated , because your ASCENDANT (the image and persona you project to the outside world) is so late (25 degrees) in SAGITTARIUS, that you might as well call it practical, hard-working, cautious CAPRICORN.

    The paradoxical CAPRICORNIAN ‘goatiness’ of your SAGITTARIAN personality, makes you ambitious for the success of the self-made man and because ,the planet SATURN is planted slap-bang in your 1st house of personality, it acts like a sober doorman at a celebrity party, in that it stops you having too much to drink and later still, kills what is left of the fun, by reminding you of the homework you still have to do before the following morning .

    Yet you do have a devil-may-care side to your personality, which craves change and excitement to counter the boring, mundane business of daily life – that is an attention-seeking, tantrum-prone, easily-bored, MOON-CONJUNCT- URANUS (how you react emotionally to people and situations) in the diva-sign of , LEO and in the 8th house of s.e.x. , money and power… gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then into the mix throw VENUS (who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you) in s.e.x.y., sultry, secretive, SCORPIO , sitting on her celestial sofa with the dreamy, romantic, idealising planet , NEPTUNE (ruler of PISCES), then you are a very attractive proposition indeed.


    Your PROGRESSED MOON in 2010, highlights relationships and a possible house move.

    Your career may bring with it extra responsibilities, or a complete change, but by far the most significant transit this year is the slow-moving passage of Lord of the Underworld, PLUTO across your SUN and ASCENDANT; this is a time when you should transform and remake yourself; discard the outworn and welcome the new.

    Dear Shatz-SYNASTRY

    Your LEO Sun is conjunct his URANUS, meaning that the impact you had on him, was

    akin to him being struck by lightning. For your part, you find him a challenge; someone you can never feel bored with, because there is always the threat of him upping sticks if he gets bored.

    His SUN is conjunct your JUPITER, so you can show him good times and how to have fun – how about whisking him away to Las Vegas ?

    Peace and love -ask me for anything you want clarified. Love and hugs x

  • Dear Poetic're next. Sorry to keep you waiting so long.x

  • Goodie, Goodie! I feel good today. I'm wishing all mothers Happy Mothers Day early!

  • HP, WOW <wow<br>I know there is allot of us that read everything you write, and know that you are a very special gift to all of us.

    I have sooooooooo many thoughts and questions for you.

    This can all wait till you get back from your holiday.

    I can wait honestly, i need to wrap my head around everything first.

    I am a writer and the funny thing is I make the best sandwiches, hehe

    I will tell you this though I am totally naive when it comes to astrology its like a different language to me.</wow<br>

    Just one quick thought, this has been a stand still of a year FOR ME, (I feel stuck but only between me and you hahaha)

    but my partner and I are very blessed to have found each other we have been together one year and one month today :), you have SPOT ON DESCRIBE MY MATE LOL!!!!!!!!!

    So for now HP I send you many hugs,love, light, peace, health, laughter, your gifts are amazing your dedication, I'm in awe of.

    I will now light a candle for you and your love ones. I hope you will feel the light that I am surrounding you and your family.

    Ok this writer has to stop just for now though, thank you verrrrry much HP

    Sheila from Vancouver Canada

  • Hi highpriestess3,

    Name : Roopashree Sharma

    DOB - 23 September 1990

    Place of Birth - Rohtasgarh, Bihar, India

    Time of Birth - 06:10 AM

    Life has taken a big U-Turn. I was about leave my hometown for my further studies. However, due to some reasons I have to stay back and study from my hometown itself.

    I am quite disturbed with whatever is happening in my life in context to my career and personal life.

    I am about to begin my studies in the field of Mass Communication and Journalism.

    Also, Could you please guide me about my love life and future husband...?

    Kindly guide me.



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