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  • HP is an AAANNGGEEELLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear All and Notshy2bme on..its all for free...but i find it fascinating. At the same time I would have to be a hermit to get all requests answered, as it would be a full-time job - and unpaid to So thanks for your patience everyoe.

    Peace and love

  • I am looking to see if anyone can read my birth chart to give me some insight on the future.

    I was told the information I should provide is what is listed below:

    date of birth - 11/25/53

    time - 3:46 a.m.

    place - Los Angeles, CA

    I hope someone who knows what they are talking about will read this and get back to me. I am looking forward to it- thank you.

    Eric Siversen

  • HP Who does these is nolonger taking on new requests. She has a backlog that will take months more to get through and she has already listed another list in which twice as many r properly by now listed. i doubt she will get to u in the frame u feel u need it.

    Please repost under astrology or tarot or psychich reading forum, click on new thread and repost ur request and hope someone will help you.

    blessed be

  • CWB you are a great blessing to HP, "I feel that, "

    Hp you rock, take time to heal yourself, your other half and family....I for one am grateful you are a part of my journey.


    Sheila From Vancouver

  • Dear CWB and Shatz

    Thanks ladies, for your kind thughts,...her's Lindiloo....i'm rocking again

    Peace and love

  • Dear IRBEX


    You are a practical, hard-working, rule-obeying, sometimes overly –harsh-on-others, CAPRICORN, with your SUN in Capricorn’s own ‘SATURNINE’ house, the 10th, endowing you with dreams, aspirations and ambitions., centred on your Significant Other, just as much as yourself..

    Countering this practical, ambitious, pragmatic, down-to- earth-CAPRICORN SUN however, is your MOON ( how you react emotionally to people and situations), which is in very late in AQUARIUS and hidden away in the secretive, secluded 12TH “Piscean” House, which makes you caring, artistic and psychic - plus your ASCENDANT (how you present yourself to the outside world), which is in dreamy, impractical, artistic, emotionally demanding and impossibly altruistic, PISCES. This makes your Astro-personality definitively one of 2 polar-opposites; one practical and anchored in the here and now; the other dreamy and looking nostalgically at the past, or projecting and day-dreaming into the future. (Incidentally, don't forget to read PISCES before CAPRICORN in newspapers, for a more accurate daily forecast).

    MARS (which defines the kind of energy you have, the energy you attract back to yourself and how you use that energy in action), is in very late PISCES, which increases your tendency to day-dream, or fantasise about future possibilities, but at the same time, MARS, in your 1st “Arian” house of personality, indicates that you have the drive to make these dreams a reality, rather than a blueprint.

    However, PLUTO, Lord of the Underworld, at the time of your birth , was sitting in LIBRA in your 7th house of partnerships and in opposition to your 1st house MARS ; such a planetary aspect indicates that partners may suddenly disappear on you, or that you will have more than one partner, weaving in and out of your life.

    Your NORTH NODE (which is in AQUARIUS in the 12th house) indicates that your life’s purpose in this incarnation is to become a psychic healer of some kind –most likely perhaps, a Reiki healer, a reflexologist, a masseuse, or by employing your considerable practical skills as a herbalist, or even a beautician. Whatever work you choose to do, you are destined to be a healer, or to work in one of the caring professions, making people feel better about themselves


    You underwent profound changes in your working life in 2008, which were not resolved until this Christmas just gone; the after-effects of PLUTO's transit of your 10th house CAPRICORN Sun.

    Meanwhile, NEPTUNE. , ruler of PISCES will hover, like an eagle, over your 12th house AQUARIAN MOON from this coming May (2010) until January 2011, meaning two things: either that your dreams will come true with a new love, (who should have appeared in February of this year, and if not will do so by September at the latest – and if not a new lover, you might be forced to re-package the old one!). Conversely, NEPTUNE hovering over your 12th house MOON may mean that you are deceiving yourself, or that you are being deceived, but this is less likely than the former scenario in your particular horoscope and by February of 2014, your dreams will have come true, and you will have started a brand new cycle of your life. Lucky you - enjoy it,

    Peace and love.

    Let me know what you think please.

  • Very well done. I do have a few comments and questions. Let's see if I can articulate them and not be to verbose. I have always been under the impression that my moon was in Pisces, but it is actually in Aquarius? The description of being overly harsh on others also includes self-harshness (not sure if this is a word 😉 I have never thought of myself as a daydreamer, but I am always "looking at future possibilities." You nailed the partner in/out of life thing. From mid 20's to mid 30's I rotated between 3 individuals, who now incidentally are all out of my life.

    In regards to career/life purpose, I have worked in mental health for almost 20yrs, prior to becoming very ill and not being able to work at all, which has been the case since 2007. So the resolution mentioned regarding "major career changes" baffles me somewhat. Unless the resolution was that I finally accepted that I might not be able to return to work??? I have actually begun to recently explore becoming a Reiki healer and am aware of my ability to "know" things, funny you should mention that.

    I am curious about the "deceiving myself" comment. Do you have the ability to discern in what way or area of my life? Also, I am most interested in what way my "dreams will come true." I pray often and ask the universe to continue to allow and assist me to heal physically and to allow me to become who it is I am supposed to be, show me the path.

    Finally, the true love comment, I didn't meet anyone in February, but did move in mid march back to my home state (where I have lived most of my life), and have reconnected with old friends. Finding love is not currently a priority, but if it happens I will at least try be open to it.

    Finally, I was interested in the 2014 comment, because that year has already been a concern for me, that old looking to the future thing 🙂

    Thank you so much for your time, hard work and insight. I am interested in continuing dialogue with you, maybe when time permits and you do not have so many waiting for your time.

    Be Well.

  • Dear Irbex

    I would be happy to stay in touch with could give me your e-mail if you like and I will respond.. As regards "major career changes"..that is/was Pluto, transiting your Sun , which destroys, then your 10th house of career. I think the Reiki path is for you...2014 is the start of a new cycle...the newly-built you. Romance? Why not.

    The self-deception comment would probably have been better put as "necessary-dream-time-projecting-into-the-future". Anyway...I wish you health and stay in touch.

    Peace and love.

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  • Dear Poetic

    ....shouldn't be too long. Relatives are still here because of the volcanic ash in Iceland and the "no fly" zone in Europe. thanks for your patience.Peace and love.

  • Thankd for your continued kindness! Enjoy your relatives! 🙂

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    Dear longsilvewingsHi there....still waiting for your feedback

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  • Highpriestess,

    Was just letting you know that I am still here. Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a blessed day or night which ever the case may and love to you and in all that you do


    I printed the report off, then went into a slump. I will report to you this weekend.

    Blessings with ANGEL HUGS


  • Dear Silverwings

    No problem..whenever..I know you're not very well...I know how you feel.

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  • Dear libralady

    No problem...relatives have just got a flight out...looks like the UK is flying again....

    Peace and love.

  • HP,

    Just saw that your family is able to catch a flight home - what a crazy situation! Anyway, glad everything worked out!

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