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  • Good morning HP, I am excited, and very patient. Thank you so much for all your are doing, its just amazing. Wishing you a beautiful day 🙂 GJay

  • Dear GJay

    How nice of you to say so...I do hope it's worth waiting for.

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  • Hi there, I would be so grateful for anything you see as being relevant for me to know. I will say that the last decade has been an intense purification process, and I feel like I struggle with fear. If I could learn to let go some, I feel my path would be more joyful. Thanks--if you still have time! Thanks even if I am too late!

    Rachel Anne Hunt

    April 2, 1970

    3:18 PM

    Napa, CA. USA

  • Thanks for all you do HP.

    Sending you Peace, Love and Light.....

    Hugs, Sheila

  • Dear Fanofkhmm


    You are a hard-working, rule-abiding, practical, ambitious hands-on, no-nonsense CAPRICORN, with your SUN in the powerful “SCORPIONIC” 8th house of money (possibly other people’s), sultry s.e.x. and power; all-in-all making you an earthed, elemental force to be reckoned with.

    and situations), as well as MARS (which prescribes what sort or energy you have and how you use it) are not in practical CAPRICORN, but, (coupled together and sharing a celestial sofa), are in quirky, humanitarian, New-Age “Air” sign, AQUARIUS, giving you a surprisingly rebellious streak, which periodically breaks through your cool, sensible demeanour, to shock and surprise - like an aged ,spinster aunt who suddenly gets up at a family celebration and does a pole-dance .

    However, this same pairing of MARS and MOON in AQUARIUS is in line with your MIDHEAVEN, giving your career interests some necessary acceleration when you need it, in order to succeed. In fact your career is given a major boost by the fact that your ASCENDANT(the persona you project to the outside world) is again earthed in cautious, land-owning, routine–obsessed, green-fingered, stubborn-as-a- mule, TAURUS, whose capacity for bad timing - and for losing your temper at totally the wrong time – is legendary.

    By far the most interesting pairing-up of planets in your horoscope though, is the marriage of VENUS in 7th house SAGITTARIUS with dreamy NEPTUNE in 7th house. SCORPIO - which blesses you with film-star glamour and the ability to act your socks off to please your adoring public,( but which might also lead people to take you less seriously than you deserve at your place of work - and work is very important to your sense of well-being).

    Curiously, you seem to have had an incredibly boring childhood with very little going on; however, such an incident-free childhood also has advantages , in that you were able to develop your own talents in your own way , without too much adult interference; the butterfly that you have become was allowed to pupate in the fresh air of freedom from restraint -an opportunity for real growth and strength, rarely available to children.


    It could be that you are contemplating a house-move this year, but your PROGRESSED MOON transiting a retrograde JUPITER , tells you to go ahead , but to be cautious not to overspend on your budget ,or your purse strings may “twang” like an overstretched

    Nebulous NEPTUNE visiting your AQUARIAN MOON and MARS in the 10th house of work and ambitions, suggests that you may be prey to others’ hidden agendas which you know nothing about, but which will affect you nevertheless, so stay alert and keep your eyes open and you ears to the ground for information.. It could also be, that you are making a relationship “fit” a photo-fit of your ideal one, when in your heart you know that this is far from the truth.

    The good news however, is that JUPITER, will also bestow his magic gold-dust on your 10th house of hopes and ambitions this year; it should be that you will be able to out-smart all your rivals and come out the winner of a coveted prize. Go for it – you know you can get it!

    Peace and love.

  • Dear Rachmmm

    Really sorry, but the list is closed..'l'll add you to the next one.

    .Peace and love.

    Dear GJay

    Working on you. ..Sunday,or Monday!!!!!!!!!!..

  • Dear GJay

    Coud you just confirm you were born in 1958? Your Significnt Other, 1957? My writing has a blob on it...

    Peace and lovel

  • Good Day HP 🙂 my hubby is 1959, and I am 1958...I hope you are having a great day! . Thank you so much. Love and Blessings to you.

  • Dear Highpriestess3, I am having a really hard time trying to understand why when I am so nice to people, some are so cold and rude, my intentions are always with love and being open, Although my wish has been granted and I have found a true friend, someone who is there for me ,and is not rude in the least, a female with whom I can share with, and I cherish this. My birthday is 04,16, 65, Sudbury Ontario, Canada, 6:30am. Please be gentle, I am feeling quite fragile at this time. Thankyou for your time, and Lola to you and yours. Elizabeth.

  • Dear Gjay

    Thanks a lot....soon. Good thing you're patient.

    Peace and love

    Dear Luv2laf

    Iam so sorry that you are having a rough time and are feeling very fragile,but to do a reading I'll have to put you on my waiting-list, I'm afraid, as I am currently trying to clear my backlog...It'll take a couple of weeks, but I see you are an Aries so perhaps what you call being open' is misinterpreted. With the best will in the world though, we all encounter unjustfed hostility at certain's best to ignore it.

    Peace and love.

  • Highpriestess3, thankyou for taking the time, I am half way up the mountain and am planting beautiful fiowers with every step up the way, I might sometimes plant stink weeds though, I understand and much love to you. Elizabeth.

  • Dear Gjay

    I don't know why, but yo don't look righ..let me check ..December 10th 1958 that right/ are actualll, a bit of a writer I think?

    Peace and love

  • Hi HP,

    yes 10th December, 1958 12:04 am Weaverville California, my husband 11th April, 1958 Long Beach, California USA, don't have his time at the moment but looked it up before I sent it to you last time, and yes I am a bit of a writer, and reader. Used to write lots and lots when I was younger, draw, paint, read, crafty, creative...the need to be a bit of a recluse at times, its my way of hanging out with the spirit world, definitly a Sag, but sometimes my world is more exciting than whats in the real world at times, if that makes any sense :).

  • Hi HP,

    you know I have had some interesting experiences which have gotten me to wondering at times if I might be proof, but I just thought of that I would throw that out there at you considering your comment on not looking right? it just popped into my head.

  • Dear GJay

    I can see why you live in your head (what an interesting place) as you have 5 planes in Sag....which is rather unusual, including the SUn and Moon, which sgggests that your parenting was ....not there really. I have a birh time of 2.00pm for your that isn't right then?

    Peace and love

  • Dear GJay

    1)What sort of experiences if you don't mind me asking? (2) Are your parents still around to ask (your mother really) Bless

  • I just checked my husband was born @ 3 am.

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