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  • Dear Leonida

    i'm afraid my list has been closed for a couple of weeks, but I'll put you on the next one. You probabIy need to post this on one of the psychic readers' threads , as I'm not much good with the future, but they are..In fact I'm much more interested about the past...what happened to make him leave and stay away? Wouldn't a little white lie have saved his daughter from so much heartache? Just my random thoughts. Peace and love.

  • thanks HP, Im excited for it

  • Hello highpriestess, I really don,t know what you meant by the little white lie part if you meant my crying about it all,,, I always hid that part from her and probably from all the others too, . of course I knew when she was upset about it all, as she often shared that with me and her Mother of course. Her mother is like a daughter to me she dated my son for 8 yrs they where married 4yrs iI just don,t really know what went wrong there. I just did my best to try & please everyone especially my grandaughter that I Love dearly.

  • Dear HP,

    Thank -you so much for your compassionate nature in helping myself and everyone else. I am so looking forward to my future with him.Have been waiting for him for a while, which as a Gemini you know is unusual. But we had such an unexplainable connection, words can't describe it. I am like him some in the showing emotions part. To many words LOL Thanks Rezmedic

  • Dear Italiaa

    No peoblem.

    Dear Thunder 07

    I'm afraid my list is closed ntil I ctch up with the backog...I will put you on the new list.

    Peace and love.

    Dear Rezmedic

    I am so glad you have found each other. Peace and love.

  • Dear Leonida

    I wasn't criticising anyone, merely curious as to how this son's relationship with everone else became so bad

    Peace and love.

  • Bumping - getting closer.


  • Dear Smilelee

    Thanks for your patience. Have a good week.

    Peace and love.

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  • Ohhh, I'm getting so much closer!

    I am excited!

    Thanks HP for all your overwhelming work, and YOUR patience with us all!!

    Love and Light to you always!

  • Dear Dawnbenway

    Thanks for your kind thoughts...and your patience.

    Peace and love

  • Thank you high priestess greatly appreciated peace&love back you now,and always

  • Dear Giblin


    You are an original-thinking, humanitarian-cause-seeking AQUARIAN, whose SUN is earthed in the 2nd ‘Taurean’ house of possessions , financial security and firm foundations. Your desire for security,(virtually contrary to the spirit of your New-Age Aquarian Sun), is increased by your having an ASCENDANT (how you project yourself to the outside world) in hard-working, conservative, ambitious, work orientated, CAPRICORN, the taskmaster of the zodiac, which is ruled by the serious SATURN) .

    The planet, SATURN also rules bones and teeth, and you could well have suffered injuries to these areas in the past. To add to this probability , MARS (which defines what type of energy you have and how you use that energy) , was sitting astride your CANCERIAN DESCENDANT at the time of your birth –which also makes you prone to picking fights with your nearest and dearest, (and anyone else come to that)as you have a fiery temper, which can trigger a self-destruct streak,(talk about cat on a hot, tin-roof!)

    However , keeping your wild-side in check is your sultry, s. e. x. y, potently powerful, SCORPIO MOON (how you react emotionally to people and situations), in the ‘CAPRICORNIAN’ 10th house of ambition and worldly success, so you will be rather loathe to risk your security on a whim. Thus, you have , an Air-SUN-sign, an EARTH-sign ASCENDANT and a water sign, MOON, which is elementally very well-balanced. However, what I failed to mention before, is that your SCORPIO MOON’s emotional wateriness is increased by the fact that it shares a celestial sofa with NEPTUNE, ruler of the Sun-sign, PISCES and Lord of the oceans , the mist and all standing-water.

    Most importantly, however, NEPTUNE is the planet of psychic ability, imagination and illusion, giving you a real talent reading people's minds and seeing into the future; this ability is increased, because you have the quick-witted communicator ,MERCURY, (the planet , which defines how you conceptualise thought) in dreamy, romantic, escape-loving PISCES ,(which only increases the power of NEPTUNE in your Astro personality) . However, NEPTUNE can also conjure up delusions and illusions if not controlled and channelled effectively and this is where it is very useful to have a SCORPIO MOON , as no-one is more fixed and controlled than yourself, with a 10th house Moon, a 2nd house Sun and a SATURNINE ASCENDANT.

    As to your love life, VENUS (which rules who you are attracted to and conversely, who is attracted to you) is in fiery , get-your-man(woman), ,ARIES, in the 3rd house of communication, so at least you have the capability to send out strong ’love’ signals with ease.

    Finally, your NORTH NODE, (which dictates the purpose of your incarnation in this lifetime), is in 8th house VIRGO, suggesting that .you need to reappraise the values you hold –try throwing away at least one of your credit cards; ban yourself from visiting the shopping mall more than once a week and ask yourself what is it that you value most? You may be surprised at the answer you receive.

    Interestingly , because your NORTH NODE , shares a celestial sofa with the big-hitter planets PLUTO and URANUS. you may have experienced life as a series of sudden, ‘out-of-the-blue’ occurrences (over which you had no control), which were life-changing, or fight-to the-death power-struggles, (also not of your making), which took up and inordinate amount of time and energy to fend off. Well, you would have been bored with a quiet life , wouldn’t you?


    It is in the 8th house of inheritances, financial matters, s.e.x. and power struggles, that much of the action of 2010 takes place and as your PROGRESSED MOON is hovering directly over your NORTH NODE as we speak, now is the time to address the issue of what is really important to you and what can be left behind and consigned to history.

    This process of psychological spring-cleaning is not new to you, in fact, as it started around FEBRUARY 2009, when PLUTO (the planet of psychological transformation), passed over your ASCENDANT(how you present your persona to the outside world) , and started to reshape both yourself and your world.

    Fortunately JUPITER , planet of good fortune will be in your 3rd house of communication and intellectual activity for the whole of 2010, so expect a lot of chat to come your way, some of which you will find very exciting . Have a good time -you deserve some relaxation!

    To be continued….

  • Dear Giblin


    You are a dreamy, idealistic, artistically-talented, hyper-emotional NEPTUNIAN PISCES, made even more “waterily” emotional, by your

    equally, fluidly feminine, CANCERIAN ASCENDANT, ruled by the MOON (and subsequently the tides of the OCEANS).

    Fortunately, all this water is energised by 3 planets in fiery MARS- RULED ARIES, the MOON (how you react emotionally to people and situations), MERCURY (how you conceptualise thought) and finally . VENUS (who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you).

    All this Martian energy should make high-powered and dominant in relationships, except that you have the planet MARS, in talkative

    GEMINI, but it is in the shrouded and secretive 12th house of self-undoing and self-sacrifice. Speaking of talking, as a child you may have had difficulty communicating your needs, or may have had some sort of speech impediment, which you have now overcome.

    Your NORTH NODE (the purpose of your incarnation in this lifetime) is in LIBRA in the 4th house, indicating that although you love the arts and are very successful in what you do for a living, your greatest success will be through the attainments of other family members , rather than yourself .


    Your PROGRESSED MOON highlights your family and your ability to sustain a workable family-versus-career balancing act, which will suit all parties.

    URANUS, planet of lightning changes, has been pushing you to change your life, your job and perhaps your partner, since the middle of 2008 and if this prodding were not enough, PLUTO, planet of personal transformation and reconstruction, is sitting astride your CAPRICORN DESCENDANT, making it most unlikely that you will finish 2010 the same person you started it.

    Dear Giblin :COMPATABILITY

    The most salient feature in a comparison of your two charts, is that the axes of your ASCENDANTS and DESCENDANTS, are in the same place (6 degrees apart, but conjunct), i.e. . your CAPRICORN ASCENDANT falls on your SO’s CAPRICORN DESCENDANT , and your CANCERIAN DESCENDANT, is welded to your SO’s ASCENDANT, seemingly locking you together for eternity for good or ill and whether you like each other , or not….you will finish each other’s sentences! This relationship is definitely fated, if it can withstand the cosmic battering it has suffered.

    Peace and love.

  • Dear Fanofkmm & Irbex

    Hope you're still out there in;re next.

    Peace and love

  • still hanging in there .........

  • Hi HP3

    "And in the morning, I'm making waffles"

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  • helloo 🙂 my date of birth is 30 12 1990 sydney 10:00 am


    katiesssss i do believe HP has closed the list for new requests some pages back. So i think u like others needs to await when HP opens a new thread as she has a HUGE backlog still.

    all else remember HP n her aide has a life OUTSIDE the forums.


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