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  • Hi Highpriestess!

    How is life treating you? Hope you are doin very well. At least I can see from the size of this thread that you are keeping very busy:)

    Don't know if you remember but you had this to say in the beginning of the year.


    You SUN and MERCURY are in sunny, magnetic and majestic LEO, but in the 11th House, you also have an affinity to all things AQUARIAN, and have lots of weird and wonderful friends, probably belonging to animal protection groups such as PETA.

    Your MOON sign is in s.e.x.y exotic SCORPIO and you don't suffer fools gladly , as squaring up to your SUN. you find it hard to "feel" happy, even when you "are" happy.. MARS is in homely CANCER but being in the 10th house, you are more career than home-minded and appreciate the value of having a worthwhile career.

    VENUS in the 12th house draws you to 'forbidden love', or to making some sort of 'sacrifice' - tell me more - or as it is in VIRGO, you just might decide to devote your life to making their sandwiches and mending their clothes.


    You may meet Sun or Moon, Sagittarians, Aquarians or Cancerians in 2010 and JUPITER, planet of good luck transits your world of work - this is the time to change jobs, or ask for more money.. Long term changes will begin in your home life, while deamy Pisceans might turn into lovers.

    The only negative aspect is that doleful SATURN will be transiting your 1st house this year- don't get depressed, take a course and learn something as it is "seed" time, not "harvest".

    Finally in the Sumer you will be desperate to move house, change jobs, travel the world, or just give up everything. You decide! Havee fun and give me some feedback."

    I just re-read it recently and had a couple of questions. I think I'm feeling that negative Saturn aspect from time to time and was wondering if this is a constant influence throughout the year or are there periods when it's more active? And would you know off the top of your head when this influence was last present so I'd have something to compare it to?

    And the 'forbidden love' - is this something constant in my life or just present this year?

    Thanks so much and lots of love x

  • No. A brief response to what to expect regarding love in 2010, but not the profile about myself and my significant other.

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    You're back in after REZMEDC , so that should be nex eek at the latest. Cheers

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    Will dig out your chart and get back to you. Peace and love

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    thanks ssoooo much for putting me back in line I'll be checking in. love reading all of the profiles learning so much about the different plantery placements in the various charts. Just loving it thanks again. peace and love to you all.

  • finally seem to be moving nearer the top -anticipation is growing!

  • HP. Thank you so much for putting me back on the list .

  • K.

  • Good Morning HP, thank you very much for keeping us updated. Wishing you a wonderful day, with lots of love and peace. 🙂

  • Dear HP, I hope you didnt forget about me, I didnt see my name on anylists, I posted back in mid Feb..thanks:)

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    Thanks for your's been a long old wair, hasn't it?

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    Dear Rezmedic

    Are you still out there please?

    Peace and love

  • YES!

  • But beggars can't be choosy! Many, many, Blessings r coming your way! 🙂

  • Dear HP I notice that my name is not on the list for the 9 march reading whyyyyy 😞

  • Dear HP I notice that my name is not on the list for the 9 march reading whyyyy 😞

  • Dear Lastdance62

    Sorry...I processed that list a bit too fast and dropped a couple of names, You're after IRBEX and before're in on my list, but not on the screen. .Shouldn't be long now.

    Peace and love

  • Thank you High Priestess I wait patiently. Peace and love.

  • Dear Tonib

    Tryng to finsh tongh, it but might be first thing in the morning.......that'd be 6.00am your time ?

    love and hugs

  • Dear Tonib


    You are a well-balanced, justice- seeking, arts- loving LIBRA, with your SUN (as well as 4 other planets, the MOON, VENUS, MERCURY and NEPTUNE) in the 10th house of worldly ambition - which has a CAPRICORNIAN influence – meaning that you are more cautious than the average, luxury-loving LIBRAN , who as individuals are famous for being charming and glamorously good- looking.

    What's also interesting about your LIBRAN SUN is that it shares a celestial sofa with mystical , dreamy , NEPTUNE ,ruler of the Sun-sign PISCES, King of the sea, oceans and standing-water – and also of mists and fog. Having a SUN-NEPTUNE conjunction blesses you with a talent to be a great poet , musician , or painter, but equally curses you with a talent for waiting for luck or fortune, to give you a break , believing implicitly that something wonderful is just around the corner. However, this is not part of your profile, as you have the self-discipline to harness such a talent, bestowed upon you by your SUN’s 10th house ‘Capricorn ‘placing.

    Self-discipline , dedication and a powerful work ethic, are the qualities of your SUN, but NEPTUNE and your LIBRAN MOON (how you react emotionally to people and situations - which is also conjunct NEPTUNE), are easily upset and can become unbalanced; the LIBRAN scales of justice are an excellent symbol of this delicate balancing and finely- tuned mechanism in action and when relationships do not go according to plan, is when you are at most risk of “wobbling” precariously.

    YOUR ASCENDANT (the persona, you adopt and project to the outside world), is so late in SAGITTARIUS-25 degrees, that virtually the whole of your 1st house lies in CAPRICORN and you should read SAGITTARIUS and CAPRICORN , before LIBRA in daily newspapers, to see which one best describes your feelings the best.

    A CAPRICORNIAN first house, is governed by stern SATURN, the taskmaster of the Zodiac and having your LIBRAN SUN AND MOON so close together in SATURN’S own house, the 10th, indicates that your upbringing was materially and emotionally bleak; your mother much preoccupied with making ends meet and attending to her own emotional needs, rather than yours – not that she didn't love you (in her own way), it's just that she put herself first and you were sacrificed - a betrayal which damaged you psychologically for sometime .

    The sense of betrayal you suffered as a child, led you to be determined not to make the same mistakes with your own loved ones and you determined to sacrifice yourself instead. The theme of self-sacrifice is echoed in the placing of your 12th house MARS, (which denotes what kind of energy you have and how you use it) in SAGITTARIUS. Usually a Sagittarian is a travel -loving, adventure- seeking, straight- talking, freedom and thrill-seeking daredevil , who loves the outdoor life; you are all these things , but this energy is more often than not trapped and imprisoned in your 12th house of self-containment, self-sacrifice and self-imposed exile . You feel like escaping to freedom and could escape,. but a myriad of circumstances hold you back, although in the Autumn of 2009, when your PROGRESSED MOON crossed your ASCENDANT , you probably did

    kick down the door and free yourself from your 12th house imprisonment, mentally if not physically.

    The planet VENUS,(who we are attracted to and whose is attracted us) is in LIBRA, (as already mentioned above), but as it is squared up to the planet of lightning change, URANUS , relationships could be a problem; you either get bored and change them, or they end suddenly due to circumstances beyond your control.

    MERCURY (how you conceptualise your thoughts), is also in LIBRA, meaning that you hate to upset people, and in not doing so end up looking as if you cannot make up your mind -which is not true. Another misconception worth mentioning, is that , because the planet, PLUTO is in your 8th house in LEO, you attract powerful friends, but also enemies -quite unjustifiably - who try to “ out-power” you, in power- struggles , absolutely not of your making; try to ignore them, because there is nothing that you can do to alter this and indeed try to look on such people with detached amusement.

    Finally, your NORTH NODE , the reason for your incarnation, in this lifetime, is in 3rd house PISCES; therefore, you should develop your intellectual capabilities and communicate them to others, whatever your talent. You are urged to avoid travelling around too much, to escape the presence of those who would upset you and to stand your ground and deal with upsetting circumstances yourself . You know that you can do it.


    The life-changing planet, PLUTO, ruler of Scorpio, and King of the Underworld, began its transit of your first house of personality, as far back as 2005 and this SCORPIONIC influence in your life - dismantling and reconstructing old life patterns -will be with you for quite a few years yet, so at least you will never be bored, you'll be too busy rearranging your furniture, or your life

    URANUS, planet of sudden change, will illuminate your NORTH NODE, (showing you your life's purpose) next month, in APRIL, so whatever opportunity comes your way, you should grab with both hands, as this is meant to be - it could just be a clearer way of communicating or thinking, but be ready to welcome it.

    Whatever it is could be linked to the transit of he teacher, SATURN , across all five of your LIBRAN planets from now until 2013, when it moves on to SCORPIO. All this means is that it is seed- time, rather than harvest, so now is the time to go on a course and reap the benefits of your learning at a later date. This is also a time when you might have to take on extra duties, or responsibilities.

    I have saved the best news to last, as the good- times planet, JUPITER, sprinkles his magic stardust over your NORTH NODE in May and June, so enjoy the feeling and celebrate some good fortune - you deserve it.

    Peace and love

  • Dear HP,

    Yes I am here and anxiously waiting.I will look to see if you have any questions.Thanks so much Rezmedic

  • Dear Rezmedic

    I have no time of birth for either of that correct please?

    Peace and love

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