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    As I haven't got a time a time of birth for Glover, I can only give you a quick sketch , but he is a fairly happy- go- lucky SAGITTARIAN, who with his MOON and MARS in fiery ARIES is certainly a go-getter and with a triple dose of fire –sign planets, he is pretty hot to handle most of the time; but at least life with him will never be boring !

    Added to this spicy mix , his VENUS in sexy, sultry SCORPIO is close to his NORTH NODE, making it likely that what he wants he gets without too much effort.


    Your MARS in ARIES (all your energy and drive) is twinned with your partner’s MOON in ARIES (how he responds to you emotionally ), making this one hot relationship, where you make every effort to keep him happy and satisfied and he energises you and makes you feel alive.

    His SAGITTARIAN SUN is twinned with your SAGITTARIAN SATURN, so although you are of similar age, you tend to mother him from a feeling of obligation , which derives possibly from a previous lifetime; he, in his turn, loves the feeling of security that only you can give him .

    Peace an olve

  • Holy...!!! What a great read. All that fire, and compatible with each other, too. I had no idea that people COULD be compatible and not drive each other nuts. LOL!!!!!!

    Woo-hooo I'm nearing the top of the list! HAPPY DANCE!!! 😉

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    I know I have ages to wait till you get to me ... happy to as we receive what we are meant to when we are meant to ... but, it's ICEARIA ... not iceania ... just incase this is confused with someone else. Thanks for having me on your list and bless you. Happy visitors also. Will hear from you when you're ready.

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  • Dear HighPriestess3,

    Thank you so much for my Astro-Profile I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a little about myself.

    Being ruled by Neptune and having Mercury in Pisces now I understand why I was so sensitive as a child. I learned to temper as I got older.

    My Ascendant Gemini Totally describes me, talkative,witty,clever, I have a hard time sometimes getting my point across.

    You are right I am very intuitive and what I know I know Intuitively and that sometimes makes it hard for people to believe ( " I say I told you " ) all the time.

    QUESTION : Sense Mercury was retrograde at my time of birth,does that mean that when Mercury is retrograde I wont be affected by the problems that Mercury can bring when its traveling backwards.

    Thank You again for being so giving of your time and knowledge

  • Hey HP, Wow ,you are very busy:(

    SHATZ from Vancouver here, I see a SHATZ, but it was hooked to another name, so I was wondering if that was me just with out a /...Thank you again for all you do....I appreciate it with all of my heart.

    Sheila From Vancouver

  • Hello High pristess.

    Question, with everybody seemingly bumping, does this mean they are put ahead of others on the list or they are being acknowledged and still at the point on the original list.


    Julianna loving silver wings

  • 3 more and you will be up to me. I am ssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I would like to know what you see in any future relationships and financial security. Thanks a million kiddo. You are doing a fantastic job. Janet

  • What does the new year hold for the chance of retiring?


    7:05 p m


  • Hello High Priestess,

    I would like to insight into my love life in 2010, will I be moving to another country?


    Pecos, Texas

    4 p.m.

    Thank you so much for your guidance.

  • WOW! Thank you so much for this!

    While reading it, I got goosebumps!At times it almost seemed that you were looking inside my skull! LOL The mentioning of a pet vampire bat actually made me chuckle because I do so very much love vampiric lore and read a lot of novels devoted to the subject! Also, I do dabble in reading tarot, although not on a regular bases. Perhaps, I should start doing so more often and study to become more effecient at it?

    Yes, you pegged Giover to a T! He tends to be a slight bit of a workaholic at times. Grins He is also of Hispanic decent which adds even more fire!

    Once again, thank you for this gift.

    Be Blessed,


  • Thank you again Highpriestess3 for my astro reading. It was quit interesting to say the least. I got a few chuckles...(like how can she know this?)

    " You are a forward –thinking, technology- aware , NEW-AGE, AQUARIAN, whose SUN is in the first house, makes you an ARIES -type AQUARIAN; full of energy and passion for a good cause and a pioneer- in spirit at least- of reform and the restructuring of society."

    *** I am definitely a New Age Aquarian! Love new technology. As far as Sun in my 1st house, you hit it on the head ..,. I'm full of energy and passion...more in Spirit , I must admit. LOL. I'm always thinking about what does our area need...what can I do to make it better.***

    "You also have VENUS in AQUARIUS, which defines who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you and you probably have the gift of unusual-looking eyes, which appear to see far into the distance. Speaking of unusual, you are attracted to quirky and interesting-looking characters and you also prefer to dress in a manner that makes a statement about your personality and gets you noticed."

    My eyes are my gift of expression. I can't lie, even if I tried... my eyes would give me away. Other people do usually comment on my eyes. And oh are you right about being attracted to quirky and interesting-looking guys. What can I tell I've got a little hippy in me and I guess I do dress to get noticed...whether in work or play. Didn't realize I was so self absorbed.

    "Your MOON (how you respond emotionally to people and situations) is in attention- seeking, good-looking and majestic LEO and suggests that when you were a child, it was your mother, rather than yourself, who through tantrums! "

    I had to laugh at this mom was very strong Leo...and you were right on. We went through some tough times when I was a teen because we didn't agree on things. God bless her, she was one of my favorite people as an adult.

    "Your LEO MOON in the 7th house of partnerships, renders you steadfast, loyal and devoted to your other half and your family. "

    *** I was married 22 years my first marriage, to a Gemini. I was totally devoted all those years. My children being most important. ***

    And as you say next,,

    "Such a placing would normally be a blessing, except that your Queenly LEO MOON , (how you govern your emotional responses ) is in direct opposition to your 1st house AQUARIAN VENUS - VENUS being the personal planet which controls who we choose as a mate; usually one who complements the image of ourselves we wish to project to the outside world. This opposition condemns you to feeling, permanently “at odds” and vaguely dissatisfied with your choice of partner, as if you have gone out for the day and fear you have left a pan of water boiling away on the stove - the prelude to a dreadful domestic calamity. However, knowing that you have this opposition, waiting like a preying mantis to scupper your relationships, is the key to negating its impact on your life. "

    *** It seems that the next set of info is about my life now... such a complicated person...I am. ***

    "Both your AQUARIAN SUN, and your LEO MOON are in fixed signs and the structural rigidity inherent in your Astro-personality, is reinforced by yet another opposition, between your 4th house MARS in TAURUS (which defines how you use your energy ) , in luxury-loving, earthy and musically- attuned TAURUS - and your 10th house JUPITER in secretive SCORPIO. This opposition makes a square when placed across your other MOON- VENUS opposition and a square box of aspects can be a source of strength, rather than a weakness -and heavens, once you have made up your mind, there is no budging you -but the 4th-10th house opposition, does promote a tug-of-war between devotion to your family and your desire to have a successful career. Home, or family, who to concentrate on? Your NORTH NODE in your 9th house should tell you that you should concentrate on your career, which may well be concerned with teaching, the law, or philosophy, and religion."

    *** got me...this is one of my main questions right now. Devote to my husband or move to be closer to my daughter? I really want to go by myself for a while to feel out the area.

    You answered my question about moving....I'm gonna be there for my daughter when she has my first grand baby...with my man or without. I'm Going.

    As far a career goes, I've never really thought about the choices you wrote about. I'm not working now...and do like the home life, but find myself getting cabin fever ...gotta get out of the house at least one day a week.***

    Which leads to the following...

    "With two oppositions forming a rigid, square box (a GRAND-CROSS) around your endeavours to move forward in your career, you may feel that your situation is hopeless, but you may well find that your MARS-JUPITER opposition will urge you to act on impulse and kicked the door down ,with an unaccustomed recklessness, to break the impasse you find yourself in. Your sense of being boxed-in, or imprisoned in terms of effort and energy ,is exacerbated by your having a CAPRICORN ASCENDANT (your ASCENDANT represents the image, or persona you wish to present to the outside world), which is cautious, ambitious and saturnine and quite at odds with your go-getting, pioneering, 1st house SUN. (Incidentally you should read CAPRICORN in newspapers and magazines, before AQUARIUS). Hence, although you are very capable person, you live in fear; fear of failure in relationships, in your career and at home; everything in fact, yet you have no reason to fear anything!! All you have to do is – as that clichéd saying goes - think (and metaphorically step) out of the box to escape the prison of the Grand-Cross that keeps you pinned down, paralysed and incapable of moving forward with your life. You can kick open the prison door; you can walk free!

    ***Yes I do tend live in fear...or have most of the last 5 years. Things have calmed down now. I know I can walk free...and I will if I have to. Think outside the box...I'm trying to figure out how to work from home using my computer ...haven't figured out what yet ... and it figures I'd have a grand cross that would give me trouble. Probably explains why I was a rare breach birth. I came into the world upside down! lol ***


    Your PROGRESSED MOON is currently transiting your 6th house of work and will remain there until the Summer, but by October will cross over into your 7th house of partnerships; if you fancy a move at all, then October or November would be a likely date to “ up- sticks” and move on, while SATURN , karmic taskmaster of the zodiac, will hover above your North node, at Christmas, when you will receive accolades in your career, for past efforts made. "

    ****This will probably happen. We are working on it...maybe I will be a babysitting Grandma.

    If I'm to go to work...bring it on now so I can save for my move in the fall!! ***

    "Your love-life (symbolised by your 1st house VENUS in AQUARIUS) is currently receiving attention both from dreamy NEPTUNE, which dissolves and obscures reality, as well as CHIRON, the wounded-healer and shaman, indicating that your love-life will suffer a little, before it can be healed by the medicine-man . It is likely therefore, that new boundaries in your relationship will have to be redrawn."

    ***WOW, right on to the part about my love life suffering a little...(ALOT, in my world)...My Cancer hubby and I have not been intimate for quite a while...he has no that part of his life is over...and we have all ready made new boundaries...I have a Gemini friend with benefits that is more then willing to take over that part. LOL. My Cancer man is giving me the freedom I need. Now to find the Perfect sexual partner. Any suggestions on which sign would be my perfect partner?

    Finally benign JUPITER will be residing in your 2nd house of money and processions for the whole of 2010, so expect your financial situation to ease considerably . Lucky you."

    *****FINALLY, I can't wait.******All I need is enough for us to get by.

    Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. No judgement needed.

    xxoo Moelops

  • bumping to keep me on the list 🙂

  • Dear Highpriestess3

    Thank you So much for the reading! You are right on about everything!

    Funny thing about being dressed up as a Leo-it's true & I never knew it lol! Makes sense!

    You are just so right about everything!!!!!

    Oh! & yes when something really good happens, I do get that feeling?!?

    You are so right on!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am looking forward to the New Chapter in my life this 2010! I do feel a change coming & now I feel better about it!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do my profile!!!!!!!!!

    Much Love & Many Blessings!!!

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