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    You are a forward –thinking, technology- aware , NEW-AGE, AQUARIAN, whose SUN is in the first house, makes you an ARIES -type AQUARIAN; full of energy and passion for a good cause and a pioneer- in spirit at least- of reform and the restructuring of society. You also have VENUS in AQUARIUS, which defines who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you and you probably have the gift of unusual-looking eyes, which appear to see far into the distance. Speaking of unusual, you are attracted to quirky and interesting-looking characters and you also prefer to dress in a manner that makes a statement about your personality and gets you noticed.

    Your MOON (how you respond emotionally to people and situations) is in attention- seeking, good-looking and majestic LEO and suggests that when you were a child, it was your mother, rather than yourself, who through tantrums! Your LEO MOON in the 7th house of partnerships, renders you steadfast, loyal and devoted to your other half and your family. Such a placing would normally be a blessing, except that your Queenly LEO MOON , (how you govern your emotional responses ) is in direct opposition to your 1st house AQUARIAN VENUS - VENUS being the personal planet which controls who we choose as a mate; usually one who complements the image of ourselves we wish to project to the outside world. This opposition condemns you to feeling, permanently “at odds” and vaguely dissatisfied with your choice of partner, as if you have gone out for the day and fear you have left a pan of water boiling away on the stove - the prelude to a dreadful domestic calamity. However, knowing that you have this opposition, waiting like a preying mantis to scupper your relationships, is the key to negating its impact on your life.

    Both your AQUARIAN SUN, and your LEO MOON are in fixed signs and the structural rigidity inherent in your Astro-personality, is reinforced by yet another opposition, between your 4th house MARS in TAURUS (which defines how you use your energy ) , in luxury-loving, earthy and musically- attuned TAURUS - and your 10th house JUPITER in secretive SCORPIO. This opposition makes a square when placed across your other MOON- VENUS opposition and a square box of aspects can be a source of strength, rather than a weakness -and heavens, once you have made up your mind, there is no budging you -but the 4th-10th house opposition, does promote a tug-of-war between devotion to your family and your desire to have a successful career. Home, or family, who to concentrate on? Your NORTH NODE in your 9th house should tell you that you should concentrate on your career, which may well be concerned with teaching, the law, or philosophy, and religion.

    With two oppositions forming a rigid, square box (a GRAND-CROSS) around your endeavours to move forward in your career, you may feel that your situation is hopeless, but you may well find that your MARS-JUPITER opposition will urge you to act on impulse and kicked the door down ,with an unaccustomed recklessness, to break the impasse you find yourself in. Your sense of being boxed-in, or imprisoned in terms of effort and energy ,is exacerbated by your having a CAPRICORN ASCENDANT (your ASCENDANT represents the image, or persona you wish to present to the outside world), which is cautious, ambitious and saturnine and quite at odds with your go-getting, pioneering, 1st house SUN. (Incidentally you should read CAPRICORN in newspapers and magazines, before AQUARIUS). Hence, although you are very capable person, you live in fear; fear of failure in relationships, in your career and at home; everything in fact, yet you have no reason to fear anything!! All you have to do is – as that clichéd saying goes - think (and metaphorically step) out of the box to escape the prison of the Grand-Cross that keeps you pinned down, paralysed and incapable of moving forward with your life. You can kick open the prison door; you can walk free!


    Your PROGRESSED MOON is currently transiting your 6th house of work and will remain there until the Summer, but by October will cross over into your 7th house of partnerships; if you fancy a move at all, then October or November would be a likely date to “ up- sticks” and move on, while SATURN , karmic taskmaster of the zodiac, will hover above your North node, at Christmas, when you will receive accolades in your career, for past efforts made.

    Your love-life (symbolised by your 1st house VENUS in AQUARIUS) is currently receiving attention both from dreamy NEPTUNE, which dissolves and obscures reality, as well as CHIRON, the wounded-healer and shaman, indicating that your love-life will suffer a little, before it can be healed by the medicine-man . It is likely therefore, that new boundaries in your relationship will have to be redrawn.

    Finally benign JUPITER will be residing in your 2nd house of money and processions for the whole of 2010, so expect your financial situation to ease considerably . Lucky you.

    Peace and love

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    You have a romantic, home-loving, family-orientated CANCERIAN SUN in the 3rd, house of communication, which makes you clever, talkative and fun to be with, and as MERCURY (the planet, which defines your intellectual processes and thought patterns) is also in the sign of CANCER, you find it easy to vocalise your feelings about the merits of family life. Your warmly practical, nurturing and hands-on approach to life, is further accentuated by your ASCENDANT (the persona or image of yourself that you present to the world) being in earthy, sensual. luxury- loving, property-owning TAURUS - and you should read TAURUS in newspapers and magazines before CANCER, for accurate, up-dated readings.

    Your MARS (the energy you expend in the world and the energy you attract to yourself), is in its own sign; the fiery, pioneering, sometimes foot-in-the-mouth, ARIES, which usually means that when you want something, you want it yesterday, if not the day before! You have all this energy, yet its effect is somehow dissipated by being placed in the hidden, self-sacrificing and sometimes martyr- making , 12th house, suggesting that you prefer a power –behind- the- throne role, rather than a sitting-on- the- throne role; a Prime Minister to a President.

    Your MOON (how you respond emotionally to situations and people and correspondingly , the emotions you attract from people in response ), is in sensual, possessive, perceptive SCORPIO, in the 7th house of partnerships, indicating that you are popular, but only emotionally secure when one half of a couple. By far the most interesting placement in your Astro-personality, is your NORTH NODE in the 6th house of work, health and healing , which is twinned with mind –expanding, intellectually -stretching , justice-loving JUPITER in LIBRA - you will either be a healer, psychic , tarot reader , or a High -Court judge . However, this pairing is perilously close to your DESCENDANT, indicating that you find difficulty in getting your message across, or effectively selling yourself. Somehow, what you try to communicate ”gets lost in translation” - you may also suffer from psychosomatic illnesses from time to time, which come and go mysteriously , but which sap your strength, like a pet vampire bat , which while nestling lovingly into your neck when you’re asleep at night, will nevertheless drain you of All your strength.

    Finally, you have VENUS, the planet of love in GEMINI, squared up in a stand-off position, with PLUTO, Lord of the Underworld, in VIRGO; hence, you are attractively magnetic and sensual and will have many admirers, but your relationships tend to end up in power-struggles to a greater or lesser extent. Life is never dull, but these power struggles are the residue of the overbearing paternal influences you suffered from as a child, and which have continued to echo down the corridors of time to interfere with the present, like a meddling great aunt. It's time to show her the door!


    Your PROGRESSED MOON will be travelling across your 2nd GEMINIAN house, of money and possessions in 2010, so this should be a time to consolidate your financial position and become much more secure.

    JUPITER, the planet of good times, and the Las Vegas experience has been travelling across your 11th house of friendships, for some time, but in March 2010 will enter your 12th house, heralding a much more introspective period, when Jupiter will be working his magic on your psyche, hidden away from view.

    This period will continue and in April 2011, JUPITER will be directly overhead your 12th house MARS, so you may find your mind expanding to an almost visionary state. The chrysalis state of transformation you have been undergoing all this time will finally end in March 2012, when Jupiter crosses your ASCENDANT and transformation complete , you emerge from the leafy-shade of your hiding-place as the beautiful butterfly you have become, to welcome a new life, a new love, or the reaffirmation of a former love. Enjoy.

    To be continued.

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