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  • Thanks HP:)

  • Dear HP,

    Me again:) In one list I am caps in another small. 21-9-1970, POB Mobile, AL, 4:05 am, residing in Huntsville, AL but hope to be living in Birmingham, AL soon:)

    Thank you again:)

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  • Enjoying lilfe're on the new list..coming out very soon


    ..thank you for your kind thoughts..much appreciated.

    Taurusgir problem at all.

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  • Jengbhm.. are definitely in CAPITALS...


    You're on the list.

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    Thanks for your kind thoughts

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  • One more attempt please to see daylight. How long can my life keep going downhill? I'm not so young anymore and I'm a good thousand miles away from my family also. For nearly fifteen years it seems like one step forward (sometimes) and two steps backward (or more). This seems to be affecting most all areas of my life.

    Date: 07/02/1944

    Place: Fresno, CA

    Time: 11:20PM

    When can I plan on some peace here?

  • Dear High Priestess...

    If you are still interested, would love some insight into two areas of my life.

    My info: Birthdate: 04 September, 1950

    Place: Boston MA

    Time of Birth: 1:04 AM (I may be 12:04A...lost the birth cert..but 1:04A sounds right)

    Anyway, like everyone else, I am interested in my love life. Also, I have been laid off from work for a year is getting real old. Is there any light at the end of that tunnel?

    Many thanks...Peace and Love...


  • Dear MzRedFlower

    Hope to get to you're on the list.

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  • Hello Highpriestess,

    Happy New Year !

    I would love a reading using my birth chart;

    July 20, 1964

    1:23 PM

    West Palm Beach , Fla

    I have an invention I want patented....out look on that. How quickly could I get it off the ground and be making money from it? Will I have problems getting a credible atttorney?

    When is the best time for me to find a new residance..will I be able to find a home to rent quickly or should I settle for an apt. so I can move asap?.

    I would like my disabled mom to move in with me, how will that work out for both of us?

    I am trying to figure out alimony agreement what does my financial outlook for the next few yrs. look like?

    How will the custody arrangements pan out?


  • Dear All

    Hope to speed up a bit. Thanks for being so patient. Peace and love.

    POSTING ORDER for chart-readings 2nd Feb


    If you are missing from this list, give me a prompt and I will make sure you are put on it..










  • Dear Ghostwolf


    You have a sensitive, artistic, nebulous PISCEAN SUN, (the SUN being the element which defines the essence of your personality) and as you are ruled by NEPTUNE, the Lord of the sea and sea-mists, you are intuitive and emotional, rather than practical and methodical. You also have MERCURY in PISCES; MERCURY defines your thought processes and how you collate information and because it is again in PISCES, makes you doubly sensitive, intuitive and emotional, with a love of music, poetry and art.

    However, MERCURY was retrograde, or travelling backwards at the time of your birth, which suggests additionally, that you are quiet, introspective and not all are confident in your intellectual ability, for what you know, you know intuitively, rather than through deliberate and painstaking study.

    Nevertheless , your sensitive, dreamy nature has been gilded over with a protective Teflon coating, because your SUN - sitting in the 10th house of career and ambitions –is influenced by CAPRICORN, which makes you cautious, matter-of-fact and serious than the average fish.

    Your ascendant is at 17Β° GEMINI - the ASCENDANT being the persona, you present to the world - and makes you talkative, clever and good at writing and communicating in all kinds of forms. Plus, there is another more exciting and rebellious AIR-ruled facet to your Astro- personality, as MARS (the planet that denotes how you utilise your drive and energy), as well as VENUS (which decides who you are attracted to - and who is attracted to you ) are both in rebellious, contrary, freedom loving , technology and cause loving, AQUARIUS. You could, therefore, be a spokesperson for New Age philosophies and alternative religions,

    Finally, your MOON (how you respond emotionally to situations and people) is in very late ARIES, (almost TAURUS) in the 11th house, of friendships and causes, which serves to accentuate your New-Age Aquarian characteristics, as the 11th house is a placing, which gives these areas a prominent place in your daily life.

    YOUR FORECAST FOR 2010-2011

    Your PROGRESSED MOON is currently hovering overhead your AQUARIAN MIDHEAVEN and by the end of 2010, will have reached your 10th house, PISCEAN SUN, so welcome or not, affairs involving your career and ambitions will be the main focus of your efforts this year.

    Your Progressed MOON is joined in 2010, by transits from the large slow-moving planets, NEPTUNE and CHIRON, firstly dissolving old work patterns and then, perhaps even making you the victim of some bullying at work, which will force you to examine what you're doing with your life and where you are going with it.

    SATURN, the astrological taskmaster and teacher, will later (and in contrast), be travelling through your fifth house of love affairs and children and so expect (in 2011 )to have to put in extra effort in these areas, in order to reap future rewards and changes that were begun in

    the Spring of 2008, will be finalised.

    Finally, I have saved the best news to last, as JUPITER, benevolent planet of good times, expansion and the Las Vegas experience, hovers like a shower of gold, over your 10th house SUN this March 2010; so expect good news concerning a career break; perhaps a pay rise; a promotion, or some other welcome development that will bring you much deserved and long-awaited benefits.. Enjoy the benevolent rays of JUPITER, in fact, until the end of 2010!

    Peace and love.

  • Dear Cancer64

    You will apper on next week's list .Thanks.

    Peace and love

  • briceb 2/18/78 lisa g 7/15/81

  • Thanking you kindly Highpriestess3 for including me on your list.

    Peace and happy days to you.


  • Dear highpriestess3

    If by any chance you are still accepting requests,please read my chart.Dob 28.11.1969,Birmingham{UK},11.25am.

    I can wait as long as it takes.In any case,I think You are doing a great job!

    thanks and regards

  • i have a question about "soulmates". I was wondering if someone with sun in leo, scorpio rising and cancer moon is compatible with pisces sun cancer rising and leo moon?

  • Hewwo ! n_n

    March 17, 1994.

    Approx; 6:00 pm.

    Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Just about love.

    Also relationships with virgos.

  • Hello Highpriestess3!

    I would like to know if I will become engaged this year, and if marriage is in my near future.

    Birth: April 29, 1978

    Time: 6:30 am

    Place: Fairfield, California

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