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    Hello, Just saw updated list. Can't I will. Patience.


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    Just checking in...Had a great Birthday. Waiting patiently to move up the list. It won't be long now. Many thanks in advance.


  • HP I have to say I truly enjoy reading these, even the ones that aren't remotely related to mine -- I just love your choice of words. On Dschell for example, the comment about the "passing gunslingers challenging you to a duel" painted such a picture!!!

    I can't wait. I was reading with interest Handwolfgang's interactions with somebody about Librans' ideal partners. I thought I interpreted that the partner should be the DESCENDENT of the other person's rising -- so in my case my partner should have been a Sag since I have a Gemini rising? And should his rising ALSO be Sag since my Sun sign is also Gemini? Where does venus fit in with all this? That's just who you're attracted to? (For me, venus in Gemini in the first house, so someone who communicates his needs well and is straight-forward?)

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, just some questions occurred while reading tonight! Again, it was a great read!

  • Hi HP3,

    I'm throwing my hat in the ring. My birthday is 07-28-57, Berkeley, CA at 6:41am. My question:

    I'm at a cross roads; I'm facing a career change (working in the office ended in disaster), undecided on relocating and romance - picture is blank.

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  • Dear High Priestess, I was on your list priority, I originally was on page 19, so I await patiently for my reading, my birthday is 10/11/50 again. Thank you so much.

  • Just wanted to thank you HighPriestess3 for including me. I hope you're resting well too.

    Kind regards and happy days to you.


  • Thank you highpriesress i lost track of where i was.Thank you for your time also i know you are very busy.

  • Dear gooemomma

    As your Venus and Mars are in Gemini I'd look for Gemini or Vrgo..more later. thanks for yur kind words. xox

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    Thanks for your thoughts and your patience

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  • Dear HP3......I saw I was on a previous list and I thank you for all you're doing..... Blessing to you and yours...... Claire

  • Thank you so much, Highpriestess! Such a thorough analysis, I need to read through it a few more times to process all the information. I'm really looking forward to reading my BF's chart and the compatibility analysis. I can tell that a lot of time and energy goes into these readings and I very much appreciate what you're doing. Thanks again!

  • Dear Dschell


    Your significant other is a fellow goat and ambitious, hard-working, matter-of-fact, rise-slowly-to the top CAPRICORN. However, because his SUN is in the 12th house, and his MOON and SATURN are in PISCES, he is emotionally very sensitive and is afraid of being hurt - which makes him cautious in love and perhaps rather undemonstrative - but don't let that put you off, because he is basically a very nice guy.

    His ASCENDANT , (how he presents himself to the world), is also CAPRICORN, but because it's quite late, most of his first house is in AQUARIUS- and he should read AQUARIUS, as well as CAPRICORN, in the daily papers for more accurate daily forecasts .

    Your BF ha MARS (his drive) and VENUS, (who he is attracted to) in AQUARIUS , so sometimes he likes to shock people , just to keep them awake . He is however , also attracted to humanitarian causes, but basically he's pretty unassuming and will rarely make himself the figurehead of a cause. Your BF is independent, as MERCURY (his thought processes ) are in freedom loving , plane-hopping, SAGITTARIUS , who likes to feel free even if he is chained to the kitchen sink!

    A FORECAST FOR 2010-2011.

    His PROGRESSED MOON is currently overheard his SCORPIO MIDHEAVEN, bringing all affairs to do with work and personal ambitions to the fore.

    2011 will bring a visit from PLUTO, planet of transformation and reconstruction, as it hovers directly over his 12th house , forcing him to reassess what he's doing with his life and who is worth making sacrifices for .

    More importantly , for 2010,. JUPITER, planet of Rock ‘n roll and good times will pay a visit in February and March, passing over his second house of money and possessions; so if he doesn’t throw a party, at least, make him take you shopping!


    As you are both goats, you obviously have a lot in common and share the same values. More importantly, your boyfriend's SUN (the essence of his personality), is twinned with your VENUS, so he instinctively finds you attractive; his Goddess of Love.

    Your JUPITER (planet of expansion , sometimes fertility and good times ), is twinned with his CAPRICORN ASCENDANT , so for him you are good times, a party girl, fun; in fact the whole Las Vegas experience in one .Equally, your boyfriend's MARS (planet of energy and drive), has the power to kick-start your AQUARIAN ASCENDANT , driving you along when you are suffering from inertia. He is good for you and you him.

    The only thing that troubles me is that your CANCERIAN MOON is sitting astride his CANCERIAN DESCENDANT, suggesting that your moods may depress him enough to, like the sea eroding a cliff-face, make your relationship crumble. Knowing that the threat is there, steps can be taken to avoid this happening. Peace and love.

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    Peace and love.

  • My first return was good.Looking forward to the 2nd.

  • Dear Aquavic

    Good for you; most people dread Saturn's visits. If you pit the work in though, you dhould reap the benefts. peace and love.

  • HP, am I still on the list as I did see me lovingsilverwings in uppercase letters on one list.

    Yes I will be patience. DOB May 2, 1947 Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. Now residing in southearthern British Columbia, Canada



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    You're number 12 I...will put out a new list soon

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  • I'm sill here. Thankyou so much they look like they take time.

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