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  • I'm still patiently waiting for my turn. Please put me in your list. Thank you

  • I'm still patiently waiting for my turn. Please put me in your list. Thank you

  • Glad to see my name on the list. I'll wait patiently.

  • Dear khaitie & Sharon

    Thanks for being have just been prioritised

    Peace and love.

  • Thank you for adding me to your list. xoxo

  • Thank you High Priestess, I see my name on your list so I am patiently waiting. Peace and love to you.

  • Dear Tonib and GJay

    Thanks for your patience. Peace and love

  • Good evening HP3, I saw your list, it appears I am not prioritized. My original posting was page 23 ( I think), I have sent reminders as requested, but I think I must keep falling off your radar. I am still interested in your insights if you are able to do so for me, I would much appreciate it. I do not log on everyday, but at leats 3-4 x's per week, so I may not immediately reply when you post lists or requests for updates etc.,

    I will provide my info here again and look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you and be well.

    Fairfax Virginia

    December 22, 1971

    11:11 pm

  • Dear Highpriestess3,

    My original posting was on Page 11 above Dchell but I do not see my name in your list. I request you to please add my name to the list of readings as I have been patiently waiting for your insight since January 4. My details are as follows :

    I would like to know about my love life...

    December 5, 1969

    13.14 p.m.

    Pune, India

    Thanking you in advance, Monisha

  • Dear irbex

    You are now in capitals.thanks for your patience

    Dear Monisha Apologies ..will get too you asap.


  • Greetings high priestess. Just picked up on this discussion. Ive has some difficult times and feel that life is now looking up, but having suffered much heart ache - mostly through my bad choices - I wonder if there is any longterm relationship in my future or if I am better, or need to acceot being on my own now?

    I was born3/8/63, in luton, bedfordshire, england.

    Many thanks .skybunny

  • Don't tire yourself out dear, we have patience, I would love to know my lucky days! ? whenever, love n light!

  • Thanks HP, I see my name capitalized in your list. Thank you!


  • Dear Skybunny

    Thanks, but have you a time of brth please?

    Dear Poetc

    No worries..I think you need Leoscorpion, or the Captain for numbers. Cheers

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    I'm still waiting for my read


  • I would like to have some insight into my 2nd Saturn return.Iwas born on January 22,1953 at 2:58 AM in Tacoma Washington.Any glimpse would be appreciated.

  • Hi highprietess

    I was wondering where i am at on the list if its no trouble as i know you are very busy.

    Am i still after DSCHELL?

  • Dear Dschell


    My goodness , what a little goat you are, with no less than four planets in earthly practical, ambitious CAPRICORN, as well as your NORTH NODE, which in the 11th house, giving your Astro profile an AQUARIAN influence and suggesting that your life's work in this incarnation is to join a humanitarian cause, such as Amnesty, PETA, Greenpeace, or Save the Whale. You also have an AQUARIAN ASCENDANT, (you should read Aquarius before Capricorn in magazines for more accurate readings incidentally), which accentuates these humanitarian and NEW-AGE traits of yours, as the ASCENDANT is the mask we wear for the outside world.

    However, your earthy, hard-edged, CAPRICORN SUN, which is at the core of your astro-personality - as well as MERCURY ( your thought processes and how you collate information ) - sit in the 12th house, endowing your earthy practical nature , with a slightly PISCEAN self-sacrificing and dreamily romantic centre. This 12th house placing also gives you more or less a very psychic’s ability to pick up the flotsam and jetsam of other people's thought waves and emotions, so it is very necessary that you learn to filter out those which are negative to protect yourself from psychic cyber attacks.

    VENUS, the planet of love (in your chart, who you are attracted to and vice versa), is in earthy CAPRICORN once more, but this time in the 11th house, making you attracted to NEW-AGE unusual types, even bordering on the eccentric.

    By far your most exciting placing however, is your SUN-JUPITER conjunction, which although in CAPRICORN, gives you all the exciting attributes of carefree , enthusiastic travel-loving SAGITTARIUS and as you also have MARS and NEPTUNE in SAGITTARIUS (this time in the 10th house of work and worldly ambitions), your more carefree and Las Vegas loving alter-ego will tend to dominate, your workplace, where you may not always be taken seriously .

    I must add a note of caution here, as you tend to attract a fair amount of hostility in the workplace, which you neither look for , nor deserve, but with MARS , the God of War so prominent in your MIDHEAVEN , passing gunslingers will challenge you to a dual whenever they see you, to see who is the fastest gun in town. Be aware and keep a low profile when this happens to you.

    Finally, you have a watery, lunar, ocean-loving, heart-and- flowers CANCERIAN MOON (your emotional responses to the world about you ) in the 6th house, which makes you work-orientated and health- aware. However, your super-sensitive, emotional MOON sits in lonely isolation in watery CANCER , opposing your earthy SUN and the plethora of your other “earthed” planets in CAPRICORN, and because the essence of your Sun’s energy and your Moon’s emotional responses to it are poles opposites and can never meet, you will always feel vaguely discontented ;not that you are unhappy , but that you rarely feel content with life. The compensation for putting up with this earth-sun/water- moon opposition, however , is that it endows you with great strength and endurance.

    YOUR FORECAST FOR 2010 -2011

    Some sort of career change, not initially looked for perhaps, is indicated in the Autumn of 2010, a process which will not come to fruition until early 2011, when your PROGRESSED MOON passes over 10th house MARS in SAGITTARIUS - when involvement in some sort of higher education, travel- writing, interest in philosophy and alternative religions, will all appeal

    All CAPRICORNS are currently experiencing a very long visit from PLUTO, Lord of the underworld and herald of radical, personal transformation. PLUTO is presently hovering above VENUS, Goddess of Love in the 11th house , like an alien spaceship , so expect transformations in your love life , your friendships and in the groups that you belong to. You could also come across a SCORPIO- the Lord of the underworld himself -during this transformation an if you do, you had better get acquainted with him ,because he will be with CAPRICORNS for rather a long time. Enjoy !

    JUPITER passed over your ASCENDANT, making you perhaps embark on a new love affair in the spring of 2009, which might or might not be ongoing and this Las Vegas-trip, party-feeling will remain with you for the whole of 2010 - so carry on having fun and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

    (BF’s chart and you compatability coming next )

    Peace and love

  • Da Majicsouldrem

    At the moment..on the lis, it is






    prowling liones







    I have sorted out my computer software and should be up to speed soon.


  • Dear Dawnbenway

    you're very welcome

    Dear Lastdance

    You are now in capiital letters. Thanks for your patience.

    Dea Aquavic

    You're on the list...hopefully your 1st Saturn return wasn't too rough!

    Peace and loe

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