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  • HighPriestess3, I had no idea you have a wrist injury and yet you're doing your utmost to give people their answers. Take care of yourself. Take a break from all this and rest yourself. Everything will take care of itself. I hope you are feeling lots better soon.


  • HighPriestess3, I thought I'd sent you a message but obviously I hadn't.

    I had no idea you have a wrist injury and yet you're doing your utmost to give people answers. You must take care of yourself and take a break from all this. We'll find our answers from somewhere, even if it's from within ourselves. I hope you are ok and that you're not aggravating your pain.

    Rest up and take it easy. I really hope you do.

    Peace and happy days to you. Thank you for caring about everybody.


  • get well soon Hp!

  • Dear Intrigued and LuckyMermaid

    Thanks so much for your good wishes, but I'll soldier on (in true Brit style) and get all your charts done as soon as I can. In fact I bought some voice-recognition softeware to speed things up and it cost an arm-and-a -leg. Could I install it? Of course I coundn't and it was even a struggle for the technician I had to bring in toinstalll it on my PC. Its installed now...can I work it...of course not, but this is just the beginning!

    Peace and love

  • Dear Moelops

    You're meant to be on the above post...My sofware is installed (imposssible to do for an ordinary person like myself.)....and I can't work it yet.

    Love and hugs

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Mindovermatr

    You're on the list.

    Dear fanofkmm

    Thanks for youe wise words..I am, of course, the least patient person on the planet.

    Dear Poetic 555

    Thanks a lot

    Peace and love

  • Hi Highprestess3, I am on page 19, just wondered where I am on your list, sorry about your wrist, peace and love to you.

  • Thank you Highpriestess and sorry to hear about your injury. My question was regarding my relationship with my Cancer man, are we right for each other? My dob is 17th March 1967 time born 7 pm, his dob is 18th July 1968 time born 6 am.

    Many thanks and hope you get better soon xx

  • Dear Highpriestess,

    Just wondering if I am coming up anytime soon:) I know u r very busy & appreciate any info.:)

    9/21/1970, Mobile, AL, 4:05 am

    Thank you:)

  • Dear Quenkath

    No problem thanks.....youre on page 5

    Hi're on page 4

    Hi Jengbhm you're on page 3

    Hi Gorgeousgal you're on page 3 too

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Get well hp! Be healthy!

  • Dear Serious


    As you are a very late SUN GEMINI, you are 'cuspal' and posess a combination of the characteristcs of both GEMINI and CANCER. Thus your SUN ( your personality) and VENUS (who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you) are in GEMINI, making you clever, articulate, charming, as well as well-read, good at languages and wittily amusing. Your VENUS in GEMINI is in the 6th house of work and health,. so apart from being attracted to fellow GEMINIS, an earthy,witty, well-dressed and frequently critical,( but incredibly s e x y)

    VI RGO would makee a suitable love-match, as would a sensitive CANCERIAN.

    Yet your air sign,GEMINI SUN and VENUS are equally matched by 2 planets in watery, MOON-ruled, CANCER; that is, MERCURY (your thought proc esses and how you collate information) as well as MARS (your drive and how you expend your energy).. Thus you are sensitive to the moods of others, a tradionalist, a hearts- and- flowers romantic, loyal, family- orientated and drawn to living near to the sea, so you can be within earshot of the gentle, incessantly rhyhmic sound of waves breaking on the shore -although I am aware that you culd be living amidst the ancient red rocks of the desert!!!..

    MERCURY, MARS and your SUN are all in the 7th house of partnerships, so as well as being happier when one half of a couple, this 7th house placing also makes you popular and people are intrinsically drawn to you , like moths to a flame. Yet your SUN is cripplingly close to your DESCENDANT, making you suffer from bouts of painful shyness that you find difficult to fight off.

    In part this is because your ASCENDANT (26 degrees SAGITTARIUS, but so late as to be virtually CAPRICORN) is stern in demandng perfection of you and you fear that intellectually, you don't match up to others' expectations of you; you feel this leaden pressure acutely and with an early TAUREAN MOON conjunct expansive JUPITER , repressed fears and emotions can build up to create intolerable pressure, sometimes resulting in temperemental outbursts, like a kettle coming to the boil...go ahead and whistle..everyone needs to let off steam!

    YOUR 2010 -2011 FORECAST

    All the hard work you have put into building a career will start to bear fruit next Christmas , culminating in September 2011, as a transiting SATURN passes over your LIBRAN MIDHEAVEN , rewarding your efforts and turning seed time into harvest.. Congratulations.

    You will have earned it.

    Peace and love.

  • I love it HP!

    THank you so much~! very worth the wait!

    Keep it up you lioness of hope and confidence~!

    Love and hope


  • happy birthday to my friend across the pond may you have many more all filled with love and are beautiful and an asset to this world. xoxoxoxox..donna

  • Dear Serious

    So glad you like it...are you on a course at the momen?

    Dear st Claire

    Thnks so much for your kind thoughts.

    Love and hugs to you both

  • Is it your birthday HP?? Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthdayhappybirthdayhappybirthday to YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! 😉 (Trust me you didn't want to hear that out loud, singing is NOT one of my assets!! heehee!)

  • L ove to you Goosemomma..I'll be doing your chart soon.xox

  • Hi HighPriestess,

    I've noticed some people asking how far down the line they are, and I'm a bit curious too. If your wrist is feeling better (!) would you be able to compile a list of the order you'll be going in? I think that'll help people as the thread will probably keep growing and we may get lost! Haha...I just thought I'd ask if you were able to do that. If not, that's completely fine! I hope you're doing well. Remember to take some time out to rest, you don't want to make your injury worse. Peace and love!

  • Dear if24576

    I do the top 10 periodically...I also ask for prompts so that I don't do a reading that won't get picked up. It's a good idea to do the whole list of today, but I'll have to post it later as I need to take names off if they havent answered my prompts.Thanks

    Peace and love.

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