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  • Dear DChell

    You're only 3 away from the top now. Sorry for the delay.


  • Hello Highpriestess

    My name is Claire and I'm curious about the man in my life and where we are headed together

    my birthdate is 7/21/57

    6:57 PM

    Redding, California

    His name is James, I only know his birthdate which is 7/9/66

    Many blessings to you........xo

  • Hi Hp,

    This is rezmedic. I noticed the times of birth and I didn't put mine because I don't know mine or his. my dob again 05-24-62 mount clemens, mich 1125pm(?) I am a night owl is why I say that. His is 01-06-50 in Red LAke MINN (indian Reservation) probaly like 600am he is a morning person. LOL We are opposites. I am guessing times as I saw you say that to others. I thank- you so much for your valuable time and energy and expertise. We both work on the same ambulance service on our reservation. I also noted when I did these( just learning) I sometimes had cap moon or Aquarius. I think my emotions are like a cap though. So I guess we'll see, Hopefully , Thanks Rezmedic

  • hi highpriestess,

    I can see you are working at top speed; and I dont know what your 'real' (money) job is, but I admire your dedication to this work.

    If possible, can you tell me what this year is holding for me? I am recently widowed. I plan for it to be quiet one . . .

    4 october 1957

    1:13 pm

    Vicenza Italy

  • Thanks, Highpriestess, take your time. I just wanted to be sure you had all the info you needed. I see that I accidentally posted it twice...oops lol. I appreciate you taking the time to do this. 🙂

  • I would like to know about the direction I am headed in professionally and romatically.

    May 25, 1964

    Lawton OK

    1:10 PM

  • Hello HighPriestess! I Just wanted to say thank you again, and wish you a happy and peace filled day! Also to say, you remind me of the "Energizer Bunny"... you just keep on goooooing! Or.. like the commercial slogan.. you are "the gift that keeps on giving"!! (Can't remember what product that

    I hope all of your giving comes back to you tenfold!

    Blessings and love,


  • Dear Sacogirl

    Tee hee.I love that Engergizer Bunny slogan...very cute; I don't know the product (I'm a Brit of course), but we do have a " Duracell Bunny," which is a battery that outlasts the rest, so I suspec t the 2 are the same. Glad you and Everett had a wonderful day. xox

    Dear Ragtopcaligirl .... you're on the list..hopefully won't take too lng.

    Dear Luckymermaid ...thanks for your kind words..I'm a teacher, winding down would you

    believe. I'll get to you as soon as I can.

    Dear Rezmedic..........I wont be able to get your Ascendants or houses, but the compatability

    should work well. i 'll ry not to take too long

    Dear Dschell... you're a sweetie,, and very patient thnks.

    Dear Geminigirl you're on the list.

    Peace and love

  • Dear Pink Lotus

    Unfortunately I cannot know your Ascendant, or your houses without a time, but I hope this "mini-reading" will be useful.


    You are a humanitarian, forward-looking, New-Age, Sun AQUARIAN who will join causes that fight injustice and infringements of human rights. You like unusual- people and like to stand out from the crowd yourself and are drawn to being part of a group of like-minded people with similar interests..

    Fortunately for you the quirkier characteristics of your sign were softened at your birth, when VENUS, the planet of love, money and all good things, paid your AQUARIAN Sun a visit, like a good fairy and the two became one. This SUN-VENUS pairing blessed you with good looks, charm and a love of luxury and all aesthetically beautiful things. Others may think you have led a charmed life, but you know otherwise -it is a question of other people's perceptions of you, but with VENUS, ruling LIBRA and TAURUS, any career in the arts, or dealing with beautiful objects (or people), will appeal.

    Your MOON (how you respond to people and situations), is in the ocean-loving, home-loving; tradition-loving and protective-of-privacy,, CANCER - giving you an alternative, totally different personality to your usual social and gregarious AQUARIAN self. MARS ( your drive and how you use your energy) is also in a water sign; smoulderingy possessive and passionate, SCORPIO, accenting the emotional changeability of your CANCERIAN it any wonder then you get weepy, moody, negative days, that roll in from nowhere, like a rough sea breaking on a rocky shoreline?.


    It looks as if you might have to change long-cherished plans in February and March , as a romance, or career project takes a dive, or at least, disappoints. However, a better offer will follow, so be ready to welcome it. Good luck, Lotus.

    SERIOUS you really ARE next. Sorry to keep you waiting.

  • 🙂

  • Dear Serious

    I'm a one-handed at the old double wrist-fracture in my right hand is really giving me stick...but it's your birthday in a day or it will be done..Cheers fellow Aquarian..

  • Hey there Highpriestess,

    Lucky you, your birthday is 2 days after mine. I was wondering is I am on your list anywhere? I originally posted on Jan 5th on pg 17. Like you said, remind you. Thanks in advance. I'm really excited to know if anything good is coming my way. Want to make a move...but I want to make sure its the right move before I do it. It's been a hard 3 years...hope good news is around the corner.

    Love all the work you are doing in your "Spare" time. I can only imagine how much time this really takes up. If you are like me, you love this stuff.



  • Hp thank you very mch, but its actually 20,/ 6 /1987! june 20th 1987

  • Highpriestess,

    If there is something I can do to help you....I will! It's hard to keep up when your one handed. I tried the voice activated software...It will take a little bit to get used to it, but should do the job for you.

    I await my turn on list.


  • Dear Moelops

    You're psychic..just bought the softwre and couldn't insall it, so a chappie is coming round tomorrw to put it on... yes , I have your details,thanks.

    Dear serious. sorry yes june 20/ 87. ..just you? no-one else?

    Peace and love to you

  • Yes please, I need to see this for more than just an astroloigical view. Thank you for asking and doing this.

  • Highpriestess,

    LOL, I 'm not that psychic. you said you had gotten it in an earlier post. let me know how the new software works for you. Good night for now.


  • Highpriestess3,

    I would love to know what 2010 has in store for me. I have been seriously thinking about moving but am unsure if this is a good time. I am also curious if you see a love interest this year. I'm divorced 9 years and love-less.

    My b-day is 3/5/ Morristown, NJ (Morris County) time: 7:41 p.m.

    Thank you

  • Dear HP3,

    Just wanted to ask you to pls take care of yourself first before trying to fulfil our needs. Don't aggrevate your wrist injury unnecessarily.

    Patience is a valuable lesson to learn. The universe does not answer immediately and neither should you feel the need to do so.

    Blessings to you.

  • Hope you feel better soon, take it easy.

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