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  • Dear Moonalisa

    Glad to have shed some lilght and thanks for your helps....fingers-crossed you make the right decision;it's easier to leave the stats quo in place, but sometimes we just have to make a leap of faith. Good luck!

  • Have a Blessed New Year Highpriestess,

    I would like to know about my life in general.



    Mexico City,

    Thank you

  • Dear Highpriestess,

    Thank you so much for the reading, I feel better already. This certainly coincides with the Tarot cards that have been telling me change is on the way. I will definitely let you know what happens in due course.

    Peace and many blessings,


  • Dear Katie

    Glad things are looking up..tell me your good news when it happens. Have a fun 2010 Love and hugs

  • Dear Highpriestess,

    Thank you so much for your kind offer. I was wondering if you could do a generic reading for me or if that's too much, just a reading for 2010 would be great?

    My DOB is 7th August 1981

    Place Tallinn, Estonia

    Time 11.05AM

    Happy New Year! x

  • Happy new year ๐Ÿ™‚ i would love to know about my love life


    3:36 am

    Oneida ny us

  • Dear Highpriestess,

    I have had a feeling of change I think around my job? Maybe different career? I do love my job, but I think it may be time to learn more in a different field. Thanks so much!

    D.O.B. Aug. 21 1962 @ 6:35pm

    Clare, Mi. U.S.

    Many Blessings in the New Year!

    P.S. I am going to "try" to post at Create a New Topic (Never did it before ๐Ÿ™‚ Could you check that out, I hope thats not the change! Thank you again-All the Best!

  • hello, i would like a reading on where my love life is, and where is it going? D.O.B

    September, 23 1960 thank you in advance

  • Would love to know where my love life is going. 06-23-74 san luis obispo,ca. P.S. Thank you for your incredible generousity.

  • Hello! I would like to know the compatability with these two. It's an odd relationship so I would be curious. I'll give you what I have, but I don't know his birthtime. Thank you so much!


    Planet Deg Sign Min

    Sun 17ยบ Scorpio 09'

    Moon 13ยบ Gemini 13'

    Mercury 27ยบ Scorpio 03'

    Venus 4ยบ Capricorn 04'

    Mars 0ยบ Scorpio 38'

    Jupiter 19ยบ Libra 36'

    Saturn 13ยบ Sagittarius 23'

    Uranus 11ยบ Leo 38'

    Neptune 2ยบ Scorpio 53'

    Pluto 2ยบ Virgo 10'

    Ascendant 14ยบ Aquarius 01'

    Midheaven 2ยบ Sagittarius 28'

    Tropical Placidus

    Standard time

    GMT: 19:46:00 Time Zone: 7 hours West


    Planet Deg Sign Min

    Sun 17ยบ Capricorn 38'

    Mercury 2ยบ Capricorn 27'

    Venus 3ยบ Pisces 06'

    Mars 6ยบ Pisces 24'

    Jupiter 10ยบ Taurus 59'

    Saturn 26ยบ Libra 37'

    Uranus 16ยบ Cancer 26'

    Neptune 23ยบ Libra 48'

    Pluto 22ยบ Leo 49'

    Tropical Placidus

    Standard time

    GMT: 05:00:00 Time Zone: 5 hours West

  • Dear RCDreamer


    You have a TAUREAN SUN (conjunct Mercury) in your 11th house,with VENUS residing there too, all of which give you a 'URANIAN' or Aquarian flavouring, not generally found in stable, friendly, stubborn bulls. Hence you are friendlier and less shy than is normal for Taureans and like to hang out with groups of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

    Sitting at the back of your psyche, your late SAGGITARIAN MOON (which loves to feel itself free)in the 6th house of health and work, so you believe that a healthy mind and healthy body go hand-in-hand. You may feel than in earning a living, you have become just a cog in a machine, but one of your life's tasks, in this incarnation, is to discern between spiritual and

    material wealth; to shed the trappings of the former and nurture the latter; you have to weigh the difference between (as Oscar Wilde put it): the VALUE of things to you, and their PRICE!

    Finally, your MARS is energetic in its own sign of ARIES in the 9th house of Higher Education, philosophy and law, whilst your ASCENDANT is in sensitive, romantic, family-loving (sometimes "crabby") CANCER, so please read CANCER before TAURUS in magazines, for more accurate daily readings.


    You might feel you want to either "earn more", or "learn more" about a subject that might be connected with your career, as transiting JUPITER visits natal Jupiter in your house of spiritual awareness and Higher Education - from now to October/November 2010, you might finally write that thesis, or acquire new work skiills!. Whatever happens, you will make a career move , or it will be forced upon you in MAY 2011, when your 10th house MARS is overtaken by the "lightning- bolt planet", URANUS. Your feet will be so itchy to go work elsewhere, or in another field , that you'll have to take up running, or extreme-sports!.

    On a duller note, SATURN that boring taskmaster, will be visiting your 4th house of home and domestic responsibilities, so these should keep your itchy feet firmly on the ground. Enjoy the experience and do tell me if all this makes sense to you please. Peace and love.

  • hi,

    i would like to learn about my love life...and general 2010 if possible...thank you


    feb 23 1962

    1:42 am

    san antonio texas

  • Dear TwentyTen


    Your ASCENDANT is SAGITTARIUS, but because it is past the midpoint, I would read both CAPRICORN as well as Sagittarius before SCORPIO for a day-to-day reading. You are, of course a SUN SCORPIO, seductive, powerful and charming and conjunct VENUS in the 11th house, you would have had plenty of friends and life would have been as social as you chose.

    The SUN/VENUS conjunction also suggests that you had a comfortable upbringing as a child , with warm parenting, but that is not really the case, as you have the wonded healeer, CHIRON in your first house. You are a sage-teacher and healer; you can wound too however and sometimes you are positively 'harsh', with a "kill, or cure attitude to other people's problems.

    You were somewhat rejected by your mother when young...were you the wrong gender? Was she busy leading her own life? Were you a stage-prop in her one-act play? Whatever the cause, the effect hs left you with diminished self-worth, a self-worth and prestige it has taken you a career-lifetime to re-establish. Yet you are close to your mother and have forgiven her everything, with your generous and stable TAUREAN MOON in the dramatic 5th house...oh the scenes she made, but how endearing!


    A shaky, unstable MARS in LIBRA on your career MIDHEAVEN is currently being battered by the cosmic taskmaster, SATURN. Are you thinking of retiring early, too exhausted to have established a health-sustaining, or sensible life-work balance? Are you anxious to change things before it is too late? Now is the time, as your progressed MOON urges you also to move house ...perhaps 'up' rather than 'downsizing'! I cannot see how you can rersist a change of either home, or career...your financial well-being is, of course, related to both.

    I think you will have to throw caution to the wind and embrace change, not as a negative experience, but as a Scorpionic "Transformation" from chrysallis to butterfly. Time to spread your wings and break free my friend.. Let me know please whether I have completely misinterpreted the aspects and whether, or not I should be the one retiring instead? Peace and love.

  • Happy New Year! Thank you for this gift.

    I'm looking for REAL love in 2010! birthdate June 5, 1974

    time 6:30 a

    place san francisco, ca

  • Happy New year Highpriestess3, This is great gift that you are giving for the New Year Hope you have a great 2010....

    i'm wondering how how relationship situation for 2010???

    DOB 09-1776 Bassano del grappa Italy

    DOB 10-23-1961 Manila Philippines

    Thank you in advance

  • Dear Virgopiggy


    Well you know you have a VIRGO SUN in the 9th House, but did you know that it is conjunct VENUS and PLUTO in your 10h house of career?. This suggests both a blessing and a curse; a blessing because career opportunities and money should come your way without to much effort on your part;; a curse, because you attract power struggles (often "to the death" without ever beng aware of it - from people who see as you as a threat to their own position..

    Your current struggles will end as SATURN, that cosmic taskmaster transits this conjunction from now until the Summer. However, just as you might have felt it to be safe to step back into those same career waters again, Saturn hits URANUS in November - there will be no rresolution to the hiatus this creates, until the Summer of 2011, when you will finally sail into calm waters.

    Your ASCENDANT is SAGITTARIUS, so read that sign before VIRGO for more accurate daily readings and your MOON is in attention-seeking LEO. Is your mother a bit of a diva? Your soul-lesson for this lifetime is to change your values from the material ( I can hear Madonna singing that song) to the more spiritual - somethngs cannot be bought and you might also be diametrically opposed to the values held by your parents.

    Aquarians, Geminis, Leos and especially Sagittarians are all potential suitors, but as Virgo ladies are usually very good-looking, I can see you beating off lots of these with a big stick (a metaphor of course) . Let your careeer sort itself out in 2011; I would concentrate on your love-ife in 2010. It looks much more "Rock'n Roll" than your career.Peace and love. Let me know if I'm anywhere near the truth here, please..

  • HELLO highpriestess

    I would also like to know about my love life. I'm seeing someone long distance, it's actually someone that came back into my life after 13 years, but it seems to be just stuck on a physical level since last july. I wanted to know if this is just a fling or can become something deeper.

    my data is 23 july 61

    3:33 am Tokyo Japan

    his 12 july 76

    not sure of time

    Sao Paulo Brazil

  • Hello highpriestess, I would also like some career/education advice for 2010 june 5, 1974. San francisco, Ca, 6:30a. I asked about love also, and am still awaiting a response. Thank you

  • Dear gkt

    When and where were you born please?

  • Dear Mellove

    Have you got your TIME of birth please? Thanks.

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