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  • Good Morning! Good Morning! The sky is blue and the sun is shining here in Happy Valley..........but it's like 27 degrees outside and as usual, I'm freezing. Next week it's supposed to warm up and rain..........the entire week. Y'all know by now how much I like rain, lol.

    Yesterday I had a little epiphany for sure as I was sitting here watching the snow come down outside outside the window...........whether I realized it at first or not, I'm still the same girl I thought I was.

    OK..........maybe it wasn't so was HUGE to me, lol.........

    Love to you all...........MzRed

  • Dear Leonida and Chocolatemoose

    As MyJourney has explained, I have no time at the moment, although I do remember your request,, Leonida. I will try and do something for you at a future date, but that won't be just yet., I'm afraid. Peace and love.

  • Dear MzRed

    How lovely that you have , "Come back to life," as such...your moment of epiphany is obviously the start of a new life; I do hope that the weather warms up for you and look forward to hearing more of your good news.Much love to you.x

  • Oh myyyy...........just coming in out of the rain for a few and thought I'd say hello...........helloooooooo............helloooooooooooooo. Do I hear an echo??? I think I do.

    Life goes on and I am soooooooo praying for the sun again.

    Love to you all.........


  • HELLO Mz RED ...lovely to hear from you ....and so glad you are also waiting patiently for the Spring to arrive.Yes, it has gone rather quite here and yes, the echoes are rather deafening in the silencethat reigns where there used to be singing in the valley...... BUT heyho, sIng up Mz Red....I want to hear you singing with me , , LOUDER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luvya x

  • Dear HP3,

    Just wanted to drop in and say hi and happy belated birthday, as well as give you an update. 🙂 You mentioned that I would have hurt then healing....LOL! I had my car hit by horses, then was told they could repair it, waiting 5 weeks for the repair to be completed! Then, just last weekend, my two year old was having extreme abdominal pains, so we went to the emergency room at our local hospital and found that he had means his bowel was basically enveloping part of itself...after waiting 8 hours at our local hospital (and having ultrasounds done), they told us that he would have to have surgery to correct this...He had to be put in an ambulance and driven 3 hours away to Children's hospital for this surgery. When we arrived, we waited a about 6 hours while they did more ultrasounds, then an X-ray, ultimately finding that amazingly (and I believe by the grace of GOD) that he had completely healed in that short of time...We ended up staying over at Children's for the rest of the weekend and were allowed to leave late Monday morning to come home...It seems so strange that something that was so extreme changes so quickly! It is so amazing how you can be so down, and so suddenly up again! Quite amazing! 🙂 Hope you are doing well, and I will continue to keep in touch!

    God Bless! 🙂


  • Anyone who would like to offer advice on the topic of career and income using my birth chart would be greatly appreciated! DOB: 8/28/1956, 6:45 p.m., Place of Birth: Raceland, Louisiana

    Blessings to everyone in 2011!

  • Hi Chris, HP's thread has been closed for many months,just start a new thread,you will be answered...

    love and light...


    Hoping and praying everyone is happy and healthy...

    dear MzRed, i am also awaiting that ball of light in the sky:( Hoping you are adjusting to your new surroundings, as soon as the sun comes back we will all be singing and the echos will disapeer...

    love and light to you dear cyber friend


    Hello Dear super cyber buddy HP, a shout out from canada..things are still at a red light, but i can see some changes, slowly but still changes:) I hope you are finding time on your new journey sweet HP, love,light,laughter attached with love and hugs sweetie..

    Missing all of you and missing me lol...

    Namaste to all


  • hobbies, The wait must of been terrifying for you i am so happy to hear everything turned out for your sweet precious baby...

    Namaste hobbies


    peace,light,love and blessings attached with a hug

  • Dear Hobbies

    Good heavens......what a relief....and how ghastly for you that you thought your poor boy would have to have surgery; how marvellous that miraculously (it DOES appear to have been some sort of miracle, doesn't it?) he healed on his own accord . I'm so glad for you that (fingers crossed) he is now fine and life has become comfortingly quiet again....... long may it continue.

    That it all started with the horse-car collision.....well, when I predicted the hurting then the healing, I certainly didn't envisage such a bizarre set of circumstances....the true nature of life is certainly stranger than fiction, I think you'll agree.

    Thank you so much, Hobbies, for the update and do please stay in touch; I really do appreciate your keeping me in the loop Much love to you and your little boy. x

  • Dear Chris777

    Sorry, but I have no time at thte moment, but why not ask 'The Captain' and start a new thread, aas My Journey suggests; I'm sure someone will help. Good luck. Peace and love.

  • Dear MyJourney

    Hello favourite Super-Cyber-Buddy-Shee, lovely to hear from you again ....I have been hyper-busy lately, but that 's good for me, because that's what I'm used to. I 'm sorry to hear that you're sitting at a red light at the moment, but by the end of 2011, I'm sure we'll all have moved into the fast-lane of life (well, the middle one at least, rather than the slow one!). Don't think I've forgotten the Forum.....I haven't and I'm still here in spirit if less in body, so bye for now and I'll be in touch soon. Buckets of love, Shee.x

  • Hobbles, sorry for calling you hobbies lol, HPand i must wear the same glasses or need to....

    love and light


    HP i know you could never forget us....


  • Dear MyJourney

    Love the chimp....looks like one of my relatives...ahhh..bless..Luvya x

  • HP dear friend how is it going

    I hope things are good with you and family

    I have an exciting time with new people

    Still reading good books, still cleansing and protection as usual

    only read charts for myself and sometimes looking at yours and SS

    hope you have a great 2011

  • Dear MyJourney and HP3,

    Thank you both for all your kindness!

    Dear MyJourney, thank you and your pictures are sooo beautiful. I don't know where you find them, but they are so calming, and peaceful! I love the children ones and the fairy gorgeous...Oh, and no worries, it is actually my ex-husband's old nickname and his birth year...perhaps I should find a nickname of my own now... 🙂

    Dear HP3, Thank you again, and yes, it is so funny, I was expecting to perhaps have a bad headache and feel better the next day or something as I hardly ever get certainly wasn't expecting the "stampede" of things there for a while, but definitly I was blessed with the miracle that happened for my son...It is amazing how things can change (for the bad or good) so suddenly...I think too often people only realize that things change suddenly when it is for the bad, but we have to realize that the good is there and we have to appreciate and be grateful for the quick changes there too! 🙂 Thank you again for all your kindness! 🙂

    Lots of love!


  • Dear Hobbles76 (Laci is so much nicer!)

    Sorry for always having got your name wrong -as MyJourney says, we've only got 1 pair of glasses between us and sharing them between Vancouver and Cambridge has been really inconvenient, but ho hum, 'spec-sharing' is certainly very economical, but we have to use carrier-pigeons, rather than FEDEX!

    Do I believe in miracles? Oh yes! Fate? Most certainly. Synchronicity? Absolutely. When 'your number is on it' (as they say in England), there's nothing you can do to avoid it (your fate that is).

    Thankfully, higher powers were protecting your son and yourself (and your car) and for that we must be truly thankful.

    I hope the gods continue to shower you with their benevolence and look forward to hearing more of your good nes. Much love to you , Laci.x

  • Dear LeoScorpion

    It's great to see you on this Forum agian and it's is so nice that everyone pops in from time to time, to say 'Hi!' I'm still on my course, so spend most of my time reading and typing up notes and I love being a 'student' again -it's so refreshing to 'learn' rather than 'teach'; although the two often go together, hand-in-hand..

    I'm glad you're keeping an eye on my chart...I'm currently waiting for JUPITER (or VENUS) to sprinkle me with fairy-dust (or bank-notes); I'm not fussy which; though thankfully your path appears to be much more suitably spiritual.

    Anyway...I'll e-mail you with good news -when I get some - and am just thankful that we're not all in Japan; my commiserations and heart-felt good wishes go out to everyone in that stricken area - as do everyone else's , of course. Namaste.

  • Hey- HP3- Hope your doing well, Nice to catch up again, when your here, hope things at home are good, they are okay for me at the moment, Love ya Bee Xx

  • Dear AngelBee

    How lovely to hear from you and I'm so glad you're happy and on the 'up'. I'll send you an e-mail soon. Meantime, much love to you.x

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