Advice on any topic using your birthchart

  • Yes, that's right HP.......thanks a million!

  • Just a small point...the time was given to me by an astrologer in Australia years ago as my mother could just remember earlyish evening and by events in my life that's what the astrologer came up with.

    Am with a Libran (10/10/53 born Rotterdam,Netherlands) .... am thinking I should finish it...he is typically Libran but he has no money at all, none, and it is really starting to bug me! And the arrogance!!

  • Dear Antoinette

    OK , we'll go with that time and hope it fits....I'll take a look at your Libran too. I should be done by Monday...I'm off out tomorrow..

    Cheers x

  • Thank you so much and have a fantastic day deserve a day off! I'm looking forward to what you have to!

  • HP, does this list being this small just feel like a massive load off of your shoulders? My goodness! I can't believe you're almost DONE!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! It is amazing!

  • Dear Gladyouwroteme

    Amazingly free probably........... what I thouht I'd do is ask people to update me ( at odd times and if they want.) that is the people that I have a chart for..........then we can see how accurate my forecasts were (or not if that's the case). What do you think?

    I have 18th November 77 @ 12.27pm (is that just paast midday, or midnight please?)

    Helena, Montana.

    Peace and love.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, if you have the time I would like some insight on my love life, of where it is headed.. my birthday is July 21st 1990.. 10:30 pm, everett,wa USA -thank you

  • Highpriestess...What more can I say except..."You are marvelous and Extraordinarily gifted and ACURRATE!! You described me to a "T". It is as if you got inside me and viewed my past, personality, career, family and present. There is not one trait description wrong! All I can say is AMAZING! The only concern is my financial However, as long as I have enough, it is okay by me. I need to study it further but from first reading and second reading, I could not agree with you more. I will report back should I have questions, which I know my curious mind will. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart and may God continue to bless you with his love and light!~MorningGlow!

  • barbara2107

    sorry this list has been closed for several months, maybe try and open a new post and hopefully someone can answer you

    love and light

    doeyeyedpisces, again this post has be closed for several months, and HP has numerous times asking months ago if there was any one missing..she is down to the finishing line after a year of sticking with all of us..I offer you the same advice as barbra, to start a new thread and someone will help you also.

    love and light to you both



  • Dear Doeyeyedpisces & Barabara

    Sorry, but it as My Journey says, I've almost reached the finishing line of the thread (which has been closed since May) and therefore cannot take on anyone new ......I'll start up again, but it will not be until the New Year, 'I'm afraid. Have you tried the Captain? Her astrology and insights are spot-on. I hope you find the answers you want.

    Peace and love

  • Dear MorningGLow,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and also your positive feedback,; I'm so glad I managed to capture your essence , so's to speak and I would be delighted, of course,, to answer any further questions, you might have.....I look forward to more discussions with you...Peace and love.

    Dear MyJourney

    Thanks to you and Otis for driving round my perimeter fence on your 'dog patrols'...I will be getting in some tasty morsels for him (and yourself) tell me what he fancies...nothing out of a tin I assume?

    Luvya Super-cyber-buddy.xx

  • HP3,

    My birth place was Lumberton, MS. It is a very small place so the nearest city would be Hattisburg Ms.

    Thanks again

  • Dear Witchywomen

    Thanks a lot.. I'll be with you soon

    Peace and love

  • High Priestess.......hello...don't worry about looking at the Libra partner...he's now my EX...broke it off today! Just don't want to waste your valuable time......thanks.

  • Dear Antoinette

    Ah ...................ok..I might take a sneaky look and tell you why I think it is floundering (you said it already)......he has a Sun/Neptune attractive dreamer expensive dreamer at that....very few people (except a millionairess) could afford such a high maintenance toy....his ideal woman only exists in his head. A vampire-bat would be a safer bet.....I suspect he'll be back?....He'll go where he can live off someone comfortably................and blame you/the world/ politicins / an old man and his dog etc...fot his own shortcomings. Apat from that, he is charming!

    I'm working on you today....your Mercury/Neptune conjunction (in libra too) dreams dreams also, but you know ...practical Virgo that you are ...that someone has to put food on the table.

    Saturn is sitting on your 7th house -relationships - Vertex...with his Sun, so you were fated to be together............if he could take responsibility and work on it, the relationship would be fine...

    April 2011 will give you a golden opportunity to make personal progress........take last had a similar opportunity in April 1999. Can you remember what happened then?

    Bless x

  • Wow have him to a tee!! A talented musician, grandiose ideas, with a sense of entitlement and I'm very tired of holding him up with little thanks.Its been a hard break as I do love him but I needed to do it as I was getting angry and resentful with him.l Yes, he will try and return, but its happened before..this time I am NOT taking him back. Everyone is to blame but him...arrghhh! So onto better things hopefully! April 99? gorgeous daughter suicided in January 99 (in Australia) it was unhappy I came back to New Zealand, then back to Nepal for a little while. A blurry time!

    Thank you so much for what you're really helps in the big scheme of things.

  • Dear Antoinette

    Oh G. o. d. awful! I'm so sorry...I can't imagine how b. l. o. -. d. y . ghastly and helpless that would make you feel....yet I can't pinpoint anything that would trigger that in your chart......all you had that I can see, is JUPITER passing over your Retrograde Natal JUPITER...and that happened again in APRI L of this year 2010,, but has passed over now..( something to do with someone having bad judgement, or being reckless around you?) I suspect the key to such a tragic event is in your dear daughter's chart. Your life at 50 obviously became a BC and AD affair ....if only we could rewind time....b. l. i, m.. e. y. ...that is so sad, Antoinette,,,,I feel completely inadequate to say anything that does not sound superficial in the face of such a loss..

    APRIL 2011 looks good though ..plase let me know -after the event - if it was.(I'm going to look at fixed-stars to check them out! I should post you tomorrow, but if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.

    Love to you x

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Antoinette

    Sorry it was your Natal Sun in Vrgo opposed by transiting Jupiter in Jan 99 and again in April 2010.....


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