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    Angelbee, I didn't know yesterday was your birthday, I'm a crappy OLDER sister, anyhow I hope it was wonderful as you are so wonderful to me.

    (((Big Birthday Hug)))

  • HP3, how many cats own you? I ask this because a third one managed to work her way to my yard in a rainstorm last week, she was about 4 weeks old and soaking wet. My sister brought her in and told me I HAD to keep her and then her and my mom told me they would give me money to feed the extra one. OMG, I feel like such a slave to them all. It is 5:15 a.m. and I have already been up an hour to feed and do pooper scooper patrol, How do you do it?

    They are adorable though but surely a handful.

  • Dear Elaine

    I wondered what you were doing up so early! Poor you!. Well when I was younger (and fitter) my cat-menagerie got up to 6, but then the older ones periodically went scampering off down the Milky Way to reincarnate somewhere else and I went down to 3.....I'm currently down to 2, my Celebrity Cats, Teddy Edwards, the Sage and Orator and Larry, the psychopathic bird-killer, whose antics I have written extensively about on the 'Men of the Zodiac' thread. Mind you, I haven't written much about them lately -they're still sharing bubble-baths with me and still have disgusting personal habits, but are beginning to feel their age, as they're both 13!

    I have purposely resisted acquiring any more since poor Gordon, my favourite 2 year-old, Ginger-Tom, got run over by a car (I live in a cul-de-sac for h.e.a.v.e.n.s. sake) at Christmas, 2003 and expired instantly....that was it....I blubbed for weeks it is awkward when myself and HIM-INDOORS want to go away on holiday to have a menagerie of cats; they cost a fortune at the cattery when you don't succeed in blackmailing one of your friends to come in and feed them for you!!!.

    Back to today, I do hope you get some rest later, Elaine and I am delighted that you have been so kind as to adopt your new arrival....let's look on the bright side, 3 is a lucky number after all and a protective trine , to boot!


    "How do I do it?"

    I chuck them outside the house periodically, as they have the garage (with comfy beds and cat flap ) to hang out in and the garden (yard). I purposely don't have a cat-flap into the main house, because they'd be 'pinging-and flapping' it all night - they have some dodgy nocturnal habits (more looking than doing, I believe) that I'd rather not know about - and the noise would drive me more insane than I am usually......aaaarggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!

    Take care, Elaine. Luvya x

  • cceldredge I am thinking that we are talking about different places. I live close to the cape where all the astronauts are sent off into space. i live about five miles from Cocoa Beach in Florida. i am getting hooked on watching this site. we almost feel like like family. (An extensive one.) I hope everyone has a good day. love, peace and good wishes to all.


  • Hey Thanks Notshy 😃 Not to worry i forgot to tell you too.

    Thanks for the Big hug.

    Love you Bee xX 😃


    FROM HP I chuck them outside the house periodically, as they have the garage (with comfy beds and cat flap ) to hang out in and the garden (yard). I purposely don't have a cat-flap into the main house, because they'd be 'pinging-and flapping' it all night - they have some dodgy nocturnal habits (more looking than doing, I believe) that I'd rather not know about - and the noise would drive me more insane than I am usually......aaaarggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!



  • Dear Shee

    I LOVE your cat picture-posts...... I wish I had the expertise to upload photos, but I'm still in the Dark Ages on that score. I love your laughing kitty and the ginger one above looks just like a younger version of Teddy-Edwards after his bubbble-bath (although T.E. has a rather cute shower-cap hat he wears, because he hates getting his ears makes him depressed and reminds him of when his first owner tried to drown him and his brother in a bucket of water .Anyway, Shee,glad to see that you're feeling better! .Talk to you soon Super-cyber-buddy

    luvya x

    Dear MorningGlow.

    I'll try to post you tonight....tomorrow morning otherwise, at the latest.

    Dear Pisceslover

    Yes indeed, we are a family of super-cyber-buddies....I've met some wonderful ones on this thread. x

    Dear Bee

    I hope you haven't got a post-birthday headache! Luvya x.

  • Dear MorningGlow

    YOUR ASTRO- PROFILE (as accurate as I can make it)

    You are a fun- to-be-with, tremendously-popular, clever- but-erratic-in-finishing-projects, sociable-and-scintillating-to-know, GEMINI, with your SUN (and 3 other planets) in the 8th ‘SCORPIO-influenced’ house of inherited-money, s. e. x. u. a. l. or Kundalini-power and continuous-psychological-self-analysis, which is ruled by PLUTO, Lord of the Underworld; possessor of the rich and abundant ores and minerals which are mined from the depths of the earth.

    You also have MERCURY (which defines how you conceptualise and concretise abstract thoughts and ideas into language and speech), in GEMINI in the 8th house and are therefore blessed with a perceptive and instinctive ability to see through, or below the surface appearance of any person, or situation; in career matters therefore, you would make an excellent, psychoanalyst, detective, scientist, or medical-researcher.

    VENUS too,(which defines who you are attracted to and conversely, who is attracted to you) is also in GEMINI in the 8th house, a position which traditionally makes you fickle in love; flitting from one lover to another, like a butterfly with insomnia, or cat on a hot, tin-roof. However, given that SCORPIO and its associated 8th house are ‘fixed’, you are much more likely to hold on to a lover (even one past his sell-by-date) than to give one up.

    A tendency to hold on to love, even toxic love, is exacerbated by your having MARS (which defines the type of energy you possess and how and where you expend it), in your 7th house of relationships, but it is not warlike like its associated Sun-sign, ARIES, but in the stick-to-routine-whatever-happens, obdurate-but-incredibly-lovable-and-loyal, sign of TAURUS , who will avoid changes of any kind, if at all possible and who are therefore slow in the extreme, to change the habit of being with someone who has the power to hurt them. Also, having your major personal planets in the 8th house, partners will continually engage you in ‘power-struggles’ – as will other members of your family and colleagues at work – it’s not your fault; it’s your 8th house energy that, draws these conflicts towards you, like a magnet draws a mound of iron-filings!

    Power-struggles also occur because you appear strong and principled and do not easily change your mind. In fact, although your core-being is the MUTABLE - AIR Sun-sign, GEMINI, (which is notorious for its chameleon-like changeability), its 8th house ‘SCORPIONIC’ placement mutates that breezy, nonchalant energy into the ‘fixed-water’ energy of ICE and the ‘fixed-fire’ nature of your LEO MIDHEAVEN (which relates to your career path), blesses you with the life-giving energy of the SUN - regal, attention-commanding and confident-in-speech-and-action. The 8th house is also where your VERTEX lies (a sensitive area related to FATED EVENTS) and events relating to – s. e. x. u. a. l chemistry, relationship power-struggles, finances, legacies, birth and death and ‘Trips to the Underworld’ are all likely to have made (or will make) an entrance on the stage that we call ‘life’.

    The FIXED nature of much of your Astro-profile, tethers your chameleon-like GEMINI-SUN very effectively - like a yacht weighing an enormous anchor – and its ‘fixity’ is further increased by your having an ASCENDANT (which defines how you express your inner-self to the outside world, in speech, dress and manners) in SCORPIO itself, further magnifying the power of your 8th house and confirming the thematic dominance of SCORPIO in your horoscope. Individuals with SCORPIO’s ‘fixed-water,’ ASCENDANTS, have oodles of s. e. x. appeal, personal charisma and powers of persuasion - amongst friends, relations and partners - yet rarely use it overtly, seeming to prefer to rake over the coals of the minor details of life, in an attempt to control and shape them to your liking; however, anyone’s control over ‘life’ is transient, as life rarely runs smoothly for any length of time – external events and outside influences which cannot be controlled, intrude constantly. Beware also of a SCORPIONIC tendency to spoil a relationship, by repeatedly pealing back the layers of skin which protect it from the intruding spotlight of your psychoanalysis – too much concentrated thinking about your feelings, can blight a budding romance, as the ideal and the real rarely match!

    There is nothing wrong with being a ’thinker’ of course, but the intellectual brilliance of your ‘airy’ GEMINI-SUN , is dampened and frozen, by the fixed-water (ice),of your SCORPIO ASCENDANT and also by the cardinal-water (steam) of your intensely-emotional, romantic-and- home-loving, CANCERIAN MOON (which defines how you react to both people and situations), which is again in the 8th house. CANCER is ocean-and-MOON-ruled and the phases of the MOON, waxing, full and waning are associated with the 3 fates, the triple-headed goddess, HECATE, the 3 witches in Shakespeare’s, “Macbeth” and of course, episodes of wolf-howling, ‘luna(r)’ madness (I am joking of course!)

    Not that you are remotely mad - far from it; you are extremely stable, but your emotional responses are sometimes unpredictable, due to the placement of URANUS, the ‘AQUARIAN’ planet of lightning-change, being adjacent to your CANCERIAN MOON. This pairing is unusual and suggests that there was some sort of maternal upheaval during the first weeks of your life. The pairing of your MOON with URANUS in the 8th house, also suggests abrupt entrances and exits of people into your life, as well as some erratic and unpredictable behaviour on your part, in close relationships – but such impulses can usually be controlled by the steadiness of your TAUREAN MARS, which resists change, preferring the status quo.

    The pairing of your compassionate, CANCERIAN MOON with humanitarian URANUS, ruler of technologically- advanced AQUARIANS, is of course more of a blessing than a curse, as you have an instinctive sympathy for worthy causes and pressure groups, such as PETA, GREENPEACE and OXFAM and the question, “WHY AM I HERE? … as old as civilisation itself , can be answered by the house-position of your NORTH (and South) NODE. Whether you were born at 4pm, or 5pm, your NORTH NODE is in ARIES in the 6th house of work and health. You may have been too dependent on others in past lifetimes; too secluded in your home; too passive, victimised and too willing to keep the peace at any cost; this is your past life in the LIBRAN 12th house, where your SOUTH NODE sits. In this incarnation you must follow the path of your 6th house NORTH NODE in ARIES and become a healer , nurse, care-worker, or pioneering administrator for a charity - one who initiates action and communicates a powerful message to the rest of society; you have a mission in life and it's up to you to follow your guiding-star wheresoever it leads you. Good luck on the journey of a lifetime!


    Luckily for you, JUPITER, planet of financial windfalls and golden opportunities passes over your 6th house, ARIES, NORTH NODE in MAY 2011, giving you a chance to fulfil your destined career, or life-path, which is discussed above; this opportunity only occurs once every 12 years, so look out for it, seize it with both hands and follow its lead.

    As for romance, you may have to wait until JUNE 2012 for love, but the rest of 2012 appears to be a time of non-stop action, so the wait will be well worth it. Lucky you!

    You also may have to wait until OCTOBER 2012 for an upturn in your finances and even then, what is promised may not materialise until APRIL of 2013. Don't panic, whatever you do and the lean times will soon pass. Enjoy!

    Let me know please if this is 'you' at all. Peace and love. x

  • Dear all

    This is the current list.

    MOPISCES and BABY76 are you still with me?

    Can I have your data agan... ... I have no birth-TIMES for either of you.






    Whoooohoooo! Nearly tthere.

    Peace and love

  • Hi HP

    I am still here!! My bd is dec 4, 1959, and I believe the time was 6:30am.

    Thank You sooo much.


  • Dear HP3. I posted earlier in request of a reading under this thread but was told to start a new thread just in case you can squeeze in sometime...still wondering if i'd be lucky enough to get a reading from you. Cheers!

  • Yes ,yes ,yes..still! at last. Thanks so much. So excited!

  • And me.......

  • Dear Antoinette

    Nice to see you again. I have 15th Sep 49 @ 7.10pm Nelson. New Zealand? Is that rght?

    Dear Baby

    Thnks for a time. Teaneck, new Jersey? Where is the biggest town near there please?

    Dear Pollux

    I'm afraid I have other work on rght now. Sorry...maybe later

    Peace and love

  • Dear All

    This is the list now......


    mopisces........are you out there Mo?






  • Yay, HP3 🙂 i am glad your catching up. way to go.

    lOVE YA.


  • Hi HP

    The biggest town would be Fort Lee New Jersey. You are wonderful!!! : )

    Blessed day to you.


  • Dear Highpriestess, I sincerly thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I'm want to know if me and my son will emotionally get thru these hard times with hid dad. His dad is a combat vet with severe ptsd. It breaks my heart bc he loves his dad so much, but his dad is disconnected with him and life itself. Im going to give you my sons info and mine. I greatly appreciate you doing this.

    Kai Daniel Foss - 09/12/2003 - 0052 (AM) - Oceanside, Ca

    Megan Colleen Foss - 11/12/1982 - 0752 (Am) - Oceanside, Ca

    Are current location: Oceanside, Ca

    Seriously Thank You Priestess

  • HP3,

    Just lettin you know im still here. Bet your glad you can see the light at the end of tunnel(thread).lol. Thanks again for lettin me in on thread.

    Stay Blessed.

  • Dear Bee and Baby

    Thanks a lot.. Luvya x x

    Dear Witchywomen

    Hi,, there.Nice to hear from you again.

    4th March 64 @2.15am , but where in Mississipi please?

    Dear Dabearsbug

    Sorry, but I can't take on anyone new yet. Why not start a new thread and ask for the Captain's help? On a practical note, as your husband is ill, is there not a :

    grandfather / brother / uncle

    about who could take him to play sport and such things? Only the passing of time will make your husbnd feel better think.

    I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

    Peace and love.

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