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  • Dear pisceslover223, All kinds of ideas are running through my head.I don't live down on the Cape now but I sure would like to move back there. I live in NH. Did you by any chance grow up on the Cape ? Janet

  • Highpriestess...Almost there! Right after Tenchi! Just so you know. I would appreciate a reading just for myself as well and I won't feel the least slighted! Just a reminder that I was born 5/29/49 and I have to guess the time to be at about 4-5P.M. as my birth cirtificate has decided I am not to locate it presently. My parents are deceased and I have to go according to my older sister's recollection and what I think I remember the time to be. If I remember correctly, which at my age is a major feat it was closer to 4p.m. If you could focus on financial future, family relationships and health I would appreciate it greatly! ~Blessings~

  • Dear Tenchi


    You are a regal-and-reliable, loyal-and-loving, caring-and-compassionate, LEO, who appreciates recognition for the many acts of kindness that you perform which are second nature to you, due to you being blessed with your SUN in the PISCEAN influenced 12th house of self-sacrifice and service-to-others; that said, you also have a psychic ability to read minds, as well as possessing the kind of vivid imagination displayed by writers, painters and sculptors, where the vivid images and fantasies in your mind can be transposed and concretised into ‘art’.

    This gift of 12th house artistic sensibility, creative imagination and emotional receptivity are intensely magnified by the fact that you are also blessed with a dreamy, idealist’s romantic and sometimes ‘foggy-thinking’, PISCEAN MOON (how you react emotionally to people and situations), which sits in your 7th house of relationships; this both increases your watery, sea-weedy, NEPTUNIAN connection with the King of the Oceans (who rules PISCES), but also makes you a sought-after, sympathetic and immensely popular LEO with loads of friends - although you sometimes crave the privacy of your shy and shrouded 12th house and periodically retreat into it when in a ‘hermit’ state-of-mind. One problem with such a ‘soft’ and nebulous MOON in your house of relationships however, is that you incline towards giving way to your partner at every level - and if you choose a partner who takes advantage of your kind and generous nature , then you could easily become something of a doormat, (despite that innate LEO pride of yours, which instinctively knows that the ‘top-cat’ is yourself!

    Speaking of LEOS, you are technically a double-LEO, as your ASCENDANT (the way you project your inner-self, or personality outwards into the world) is LEO as well as your SUN -do you have a magnificent head of hair, like a lion’s mane? - but it is very late LEO, i.e. at 26 degrees, so that much of your 1st house, including the planet MERCURY (how you conceptualise thoughts and ideas and transpose them into speech and writing), lies in neat-and-practical, good-at- administration, sometimes-too-obsessed-with-detail-to-see-the-whole picture, VIRGO –an aspect which fortunately, only increases your ability to write well (if only you could find the time) and makes you something of a crafts-person with the written-word.

    However, on the other side of your LEO ASCENDANT, in the 12th house rather than the 1st house this time, and almost sitting astride it, is the rather stern taskmaster and teacher, SATURN, ruler of practical, ambitious and likes-to-play-by-the-rules, CAPRICORN, which compels you to take a much more serious view of life than is usually found in a likes-to-lie-in-the-sun-lion/ess. The proximity of SATURN to your ASCENDANT incidentally, may make you more prone to vague aches and niggly pains in your joints, or perhaps your teeth, as SATURN rules, the skeletal frame and reminds the soul, now and then, that the body (as the poets Sidney and Vaughan have written), can be a prison-house – although this metaphor appears in the writings of both Pythagoras and Plato over 2,000 years ago!. The proximity of SATURN to your LEO ASCENDANT, also points to a mother-daughter relationship which was perhaps excessively close, or reversed in some way – with you acting as the ‘carer’ and your mother, the child – was she over-protective, largely absent, or wayward perhaps? You were, in any case, rarely relaxed around her.

    Another connection with CAPRICORN - and its ruler SATURN - is that your VERTEX (the place of ‘fated events’ ) is in CAPRICORN in the 5th house of love affairs, creativity and children; have you ever been in love with a goat? They are usually very attractive and possess a ‘ dry ‘ sense of humour and a wickedly, irreverent tongues ! If you do not find CAPRICORNS attractive , perhaps an ARIES might suit, as your PART OF FORTUNE is in that sign, at 5° and also in the 8th house , relating to other people's money – an ARIES connection, could therefore be a very profitable one for you!

    So far I have not mentioned any AIR-signs in your astrological make-up, but you do have an AIR-influence in that MARS (the type of energy you emit and how you use it), is places in talkative, clever, good –with- words- but- sometimes-finds-it-difficult-to-finish-a-project, GEMINI in your 10th house of career and ambitions. Apart from this one AIR planet, you are forced to confront and govern yet more ‘watery’ emotions, because VENUS (who you are attracted to and who also is attracted to you) is placed in home-and-tradition loving, ultra-romantically-inclined and beach-holiday-preferring, CANCER (can I see yet more strands of seaweed hanging up and fluttering in the breeze outside your back-door with loads of friends?)

    Finally, your NORTH NODE (the reason for your incarnation in this lifetime) is in LIBRA in the 2nd house of ‘ TAUREAN ‘ values and possessions – possessions and values which appear to be connected to your father, or a father figure who controls the purse-strings, as the planet PLUTO (ruler of SCORPIO) is almost adjacent to your NORTH NODE. It appears that –as we speak – NOVEMBER 2010 - you will already have begun a psychological and emotional re-evaluation of all that you have (up ‘til now), held dear, as recent planetary movements have triggered a cycle of cosmic action which has compelled you to peel away the layers of your present ‘material’ lifestyle, in order that you dig and delve under its surface to examine just what it is that makes you happy: money, love, fame, recognition of your charitable acts by the community, good health, or all of these things? Whichever it is, you are about to experience inner-life revelations and unearth psychological insights of the most cosmic kind, on an astrological ‘Voyage of Discovery’! Happy star-gazing!


    The first planetary movement affecting you (mentioned above) , is SATURN’s transit of the ‘King of the Underworld, PLUTO (and the wealth of rich ores and minerals mined from its depths) who sits in LIBRA in the 2nd house of values and possessions. This transit has just begun – NOVEMBER 2010 and will not be completed (SATURN several times goes forwards and then slams into reverse for a couple of months) until next JULY, 2011 and is an 8 month period in which you should examine everything you value (people, ambitions and ideas, as well as possessions) under a figurative microscope, to see if they are still ‘ fit for purpose;’, PLUTO is the planet of laying-bare, stripping-down-to-basics, psychological metamorphosis and personal transformation, which will prompt your rejuvenation and transition from pupating-chrysalis, to emergent butterfly, which when complete, will equip you with a new set of values and a different lifestyle.

    Th 2nd planetary movement affecting LIBRA and your 2nd house of values and possessions, occurs when SATURN then transits your NORTH NODE – a cycle which begins in JANUARY 2011 and completes 9 months later, in OCTOBER 2011; this period of time will present you with a once-every-28-year’s-opportunity to learn valuable lessons which fulfil your karmic destiny of recognising, who or what has real virtue and solid-gold value and what can merely be bought by anyone at an shopping-mall in any town.

    On a much lighter note altogether, JUPITER, the LAS VEGAS planet of good-fortune and Rock ‘n Roll, transits your 5 degrees ARIES’ PART OF FORTUNE in late FEBRUARY-early MARCH 2011, so expect a windfall, a new romance, or both ! You lucky thing! Peace and love.

  • Dear MorninGlow

    Thanks for the above details...I 'll try and make it as accurate as I can, but obviously I could be a bit of a way out on the position of your ASCENDANT and HOUSES.....however I'll go for something tha seems to be 'you'.

    Dear Tenchi

    I'd appreciate some -yes, trues- and -not on your Nelly's - when you're ready.Thanks so much..

    Peace and love.

  • Dear all

    This is the current list. ANTOINETTE are you stil out there?

    morning glow







    Peace and love

  • Man oh man, did you ever think you'd see the end of these readings? I hope you plan a long break for the Holidays, you sure deserve it. Now you can join everyone else on the other threds and just have some fun.

    Thinking of you,


  • Dear Elaine

    True absolutely....a journey (perhaps an opus ?) of epic propotions, but one I wouldn't have missed for the world. Take care. Luvya x

  • WOW!

    Thanks HP3. A lot of that hits home with me. I never realized I had so much water with my fire - it explains so much about my personality. I knew my sun sign and ascendant were both Leo but I've never felt like a genuine Leo. No abundant friends since I'm not an "out-and-about", "in your face", gregarious, confident Leo. Very much introverted and I do feel I can get inside people's heads but don't much like the impression of what I see and hear. That adds to the loner, self-doubting aspect. Hermit is an apt description although I crave to get outside myself: easier said than done obviously. My mane? Okay, it is my pride and joy -not thick but very long and shiny. I always get compliments on it. 😄

    My Last relationship I did feel like a doormat - I wanted things 50/50 but for some reason, at the end of the day, it would be 75/25 or worse. Very much a mother-son relationship than lovers. He was a scorpio though: not very attractive (attractive enough) but had a really harsh tongue and dry wit and very intelligent. Never used harshness against me though. He was very dependent on my reasoning and decisions. Probably helped the relationship last since that meant I was the leader (a.k.a. the boss).

    As for writing, I have always loved to write and just started doing some creative writing as a hobby (just for myself). It cuts down on the daydreaming 🙂 Also wasn't aware Virgo had such strong influence but yep I am a nitpicky, obsessively organized person despite my tendency to go out in left field - when all my tasks are done, of course.

    Prison-house - those words stuck out at me. I've always felt that way. I remember a dream I had years and years ago that felt real. I was flying over the surface of the earth over mountains and pastures, no buildings or people or any sign of life, and I was soooo happy. Then I woke up, slowly recognized it was just a dream and I never felt so completely depressed. Can't stand myself feeling so trapped and nothing to do about it but wait for the inevitable. Having some aches and pains -some in my joints - now but I'll get used to them eventually like everything else. Not sure I am excessively close with Mom. I did feel she was my best friend and the only person in the world I can trust. I want to take care of her and make sure she gets everything she wants - she's not at that stage yet so have time to build up my finances. I'm sure the roles will reverse soon but I've always felt absolutely relaxed with her . . . . as long as s e x doesn't get brought up. 😄 Overprotective - in some ways yes but I am the favorite so it's to be expected (plus we're the only Leos in the house).

    It would figure I would have an air influence in my 10th house. I can finish small projects but I get bored doing anything for more than a couple of years and get the itch to switch. I could never be one of those people who stays at one place and works up to the top. Too much dedication and time. North Node influence seems right - I ascertained a while ago that much of what I work towards (morals/values/possessions) is as a continuation of my father and grandfathers. I have reevaluated what I want out of life recently, partly due to illness forcing me into these decisions. Of course I want it all - love, money, recognition, health - and am forcing myself to make these things happen rather than sit back and hope for the best or wait for the "right timing."

    Overall pretty accurate. Can't wait to see what happens the next few months.

    Thanks again!

  • "Dear Tenchi

    I'd appreciate some -yes, trues- and -not on your Nelly's - when you're ready.Thanks so much.."

    Nelly is what my dad used to call me. Had me a little freaked out there for a sec. LOL.

  • Dear Tenchi

    How strange that THAT name jumped into my mind....yes certainly freaky. Thanks so much for the detailed feedback.... it does help enormously and gives me the confidence to 'blurt it out as it comes to me' . I'm so glad you are now writing...please keep at it; you could be the next Dickens or Austen, as they too had prominent 12th house aspects. Do let me know what happens next year, if you would; I feel as if I know you personally, (in fact I feel as if I know everyone on this site personally) even though we only ever converse in cyber-space. Take care.

    Peace and love.

  • Yay HP3, your finally getting through it.

    Love ya girl and keep going, Love and light

    your friend/sister Bee Xx

  • Dear Bee

    Yep...we're nearly there. Luvya Bee x

  • Love ya too. HP3 😃

    Just wanted to let you know it was my bd today,

    And cant wait till you get to do my astral birthday chart. looking forward to being nearly there.

    Woooop 😃 Love ya loads.


    X XX





  • HP, I meant to ask if I should look at Leo (Sun and Ascendant) or Virgo (close Ascendant) or Pisces (Moon) when reading horoscopes. When I read under Leo, it never seems to fit.


  • Dear Tenchi

    As you say LEO doesn't fit - because it's too late and so most of it lies in your hidden' 12th house; the way newspapers work it VIRGO (where most of your 1st house lies) would be my choice.....I'd go for VIRGO in a 'try-out' mode...could you let me know if it's a more comfortable 'fit' for you - in a couple of days say?. Luvya x

  • pisceslover, I 'm sorry you lost your sailor hubby. I lived in West Yarmouth where they never seem to do anything with the land across from the Town and Country. Where did you live on the Cape?. You know where you see that big elephant in W Yarmouth ? My friend Benita owns the whole street,

  • Thanks HP3 😃

    Blessings Xx

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