Advice on any topic using your birthchart

  • Thank you HP will wait

  • I'm so excited..........I'm getting closer. Maybe I'll be able to make some sense out of a few things. But then, there's those things I'm afraid I'll never understand, lol.

  • highpriestess3,

    I saw you closed the list, I didn't see my name on it; which is fine, I see you have quite the pile in front of you! When you open it back up I would love it if you could take a look into my life/love/husband issues on my chart. :0) Thanks a billion in advance!


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    helena, Mt

    I'ma girl :0)

  • Dear Rezmedic


    Without a time of birth is it not possible to discover your

    Ascendant, but your SUN (your personality). as well as MERCURY (how you conceptualise your thoughts), are in chatty, sociable, clever and quick-witted GEMINI, while VENUS (who you are attracted to) is in the neighbouring sign, of home-loving, sentimental, CANCER.

    Your MOON (how you react emotionally to people and situations) meanwhile, is in quirkily eccentric, AQUARIUS, with MARS (the type of energy you possess and the way in which you use it) in its own sign: fiery, pioneering, war-like ,restless, go-getting ARIES.


    Similarly, an ASCENDANT cannot be calculated without the birth time, but your Sun (your personality), is in cautious, ambitious, frugal, home-loving, CAPRICORN, while 3 planets are in the neighbouring sign of , quirkily eccentric AQUARIUS: MERCURY,

    (how you conceptualise your thoughts), VENUS ( who you are attracted to) and JUPITER, planet of good times, financial blessings and sometimes Las Vegas-style excess.

    Your MOON (how you respond emotionally to people and situations) is in proud, royal, attention-commanding, King-of-the- neighbourhood, LEO, adjacent to controlling Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, giving you even more authority than the average, LEO (if there is such a thing). However, your MOON (your emotions ) , and your love-life (VENUS) are permanently opposed to each other , leaving you with a vague feeling of discontent that you cannot rationalise.

    Finally, MARS (how you use your energy and what kind of energy that is), is in justice-seeking, arts-loving, good-looking, finely- balanced, LIBRA, and because SATURN, Lord of Karma is hovering at the buzzard over MARS, for most of 2010, don't be surprised if you have extra responsibilities heaped upon you, and that you feel more tired than usual .


    Rezmedic, your NORTH NODE (the reason for your incarnation in this lifetime) is adjacent to your his LEO MOON, meaning that you need and rely on his emotional support, in order for you to fulfil your life's purpose. Your MOON meanwhile, is adjacent to his MERCURY and JUPITER, meaning that you can expand his mind and increase his knowledge, whilst giving him love and emotional support.

    Pece and lve

  • Oh thank you High Priestess, you really know me. I will take your advice. Thanks again, it was worth waiting for. Peace and LIght.


  • Dear Mzredflower

    You are kind....thanks for your patience

    Dear Gladyouwroteme

    Sorry,you'll be on the next list

    Peace and love

  • I wish I could help you after doing this for me but I'm not talented in your area. You are such a blessing to all of us. Thanks very much.

  • Dear onib

    Glad you liked it.....there was an awful lot in there...was anything there really not you? You're quite rare wtha Sun/Neptune conjunction

    Dear Giblin



    Coming up soon but away the weekend.

    Peace and love

  • "Dear Gladyouwroteme

    Sorry,you'll be on the next list

    Peace and love"

    No problem :0) You definitely have your hands full so I understand completely... :0)

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  • Dear Mimi

    Yes,both at the same time.

    peace and love

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  • Thanks HP3, the readings are well worth the wait.

    In the words of the immortal donkey from Shrek "Me, Me, Pick Me!!"

    Enjoy your weekend, take some time for yourself.

    Love and Light.

  • Dear Fanofkmm

    Ha, ha ...I love the's my kind of 4-legs+tail critter. You have a good weekend too.

    Peace and love

  • Hello highpriestess3, I was born,, Feb. 5th, 1943 7:30 p.m. my question is will my son & his daughter ever re-concile and understand each other. We have not seen him for 11 yrs. He was at one time very close to us all and he moved with promises of always visiting us yearly and now he does not even call I have not given up on him but his daughter has she has not seen him since she was 10 yrs old, I really understand her .. but my heart is broken over this situation and I have always felt she needed me to support her feelings as she lives close to me and she is my only grand child and I LOVE HER DEARLY, this has been so painful I l have 2 other sons they are very successful and have always been there for her... that is also very difficult as They have given up on their brother and they just don,t understand WHY he did this to us all especially her. She cried for yrs. and so did I.

  • Dear HP,

    Yes it is correct. As close as you can get would be great!! I do knw my moon could be either aua or cap according to time. I do believe i tried various times for us and most came up the same. Of course I used a program and am an amatuer. The more detail the better ( I think) LOL.

    He has me so confused on my feelings, never been hit by lightening before and it''s passionate and off and on. Whats going on? Anything you can do is much apprieciate it. I am hoping to learn about our nodes and possible connections. Rezmedic

  • Dear HP,

    Thank you sssoooo much for your reading,time effort and most of all your caring. I was wondering based on such reading, any advice to me about us? Also I tried some programs and thought the ascendent didn't change when I tried diff times. Mine I think was Virgo and his was Aries. Of course this is novice knowledge and not expert like you.Where ere his nodes in conjunction with me?Do we have a good future? LOTS OF LIGHT Rezmedic.

    PS Sorry about other post I passed the one page I was on. LOL

  • Dear Rezmedic

    Yes you definitely have a future as you are good for each other -- he for you is what you have been waiting for, while you have been sent to him as a mentor and guide.However, he is a very proud man with a strong sense of tradition and needs his personal space, so try not to crowd him. You can have him at the centre of your world without stepping on his toes, so as to speak! You are a talkative GEMINI, he a much more taciturn, CAPRICORN: chalk and cheese, but you work...but try not to push him for shows of affection - they are just not in his amoury. Peace and love

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