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  • Dear LongSilverWings


    Your SUN is in land-loving, garden-appreciating, music- making, security-seeking , bull-in-a-china-shop and routine-obsessed, TAURUS, in the 3rd house of communication, which strangely enough, makes you GEMINIAN, in that you are also talkative and love socialising and going shopping. Yet, SATURN and PLUTO paired-up and perilously close to your LEO DESCENDANT also indicate that over-strict parents did much to try to mute your exuberant spirit when you were a child .

    However, you were resilient and “ earthed” by your TAUREAN SUN , your love of harmony, both amongst people and in music, survived intact and was enhanced by your MOON, (which defines how you react emotionally to both people and situations), which was and is in peace-loving, art and beauty appreciating, LIBRA - which also dictates that you have a well-developed sense of justice and fair play.

    Having said that, like the scales that LIBRA symbolically represents, lunar LIBRANS can easily become unbalanced by others’ ill-thought-out behaviour, less than harmonious surroundings, or simply a minor row. This is not to say that you will suddenly run amok, far from it, but there is a tendency for your MOON to be as unstable as this year’s 5-inch platform-sole shoes and so it is important not to become upset by anything that is unimportant.

    The other interesting thing about your MOON – which, being in the 8th house, understands the vagaries and power struggles associated with s. e. x. , life and death - is that it shares a sofa with the dreamy, mystical, ocean-governing planet, NEPTUNE,

    ruler of self-sacrificing, PISCES; thus , you are endowed with the gift of x-ray vision, and second-sight- such a gift however, is both a blessing and a curse, as the more sceptical in your circle , including in the past, your parents , would have dismissed such a gift as unscientific, or worse, morally unacceptable.

    Now, as you are a Sun TAUREAN and a Lunar LIBRAN and both are ruled by VENUS, people might think that you are perfectly content to lounge about all day as at a Roman banquet (let's forget your invitation to the post-feast orgy), were it not for the fact that you have no less than 3 personal planets in fiery, fast-moving, spirited, energy-packed, ARIES; that is MARS (which defines how and in which direction you use your energy); VENUS (who you are attracted to and conversely ,who is attracted to you) and finally, MERCURY (how you conceptualise and compartmentalise your thoughts) - all 3 planets therefore ensure that you are more ARIAN human dynamo, than TAUREAN energy-saving lightbulb.

    Importantly also, your ASCENDANT (how you project yourself to the outside world) is so late in CAPRICORN (27 degrees), that it is better to shift it 3 degrees into AQUARIUS , making you one of the mouthpieces for the AGE OF AQUARIUS and every humanitarian movement that has been heralded by its coming: e.g. Greenpeace, PETA, Feed the World and Oxfam .

    Finally, your NORTH NODE (the reason for your incarnation on earth this lifetime) is in GEMINI and the 4th house, indicating that as much as you try to be successful in the outside world, it is in preaching the value of family life and in being at the centre of your own family, that you will achieve your greatest successes, even if these family members’, rather than your own.


    Your PROGRESSED MOON is currently passing through your shrouded 12th house of dreamy self-sacrifice and self-imposed exile, so this year should be a quiet time for you of meditation and self reflection, but also one in which you should be careful about giving too much way, being taken advantage of and ending up, feeling low . However, by Christmas 2010, or January 2011, this pupating chrysalis stage will end , and you will emerge from it into the light , spiritually refreshed , like the beautiful butterfly you have become, which mirrors your reborn soul.

    As a prelude to this transformation , SATURN, Lord of Karma and Taskmaster of the Universe, hovered directly over your LIBRAN MOON in January of this year , 2010, making life very serious; bringing you extra responsibilities that affected your health and energy levels. Take heart for the rain-clouds will disperse and moves off by October 2010, ready for the metamorphosis that will take place and which is mentioned in the paragraph above, when transiting JUPITER (the party-time planet) will join in the celebrations , which will herald in the coming of 2011 and your metamorphosis into the new you …. it's not long to wait!

    Peace and love.

  • Dear Intrigued and Tonib

    Building up a head of steam here..i'll try and get you both done this weekend if I'm not derailed!

    Peace and love.

  • Hello there HighPriestess3, many thanks for taking the time in getting back to us. Wow!! You are soooooooooooooo busy. I admire your strength and your humour, you must start something and see it through to the end, which makes me think you're such a strong character. You can leave mine till next week if it helps! and have a break. I know that you work really hard during the week in your job and you deserve and need your weekend to rest. Honestly, I mean that. I'm not trying to creep to you! I hope you have a lovely weekend, just to nurture yourself. Relaxation and happy times to you! 😄

  • Dear intrigued

    Well in fact Ive just gone part-time freelancing, so I'm finally off the hamter-wheel of woeking flatout nd can indulge myself in what I like doiing...


  • Hi HP,

    Hope you are having a good week-end. Just letting you know I'm still here anxiosly and patiently waiting. Much happiness in this wonderful spring weather. rezmedic

  • Dear Highpriestess3 - It's good to hear that you're now part-time freelancing. How wonderful that you are finally off the hamster-wheel and can now indulge yourself in what you like doing! Enjoy your new found freedom! take care and happy days. 😄

  • Dear Intrigued

    You really are that you deciphered the words "hamster-wheel" from that random verbiage I typed in a trance last night...I do apologise for the typos and will post your reading tomorrow night. Thanks for the lovely thoughts

    Peace and love

    Dear Rezmedic

    Thanks for the kind words. I'll be doing your reading

    this week if all goes well.

    Peace and love


  • I'm so curious. All these crazy love life matters are boggling my mind!

    date of birth- 11-18-1977

    time " " 12:27 pm

    place " "Helena, Montana

  • Dear Highpriestess3, good grief woman!!! Not to worry at all about your typos!! You're doing such a fab job with your generosity with your readings for everyone. Thank you so much!

    take care, peace love and happy days to you. 😄

  • Dear Intrigued

    Ah..working on you as we speak ...are you female.pleaese?


    Dear Gladyouwroteme

    Terribly sorry but the list is closed while I clear the backlog. I will come back to you however.

    Peace and love.

  • Hi Highpriestess3, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I am female! thank you!

  • Hi Highpriestess3, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I am female! thank you!

  • Highpriestess3,

    I posted before I realized just how many posts you already had! You are one busy busy person! I'm in no hurry, and I really look forward to seeing what you have to say. Thanks a billion!!!!!

    Oh, yah, I'm a girl too... married 14 years but really concerned about my hubby...

  • Highpriestess3, thank you for posting my chart. I have scanned it, so will get back to you once I have fully read it.

    Some of what I have scanned is very true, especially about being misunderstood (WOW) for some of my abilities.


    Loving silver wings

  • Highpriestess3, thank you for posting my chart. I have scanned it, so will get back to you once I have fully read it.

    Some of what I have scanned is very true, especially about being misunderstood (WOW) for some of my abilities.


    Loving silver wings

  • Dear GladYouWrote

    You're very welcome

    Dear Intrigued

    Very soonn noow

    Dear LongSilverWings

    That's fine.

    Peace and love

  • Dear Intrigued


    You are a fun-loving , straight-talking, mind-travelling, SAGITTARIAN, with your SUN in its own house, the 9th and yes, BEETHOVEN was also a SAGITTARIAN -who else could write such a cosmic symphony as the 9th? You also have a deep interest in philosophy, religion, and New-Age alternative belief systems and as your SUN is very close to your MIDHEAVEN, (which is also SAGITTARIUS), you should consider a career as a teacher, if you are not already in this field; you should also consider higher education, as you have a thirst for knowledge, learn easily and have enormous drive and energy

    Your ASCENDANT (how you project yourself and appear to the outside world) is in humanitarian, eccentric, New-Age-heralding AQUARIUS, so you are relatively unconventional which suits your SAGITTARIAN SUN, however the planet, MARS (the way in which you use all that fiery energy ) is in conventional, regulation-loving and ambitious , CAPRICORN , whose worst fault is not adhering to the rules that you insist apply to others -not of course that you would ever be guilty such a thing -

    it's just that your AQUARIAN ASCENDANT is like a little child who wants to play outside and be free, while your MARS in CAPRICORN wants you to stay indoors where you'll be safe . Also, because MARS is in the 12th house of self-sacrifice, you should be careful to do too much for others at a personal cost to yourself . However, MARS in the shrouded , mystical PISCEAN- Influenced 12th house, also increases your psyche ability tenfold.

    Having said that, the fiery energy of JUPITER-ruled SAGITTARIUS, is somewhat dampened by a watery MERCURY (how you think and conceptualise your thoughts ), which is placed in the seethingly-possessive, sultrily-s. e. x. y sign of SCORPIO However, thinking like a SCORPION does endow you with the capacity and perceptive insight to’ read’ others’ psychological motivation, so much so, that those who know you will find that there is no hiding place from your x-ray vision. Your power to read minds is further enhanced, because , MERCURY , planet of communication , is paired-up with the mystical , NEPTUNE, dreamy planet of imagination and artistic ability ; ruler of the sea and the Sun sign, PISCES. However, imagination and inspiration can also become inseparably entwined with illusion and delusion, but not likely in your case,, with its mix of fire, earth and air Sun , Mars and Ascendant .

    Your dreamy, meditating and artistic side ( rarely dreamy enough to extinguish your Sagittarian fire), is however, enhanced by having both the MOON (how you respond emotionally to people and situations), as well as VENUS (who you are attracted to and conversely, who is attracted to you) occupying the air-sign, LIBRA , lover of beautifully harmonious surroundings; justice-seeking, well-balanced -only rarely becoming ragingly ‘unbalanced’ when the scales are tipped over, or off-balanced in some way, which pushes you over the edge!! Both the MOON and VENUS are placed in the SCORPIONIC , Lord of the Underworld’s 8th house of mined-minerals, such as gold and all the precious stones that belong underground, making you very aware of the power that having money and possessions bestows on an individual.

    In fact, your early years seem to be rather thin, on the personal possessions that a

    young child craves and which gives it a sense of security and it appears that you felt much misunderstood by your mother and something of an outsider in the family - suffering a sense of alienation that you feel now is difficult to justify The position of your NORTH NODE in the 2nd house of possessions, dictates that in this lifetime. A least, you must discern what is and what is not, truly valuable and worthwhile pursuing. Your life's purpose in this incarnation then, is to look past the price of an item and to concentrate on its value to you, knowing that the deprivation you felt as a child cannot be bought off now you are an adult and have that buying power. . I don't mean that you should give all your money away to charity of course, after all, you are no Bill Gates, , but small acts of charity will feed your soul (you already do that with your psychic readings) and bring real joy to yourself and others - which is your true identity and life’s purpose

    Your Astro forecast for 2010-2011

    The chance to capitalise and expand on your psychic, or intellectual abilities – or your possessions come to that - will occur when JUPITER, your own ruler of Sagittarius , passes over your North Node in May and June of 2011 and if you gave up a similar chance in the summer of 1999 -- the chance to put things right and have another go, will come up, so this time grab it with both hands and make the most of Jupiter’s bounty..

    Something wonderful happened in spring of 2009, probably concerned with love. …or children. Have your feet touched the ground yet?

    Peace and love

  • hello

    very soon both of my kids will be on their own and i'm moving to the town where i work. i'm just not sure if i should continue to be frugal or if i should spend a little more on rent for a place i really like. (also, any new man coming into my life??!?)

    may 12, 1966


    Sarnia Ontario Canada

    thanks so much

  • Dear Highpriestess3, Wow, wow and wow!! You are so spot on it was unnerving! Particularly about my early years and my Mum, I did very much feel an outsider in the family. I never felt particularly secure when I was growing up, but we moved regularly which doesn't help. It is all so me, I am a fun-loving, straight-talking (I've always been told that I'm very honest), mind-travelling Sagittarian. I do have a deep interest in philosophy, religion and New Age alternative belief systems. It is funny you should mention that a teacher would be a good career, it has crossed my mind.

    I am relatively unconventional in some ways! I also love to be free and childlike and be outside, yet I do like to be indoors where it's safe. I am such a contradiction in so many ways. I always presumed this was because I've never had the stability of living in one place for a long time. So pleased to hear that my psyche ability is increased 10-fold by Mars being in the Picean 12th house! So I do have something!

    I am good at 'reading' others and I think I am able to perceive other people, their motives etc.

    I do gain a real sense of pleasure helping others (whenever I can) and it was lovely that you noted my psychic readings. It really does bring joy to know that I've helped, even if it's only a little bit.

    I will grab that opportunity in May and June of 2011, with both hands. I am forewarned. I will put it right and have another go, really looking forward to it!

    I am trying to think about what happened that was wonderful back in Spring 2009. We did move to Holland and I was desperately unhappy after being so happy where I'd come from. Things have improved a great deal since then though. Though I often feel I'm on a wheel, highs and big lows, that can be said for us all in this life. I just need some constant stability, perhaps I'd be bored with the mundane though? I'm always wondering where I'll be next year!!

    I loved it! I can't thank you enough for the enormous amount of effort you have put into doing this, a huge amount of your time and trouble to actually do this for me. You're very kind. Thank you so so much. I really do appreciate what you have done and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Take care Highpriestess3, happy days and happy times to you. Oh, If you have the time one day, I'd love to read your Chart if you'd put it on here. I am really intrigued and would be so interested!

  • Dear Intrigued

    It was a pleasure.....glad to have got most of it right you are welcome to read me, but i'm oh, so very boring......28/01/50 @4.15am, Guildford ...very near Woking! Ha, ha.

    Peace and love

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