Advice on any topic using your birthchart

  • me 11-12-1982 excelsior springs, mo

    he 6-12-1981 st louis, mo

  • I appreciate any information reguarding 11.14.55 -530 p.m. EST.Alot of empty planets.

  • Me 14/11/55 530 p.m. EST

    Him 21/05/49 1201 a.m. EST

  • 6:06 a.m. PMT

  • 1 am in Castro Valley, ca

  • Hi - highpriestess3

    I should be in bed - but since I am still up and reading everything else oon the forum, I just have to ask you as well. What do you see for me? BD 3/14/1958 04:19 AM Lubbock texas.

    I used to know some of my natal chart - I think my Moon is in Capricorn. I can't remember the rest. If you have time - I am looking for a companion - perhaps I have found him 11/16/1965 but that's all I know.

  • Dear highpriestess3,

    I'd appreciate if you could do a reading for:

    DOB: 13/12/1988

    Time: 19:00

    Place: Hanoi, Vietnam

    Thank you 🙂

  • I'd like information on my love life.

    DOB 12-1-1970


    Houghton, Michigan


  • Thank you! You were pretty accurate all the way up to the last part where you talk about my mother. She passed away a few years ago, so I'm trying to think of who this could be. I have very few female friends.

    I have my partner's DOB and place but not time. 18 JUN 1985, El Paso Texas. Mine is 6 JUN 1980, 0425 am, Tampa Florida.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi - highpriestess3

    I hope you aren't to overwhelmed and are able to give advice still,I would be very grateful for whatever you could tell me about 2010.

    Date of Birth 03/01/1960

    Time 11:31 am

    Place Camp Lejuene,North Carolina

    Thank you for your incredible generousity.

  • Good morning High Priestess,

    You are doing fine work my friend. I will pop in every so often to see if you need me.

    Blessed Be

  • DearSlubear

    Mmmm,,,sorry about your mother, but tthe last 2 and a half years' cosmic battering you have suffered have everything to do with "the feminine" so to speak...have you been depressed, ill, feeling mortal yourself perhaps...have you sffered an injury or other loss?

    Anyway..your girlfiend is good for you (has she got divorced parents?) Lively, fun...your VENUS is conjunct her SUN..what more could you wish for? You have a lot in common, but I would need her birth--time to give you a bettter reading. Thanks for your feedback Slubear.Bless.

  • Dear Soapmaker

    Lovely to hear from you..probably a bit swamped right now. Please feel free to take up anyone who you feel a vibe from..I would appreciate it and we make great team. Love and hugs.

  • Sure will hon! I am working slowly and steadily, finally cleaning each room thoroughly. With the depression and illnesses I have suffered, it has taken a back burner position! So now I am in full swing in my home.

    Love our team work sweetie!

    Love & Hugs

  • Dear Soapmaker

    You are a blessing....your Sun 13 degrees , is conjunct my Sag Ascendant at 11 degrees, so it is not at all surprising that when you send me messages, the Sun literally comes out from behind the clouds.

    Incidentally with Jupiter, our planet, going through your 10th house, business should really "expand". Love and hugs.

  • Hello Highpriestess! So kind of you to do this for all of us. I am wondering about my love life, like so many others! Thank you so much!

    DOB - 11/1/53

    TIme - 9:37 a.m.

    Place - Denver, CO

  • Highpriestess, I was wondering if there was a reason you skipped my reading on page 2. I had hoped that you would go back to it but since you have not I figured I better check to see if you skipped it for a reason or maybe just missed it. I did not have a birth time and can not get one (not available). I had let you just give me the answers the universe gives you but since thinks are just so out of sorts with my life. Love interest came back in my life only to throw up the walls again his birthdate is 10jun63 born in boston around 11:10. Health scare and now waiting for the next round of tests. Pretty down, lonely, scared and trying to keep it all together and remain positive even when friends have let me down and I continue to give and keep getting hurt. I am hoping I was just overlooked and that it was not a situation where you did not want to or could not do a reading.

  • Dear Olivebranch

    Heavens no...I haven't 'skipped you;at all....just trying to keep up...and not succeeding, as you can tell. No you are in my today's batch and I would have got it typed out sooner had the hoover and the dust on the stairs not summoneded me. I'm also having to type one-handed which is seriously slowing me down. I am reading everone in order...or so I thought.

    I am so sorry you have had a health scare ; they are just that aren't they; scary as h.e.l.l. You see your whole life pass in front of you and out the other side. It's a bit hard to get too much without your time, but I didn't pick up anything about your health at all

    You know you have a PISCEAN SUN which makes you dreamy. romantic and idealistic and this year you have the "good times" planet JUPITER transiting your sign , which should bring eveerything you want your way not the reverse, so it is strange that thiings are going so badly wrong for you when they should be going oh so right.

    Your MOON is in CANCER, as is MARS, making you even more 'watery' than a typical Piscean,; that is emotional, sensiive and psychic too...and prone to picking up too many negative vibes from those close to you, who don't understand how devoted you are to them..

    PLUTO , planet of psychological transformations, is draining your energy at the moment, but next year, 2011 URANUS will light up your Arian VENUS like a flash of lightning. Be ready, next year for you will be calling the shots for a change -and look out for an ARIES.!

    As for your man; there are karmic ties and you are good together, but he likes to control everything and thinks women are naturally weak. If he could stop arguing with you , fine, but how do you stop a Gemini in full flood?

    No I'm sure you will be fine, Olivebranch and Jupiter's benign rays have you in their sights. Let me know how things go and please stop worrying..easy to say I know!. Peace and love.

  • Dear Ajahny

    What is that first date of birth please ....and times.? Thanks

  • Dear Starsushine..

    Is EST Estonia? Which city please?

    Peace and love

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