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  • Dear briceps

    times and places please.- thanks

    Dear Intrigued

    bless you

    Dear surayma

    thanks a lot..get to you soon

    Dear heavencent

    I ouldn't say without looking at both in detail. On the face of it, it is not a usual combination, but who knows..... date/time/place needed.

    Dear Ashleyylin and Sabinarose're both on the list.

    Peace and love

  • It's cool when your ready.

    I've been busy so I know what it's like. : )

  • Dear Mesintyrone

    Wher ere u born please?

    Dear Taurusgirl

    Thanks for your patience.

    Peace and love

  • Still waiting Chica!

  • Will I get a job soon? Been out of work since February, 2009.

    DOB 12/28/32

    Time 11:40pm

    Place Philadelphia, PA

    Need work badly. My medical has gone up a good bit.

    Thanks. amg

  • Dear High Priestess

    DOB 18 February 1977

    Time 9.26pm

    Place London

    I am so unhappy at the moment and so lonely.

    I have been unemployed for a year now and desperately need to get a job. My ideal job is in Law but its so hard. I've been trying for so long to qualify and it just seems like all my efforts are in vain. Also I really want to find someone to love and who will love me and get married. I am going to be 33 soon and trying not to panic but its not easy. Will my dreams ever come true because i'm starting to give up hope?


  • Hello High priestess.

    I noticed I am not on this last list posted. Just wondering if Ihave been dropped.

    DOB May 2, 1947, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. I am now residing in the southeastern part of British Columbia, Canada.

    Any information which comes through my chart would be greatly appreciated.

    It is wonderful of you to do these charts for people. I sense you are also busy with work and other things in your life and this interpertion does take time.


    Julianna - loving silver wings.

  • Hi!

    Sorry, i had put the longitude and latitude coordinates in the post. I keep forgetting not everyone can understand them. I was born in Tyrone, Blair county, PA, USA. The reason I put the county in there is because there is more than one Tyrone, PA. I do hope this helps. THank you once again for taking the time to do this for me.

  • Hi there HP, You are doing a fantastic job. I didn't see my name on a list. I'm back on January 6 and so you won't have to look back my birthdate is 3/27/1935 and I'm a native Cape Codder. I hope that wrist is healing well.

  • Hello HighPriestess. Wishing you well these days. You are almost to me...yippy!


  • POSTING ORDER for chart-readings 3rd Feb.

    If you are missing from this list, give me a prompt and I will make sure you are put on it..










  • Dea r Annamg & Misha77

    Hang on in there...wil get to yu asap.

    Dear longsilverwings

    youre still on the list

    Dear Poetic & Melops

    Thanks for your patience

    Dear mesintyrone

    Thanks for info

    Dear CCEldredge

    you're back where you belong..

    Peace and love.

  • high priestess, thank you.

    Julianna- loving silver wings

  • Dear Art10


    You have a fiery, pioneering, go-getting ARIES SUN in the 11th house of friends and group activities, so you are basically a very social ARIES, who will fight for what he believes in and be vocal in defending his rights and those of others, who he feels are worthy of his efforts.

    However, you have the very unusual pairing of your SUN with the new planet, CHIRON, the wounded healer, who can heal others, but not himself, as he suffered the incurable hurt of being abandoned by his mother at birth. This is purely symbolic of course, but CHIRON has also become the sign of the SHAMAN; the healer, who is relatively isolated from the rest of his people; rather, he communes with the spirits of nature and is at one with the desert rocks and the birds of the trees and has all the power of the Earth and Nature at his command.

    Your MOON defines, how you react emotionally to people and situations and often manifests itself more negatively than the SUN ; hence a LIBRAN MOON individual is well-balanced, has innate artistic abilities; love all the arts and indeed, anything that is aesthetically beautiful. By definition then, an individual with a LIBRAN MOON, can also become unbalanced, too caught up with consumerism and famously be unable to make up his mind. However, because your own SUN in ARIES is so focused and driven, these negative traits are unlikely to be a facet of your personality.

    You do, however, have a SUN- MOON opposition, which will make you be not unhappy exactly, but not able to “feel” happy and points to parents, who were diametrically and perhaps bitterly opposed to each other when you were young. Consequently, because your Sun’s personality (the father) and your Moon’s emotions (the mother) were opposed to each other, this polarity was imprinted in your infant psyche, leaving you feeling as if you did not, and do not deserve happiness - although of course you do!

    On a more positive note, the planet VENUS herself (who decides who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you ) is in sultry, earthy, luxury- loving TAURUS; this however .is in the 12th house, a PISCES- influenced residence, which suggests love affairs, which involve a sacrifice of some kind, or ones hidden (out of modesty), from public view.

    Probably the most contradictory element in your Astro-personality is the placing of MARS, (the planetary body which defines how you use your energy and contrarily how people are drawn towards you), which is in gregarious, sociable, energetic GEMINI, because it is sitting astride your GEMINI ASCENDANT. MARS then energises and spurs you on to greater and greater acts of self-promotion and career networking, as your ASCENDANT defines how you present yourself to the outside world.. (You should read GEMINI before ARIES in newspapers for more accurate daily forecasts, incidentally).

    What a pity then that MARS, the planet which urge you to, “Go go go,” is stymied by being twinned with SATURN, the taskmaster of the zodiac, which demands contrarily, that you, “Stop, stop, stop!”, with the result that you are forced to drive down the motorway of life, with your brakes on. Further, the twinning of MARS with SATURN in a conjunction, lends itself to debilitating bouts of fatigue and lethargy, when your body feels as if it is in a straitjacket, and your arms are bound to your sides. However, knowing that you have a green and red light mix-up, means that you can take steps to overcome the problem. Good luck to you.


    SATURN the teacher, and stern taskmaster of the universe, has been hovering directly over your Natal LIBRAN MOON, like an alien spacecraft, since Christmas 2009 and will remain so until September 2010 , bringing with it restrictions in your family life and extra responsibilities in your fifth house of matters regarding love .

    At the same time, your PROGRESSED MOON will be crossing your AQUARIAN MIDHEAVEN and NORTH NODE, urging you concentrate and move forward in all matters affecting your career and ambitions.

    You will have JUPITER, planet or expansion and the Las Vegas experience, passing through your 11th house of friendships and group activities after Christmas 2010 and in March 2011, and for the rest of that Springtime and Summer, JUPITER will be directly overhead your SUN in ARIES - so expect some wonderful developments in these areas, as this most benign of planets sprinkles you with his magic stardust!

    Peace and love.

  • Dear highpriestess3

    I wish I could give you back what you gave to me but I don't see how. Thank you!! its not enough

    I hope I will be able to give to others


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  • Dear Art

    You are very welcome

    Peace and love

  • Dear mimi

    you're on the list, but could i have the place you were born please?

    peace and love

  • Thanks can't wait 2 read it. : )

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