Advice on any topic using your birthchart

  • 15/05/1974

    Liverpool Australia

    9.50 am

    Thanks a lot : )

  • thank you hp, what makes you so generous in doing this service for others?

    Not sure if there's any remuneration, I know it's good practice but how do you recharge your own battery?


  • Hi!

    I'm still here. I know it takes a lot of time and energy to do these things, so I know it might be a while for mine. I hope that your wrist is on the mend and shall be "good as new" very soon. Thank you once again for your generosity.

  • Dear Taurusgirl

    Thanks..a list will appear soon and you'll be able to see your place on it.


    Dear luckymermaid

    No renumeration as you work and soon retiring, ...but having worked flat out all my life , I fear boredom..Astrology is what i like doing and finally I can do it without a pile of essays on my desk waiting to be marked...I also slightly underestimated demand, but I do actually really enjoy doing there are so many wonderful people on these yourself.xox

    Dear mesintyrone

    You'e not too far down...I'll be posting a list shortly and everyone can see where they are on it.

    Many thanks for yoou good wishes.

  • Hi HighPriestess3,

    I hadn't realised that you're a fellow Brit, made of stern stuff I can see! Hope you had a lovely birthday, I'm not sure when it was. Keep the wrist rested please! Take care.


  • Dear Intrigue

    Oh yes...I have the stiff upper-lip, the Churchillian Dunkirk spirt and am wrapped up warmly in my Union-Jack dressing-gown...also flying the Scottish flag. Och aye. Wamest wishes.

    New list coming soon

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY HP!! My son's bd is today and one of my very best friends was yesterday, so just had to wish you a Happy Day and Year. I did send you my info back about 5 days ago. I am in no hurry, so rest up, get well, and enjoy yourself.

  • Dear GJay

    Thanks so much. Hopefuly won't be too long


  • HP can we mail out side this site?

    some part of my request i feel i need not published plus i have some things i need to disclose to u. thanx

  • This post is deleted!

  • Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope u get ur b daywish!

  • Happybirthday!!

  • highpriestess3,

    do not want anything except to say I think you are a very kind person from what i have been reading.I hope everyone appreciates your hard work!

  • Happy Birthday Highpriestess:) I appreciate all the work you are doing and hope you heal soon & have a great day:) Sorry to bug u again:( You said I was on page 3 but this is page 44 and when I posted it was past page 3. Could u help me out:) Thank you again:)

  • Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great day!

  • Sweetie, HP!!!

    Oh my!

    I didn't realize you'd had a wrist injury??!!!?

    Goodness, dear ~ are you on the mend, I pray...(!)

    now, correct me here---is your Birthday the 23rd, same as my mum's....

    Or is it the 28th???

    Well, a SHOUT-OUT to all Aquarians!!!!!!!!

    Sending ((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))

    Healing and Love to an AMAZING Lady!

    Lisa 🙂

  • Thank you muchly HighPriestess3, you made me chuckle about the Union Jack dressing gown, and Scottish to boot! Take care.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi HP!

    Sorry I'm late with a WARM Happy Birthday!! Although a different sun sign, its still nice to see someone else with a Jan birthday!! Hope your feeling better soon!!! xoxoxox

  • Happy Belated Birthday Highpriestess! Hope you enjoyed "your" day, it's kind of funny, but when I was a kid, I thought it was my day. Even tho I was born July 23, my name being Janet, I loved writing Jan. 23 on my school papers on that date. Peace and Love to you.

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